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PF suspends Mumbi Phiri for gross misconduct


Party Secretary General Davies Mwila
Party Secretary General Davies Mwila

The Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has suspended its Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri for a period of 30 days with effect from 24th March following allegations of gross misconduct and impropriety leveled against her arising from her conduct at a party fund raising event held in Chilanga District and graced by the Party President Edgar Lungu.

Announcing the suspension this morning at a PF media briefing, Party Secretary general Davies Mwila said that Mrs Mumbi Phiri was, on 5th March, requested to exculpate herself for her bad behavior that cause embarrassment to the party president and the party membership at large. According, to Mr Mwila, Mrs Phiri was further asked why disciplinary action should not be take against following the allegations and given 7 days to respond.

Mr Mwila said that, in her response, Mrs Phiri admitted her wrongs and asked for forgiveness, adding that she maintained the same position during the disciplinary process and was remorseful through out the process.

Mr Mwila said that, while Mrs Phiri deserved stiffer sanctions, the PF central committee took into consideration that she was the first time offender and committed loyal member of the party.

Mr Mwila further said that the PF central Committee hoped that Mrs Phiri would use the 30 days to reflect and learn. Mr Mwila further all leaders in PF that there will be no sacred cows.

Mr Mwila did not, however, disclose the full nature and details of the misconduct that Mrs Phiri committed.

Below is the full statement


A. Introduction

The Patriotic Front Central Committee met yesterday, 24th March 2018 and chaired by the Party President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who is also the President of the Republic of Zambia.

On behalf of Central Committee, I wish to firstly convey our gratitude to the Zambian people, the ordinary men and women and youth, who entrusted us with the responsibility of administering the affairs of this Country. Central Committee wishes to re-assure that Patriotic Front will never betray the trust and confidence of the Zambian people. The Patriotic Front will do all it can to remain a listening Party and Government. This is because we were formed as a mass movement and therefore the voice of the people in policy formulation as we implement our 2016-2021 election manifesto is very important. PF will do more to create avenues for our people to continue speaking to us and us to them on all matters to do with national development and their societal challenges.

The Central Committee in its deliberations acknowledged PF’s long-standing principle and strengths – to always be truthful to the people and never hide or conceal its own shortcomings and weaknesses, or the extent of the challenges that we face.

B. New Appointments for the Central Committee

The following appointments were RATIFIED by the Central Committee –

a. Hon Dora Siliya, MCC – Appointment as Chairperson for Information
b. Hon Richard Musukwa, Minister of Mines – Appointed as MCC

*c. Petition against Hon Harry Kalaba by Party Structures in Luapula Province*

Following the petition from PF Luapula Province structures against Hon Harry Kalaba, Bahati Member of Parliament and former Foreign Affairs Minister, Central Committee resolved that the matter be reffered to the Province and any recommendations that might arise will be presented to the Disciplinary Committee established under Article 74 of the Party Constitution and regulation 36 (a) which provides for the jurisdiction or powers of the disciplinary Committee.

This is also important as all members have a right to be heard in lin with the rules of natural justice and fairness.

C. Disciplinary Hearing for Hon Mumbi J. Phiri, MP and Deputy Secretary General

Following allegations of gross misconduct and impropriety levelled against Hon Mumbi Phiri arising from her conduct at a Party fundraising event in Chilanga District, which event was graced by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia and Party President for the Patriotic Front Mr. Edgar Edgar Chagwa Lungu, a report was tabled before Central Committee to effect the necessary sanction.

On 5th March 2018, Hon Mumbi Phiri was requested to exculpate herself of the alleged bad behaviour reported to have caused embarrassment to the Party President and the Party membership at large and she was further asked to show cause within seven (7) days why disciplinary action should not be taken against her following the allegations. In her response, Hon Mumbi Phiri asked for forgiveness as she admitted her wrongs. She maintained the same position during her appearance before the Disciplinary Committee. She was remorseful throughout the disciplinary process and while she deserved stiffer sanctions, Central Committee took into consideration that she was a first time offender and a committed and loyal member of the Party.

Article 74, regulation 36 (a) provides jurisdiction to the Disciplinary Committee of the Central Committee “to discipline Party leaders including Members of the Central Committee”. Article 19 of the Party Constitution and the Disciplinary Code Handbook at page 13 provides for sanctions depending on the seriousness of misconduct as follows:

(a) Simple warning or caution
(b) Written reprimand censure
(c) Demotion in office
(d) Suspension from office or function in the Party for a specified period
(e) Expulsion from the Party by Central Committee

Hon Mumbi Phiri has been suspended from Central Committee and from her position as Deputy Secretary General for 30 days effective 24th March 2018.

Central Committee hopes that she will use the 30 days to reflect and learn.

This is to remind all of us that Patriotic Front has no sacred cows and shall not tolerate indiscipline from its leaders and members at any given time. Let me send this warning that leaders have a duty to lead by example and must be above board.

D. Party Position on Dialogue

Central Committee categorically stated that Zambia was not in a crisis. It further reaffirmed PF’s stance that it values dialogue as an on-going process within Zambia’s democratic space and must involve all stakeholders, including the Church, political parties, civil society and others. Central Committee also resolved that all dialogue processes or initiatives must be spearheaded by the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) and urged the Commonwealth team led by Prof Gambari to channel all interventions through the ZCID. Central Committee believes that while outside interventions remain welcome, Zambia had a duty to use its own mechanisms regarding promotion of interparty dialogue.

Central Committee also heard that the Ministry of Justice had made serious headway regarding many proposed constitutional reforms, a clear roadmap was in place regarding electoral reforms and as such some of the demands or concerns by some stakeholders as agenda items for dialogue in that regard might be overtaken by events.

E. Provincial Elections – Western Province & Southern Province

The Party will conduct elections for all structures in Southern and Western Province immediately after the rain season. This followed Provincial tours of the two districts by Party Secretary General and his team.

All other Provinces go for elections on 1st July 2018.

F. Upcoming Local Government By-elections

Central Committee wishes to inform the general public and membership across the country of the Patriotic Front’s readiness in all the upcoming local government by-elections in Western, North-Western, Central, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces.

G. Conclusion

Central Committee is mindful of the great task placed on its shoulders in ensuring that the Patriotic Front remains true to its aspirations and commitment to the Zambian people. It also understands that it owes it to the future generations of this country to take bold and forward-looking decisions aimed at creating a better Zambia for all citizens.

Central Committee is alive to the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality among our people and reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring the 2016-2021 manifesto is translated into tangible programs of action to create a better life for all our people. More importantly, Central Committee is clear that in while Government has a pivotal role in responding to these challenges, the unity, cohesion and strength of the Patriotic Front was a key determining factor.

Lastly, but not the least, let me call on all Party members to abide by the aims and objectives of the Patriotic Front as set out in the Constitution. While the Party seeks to find ways of empowering its membership across the country, our motivation should not be material advantage or personal gain but our commitment to what the Party stands for. To the members of the Patriotic Front, I call on each one of you to carry out tasks assigned to you by the structures. Together, let us defend the unity and integrity of the Patriotic Front and defeat all tendencies of factionalism.

I thank you!


    • Minyama ya yamba!,,, Mumbi phiri has insulted a lot of elders,,,, she must seek forgiveness, starting with Ba GBM,,, ending with chief mukuni

    • These empty tins are the ones dictating who we should pay to watch yet they can not handle drink….this just goes to show you that they is no respect for Lazy Lungu as he is their drinking friend, can you imagine this happening in the presence of old man Sata. This is the woman that lazy Lungu brought to National Assembly.
      Wasted years!!

    • Look at the font size of the letters on the paper the dull Mwila is holding in his hand in that photo…really laughable…wasted years indeed!!

    • @dontcare: Exactly my Dilemma, it’s like a Nigerian Movie. What did she do? Hope she did not Peee on herself after getting so Drunk. PF is full of entertainment..

    • hoooo that day she was excessively drunk? and dancing like Zondwa?
      she called Edgar something, I cant remember, got it from these WhatApp.

    • You people surprise me watchdog was the first to report the mumbi was so drunk that she embarrassed Lungu. Didn’t you notice that at that function lungu declined to dance? He knew what would follow if mumbi was so drunk.
      Isn’t this same woman the one that was fired by sata for sunda station?

    • Its laughable Zambian Politicians pride themselves as Christian Nation yet they are disgustingly morally bankrupt in this govt the worst sin you can commit is in it is be ambitious as Lazy Lungu is a coward ….the only wrongdoing in Mumbi’s behavior is that she did it public everyone knows this kaponya; the lazy drunkard even appointed her as MP what does that say about lazy Edgar Lungu. If an Party official behaves like that in countries that don’t a toss about religion she would have been kicked out the very next day after the Chilanga event.

    • Is it you PF diehard kudos saying that! I thought you supported everything that is PF including feacal matter from PF.

    • What about Kaizer Zulu? On several occasions he misbehaves when drunk and shows his expensive watch bought from stolen money.

    • She pissed on the master leg.
      Amended PF code of conduct:
      1. Pissing on the “humble” and “vise” master leg, 30 days suspension;
      2. Been found corrupt, promotion to ministerial position.

    • She was so drunk she forgot she was at a Public event and was talking to her playboy friend Lazy Lungu like they do at State House Bar!!

    • Isn’t this the woman who said that she knows how heavy Edgar Lungu is (on top?).
      Would you be surprised at her Zondwa dance?

  1. Josephine Mumbi’s wayward behavior must be tamed, she’s a perfect example of people who forget their roots when they get fame. She’s an embarrassment. She’s forgotten how she used to sell Shake Shake in Mufulira. This has also exposed Mwila’s unsuitability as PF Chief Executive because Josephine was recently nominated as MP, who advised Edgar? I am very certain that Wynter couldn’t have tolerated this. Edgar needs an SG that is effective but it seems Davies has problems fitting in those shoes.

    • Wynter may be a ba$stard but that guy was like a drill sergeant and they hated him …this is what PF needs a headmaster as they are lawless Kaponyas and the President just shows leadership to potential challengers as he is very insecure.

  2. mumbi phiri should not be in any position where she is seen or heard, she is a foul mouthed woman with no self dignity at all and lacks very much in respect for other people. what the president was thinking by making her an MP boggles my mind. That woman should be a chair lady in a market because that is where she would fit in.

    • Do not insult marketeers. We have hard working members of our society that sell ware in those markets. Maybe at your Shabeen she is fit to work.

  3. The price of having a humble thief as leader… indispline , corruption and thuggery all through the land.

    These days with lungu , corruption and stealing is seen as part of life from corner to corner in Zambia…..during FJTs time Zambia was broke and was in the midst of the AIDS epidemic so breakdpwn in morals was understandable but now lungu has just spend $17 billion and corruption, stealing and the moral breakdown is alarming…..lungu is the worst thing that has happened to Zambia.
    His corruption is shameless….

  4. But it was Koswe Lungu himself who was encouraging her by dancing dununa reverse with her so what did he expect? He even promoted her by appointing her to parliament while knowing very well that she is alcoholic and wets her knickers whenever she indulges in Jamesons, I mean they drink together. Now you see the uselessness of these PF MPs!

  5. Isn’t it gross misconduct to hold on to the leadership of a party without having internal elections for over a decade,losing five elections and witnessing a significant reduction in the number of MPs in Parliament over that same period?

    • Why try to divert attention from a very embarrassing situation? Is it not your corrkedness that has denied has a chance to have quality leadership in Zambia? The other day, a minister took a walk of shame from parliament. The very next day another one is suspended. Mind you, this is not a case of someone being disciplined for standing on a point of principle or a professional error such as holding dark corner meetings. It is about violence, drunkenness; those offences that befit dishonoured individuals. These are the same characters that have sealed off the door to poor for deserving and normal people. Shocking you are even proud of what you have posted! birds of the same…

    • Why try to divert attention from a very embarrassing situation? Is it not your crookedness that has denied Zambia a chance to have quality leadership? The other day, a minister took a walk of shame from parliament. The very next day another one is suspended. Mind you, this is not a case of someone being disciplined for standing on a point of principle or a professional error such as holding dark corner meetings. It is about violence, drunkenness; those offences that befit dishonoured individuals. These are the same characters that have sealed off the door to power for deserving and normal people. Shocking you are even proud of what you have posted! birds of the same…

    • For once grow up and debate objectively. This is not a trivial matter. It cuts right in the moral fiber of society more so that it involves a public figure.She is suppose to be a role model not a dancing queen in shalamwana’s rumba band.

  6. ‘Everything rises and Falls on leadership’ says JD Maxwell, a leadership guru. What is happening in PF is an indication of a serious leadership crisis. the current PF ascended to power using people with lowest levels of integrity. Probably except for Inonge Wina and a few, the rest know what they stand for. I feel sorry for many on this forum who value PF leadership. They see nothing wrong because they are equally part of the flock. This is time for PF leadership to reflect on their faded reputation if they had any. They are all survivors, individuals looking for opportunities at ALL COST. They have promoted lawlessness as the pantoon to take them to the land of opportunity. Now you are beginning to sink by yourselves.

  7. Lungu and Mumbi cozy out in the dark, that’s why she behaved like that. Why should the party come between two adult PF members? Are you trying to woodwink people? Mumbo appears to be very personal with Eddie and Eddie will soon be back in circulation. The lady knows what she’s doing.

  8. Hahaha creating an impression where there’s none kikikiki…announcing as if it’s corruption they have suspended, yaba mumbi phirio

  9. What did she do? Hopeless journalists. They are called clerical journalists, because they restrict their story to the handed out speech. No further research or investigation. They even publish word for word the entire press release

  10. “PF suspends Mumbi Phiri for gross misconduct”. Ba PF just wait, just wait. The Zambians are not just hungry to suspend ECL from PF, but to expel ECL and PF from government through their votes. No party or leader has degraded and disgraced Zambia as PF and ECL. The count-down clock began more than 1 year ago.

  11. She danced provactively and seductively, it rubbed ECL the wrong way.
    Her excuse is, someone slipped some rhino horn in her drink.

  12. What is even more shocking is that the President went ahead to nominate her as MP. These leaders! Awe sure! Watch your conduct when in the presence of the Republican President

  13. Ba SG give us the details of the misconduct. What I have read in social medial might be an exaggerated problem arising from personal misconception of the person concerned


  15. Which woman just pisses on a man she does not know??? There is something that they are not saying here! Mumbi planned the act on Lungu for a good reason. Hell has no fury than a woman scorned! How could she have gotten in a position where she tundilas on him? There is more to this than we are made to understand! It should not take genius to connect the dots!!!! why did Lungu appoint Mumbi to member of parliament??????

  16. ZWD vindicated. I watched ZNBC news and to my surprise, this made headline. Can ZNBC also report whats happening in NAREP

  17. I am struggling to imagine what Mumbi Phiri did to embarrass PF. Over the years her behaviour has been the true reflection of the characters in PF. Peeing in her pants is a minor misdemeanor in PF – most senior officials have done it before.

    For her to apologise she must have upped the ante by doing number 2.

  18. No quality leadership from upnd or pf. We can not have some one in state house whose companies externalized pensioners funds illegally. Both pf and upnd have crooks for leaders.

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