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Several Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

General News Several Christians celebrate Palm Sunday

Crowds of people from various denominations gathered at the Golf club grounds in Chipata today to welcome Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem with thunderous songs of praise acknowledging Jesus Christ as their eternal King.

The Bible story indicates that great crowds of people spread their cloaks on the road, while others were cutting branches from the trees and spreading them in the path of Jesus so that the Donkey carrying the Messiah should trod on clean ground.

Delivering the sermon at an interdenominational Palm Sunday celebration service Catholic Priest Christopher Sakala challenged the faithful who gathered for the celebration of Jesus Christ entry into Jerusalem to understand what true love is adding that, without love there is nothing.

Fr Sakala said people lay down all sorts of items for the young donkey to pass on because the donkey was carrying Christ adding that, if we don’t carry Christ always in our lives, we are nothing before God.

The Priest who likened the donkey carrying Jesus to the Spiritual life of a true follower of Christ who always acts according to the Christ mind should always carry Jesus in their hearts so that whatever they do is purified.

He cautioned the followers of Jesus to be self-giving, detest from negative vices that are opposed to Christ they believe in such as despising other churches with different affiliations, disregarding other families, and dishonest among them.

And speaking at the same function Chipata Central Member of Parliament Moses Mawere said national development cannot be bestowed on people who are not united.

Honorable Mawere who is also the Minister of Youth, Sport, and Child development said it is therefore, necessary that Christians place their minds before the mirror of eternity so that together they work in unity to receive God’s favours that will see Zambia developed.

And today in Central Province 6 churches gathered at Civic Centre and matched to commemorate Palm Sunday.

ZANIS reports that Rev. Richard Mukandawire of Saint Columbus Presbyterian Church emphasised the need for love and unity in the country.

Speaking at the Gathering, Rev. Mukandawire urged Christians to emulate the love of Christ.

Meanwhile, a Pastor at Salvation Army Dastrator Hamwenda said the gathering is a crusade of unity for all people despite their various differences.

Lt. Hamwenda has since advised all citizens to have a heart for reconciliation as they go back to their daily lives.


  1. Yes, Christianity is strong on rituals and symbolism , something which is normally frowned upon in Judaism and Islam, its fellow sisters in religions from the Middle East. Originally pork-eating , charging interest on borrowed money were both not allowed in all three. Judaism and Christianity now tolerate interest on borrowed money and in some strands of Christianity pork-eating is no problem. Islam, like Judaism bans pork eating but only has remained true to its origins: no pork eating, no interest on borrowed money as it was in the Middle East of the founders of the religions. All very confusing to students of religion. So when did God change things?

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