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Kambwili rushed to UTH after collapsing


Kambwili flanked by HH and GBM at Court on Tuesday afternoon
Kambwili flanked by HH and GBM at Court on Tuesday afternoon

Opposition NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili has collapsed at the Lusaka Magistrates Court.

This is after the court refused to accept UPND Members of Parliament to sign as sureties for Mr Kambwili’s bail.

The Roan Member of Parliament was subsequently kept at the Court building from morning when he was granted bail by Lusaka Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile.

Mr. Kambwili had no access to a medical doctor and later started having difficulties to breathe.

He was only later moved to UTH by police officers after his family protested the delays in processing bail.


    • “It’s now punch for punch with Lungu” – Kambwili

      What happened to his “Punch For Punch” the country was told Kambwili had launched? Has it just Backfired or its a classic case of mouth diarrhea?

      Moral lesson, term your tongue to see many days in your life. Being obese does not make one “Imbwili”.
      Good luck in this ordeal!

    • Now he has disqualified himself to run for President and look at HH playing sangwapo attention yamoneka…Fake sympathy…I cant stand pretenders.Its like the opposition have run out of ideas now they’re busy playing kakuluwele kakuluwele eeeehh yaaaeeeeehhh kakuluwele kakuluwele eeeeeehh yaaaeeeeehhh nao a HH ankale pansi eeeehh yaaaeeeeehhh nao Akambwili aimilile eeeeeehh yaaaeeeeehhh

    • The boy who keeps crying wolf.

      All this to avoid spending a night in the cells, while he gets his bail securities sorted. That is another bed at UTH taken, at the expense of a deserving poor patient.

      CK is a weaklin who knows how to use his mouth abusingly. Slandering and maligning his opponents using his mouth carelessly. How did we end up with this feeble thick neck as a Minister?

    • And BUFFOON CK is aspiring for the highest office in the land …truly laughable…this is not going to look good when he is on the campaign road for NDC.

    • @Muhammed Chanda
      When I saw a picture of Kambwili walking and holding hands with HH thats when I remembered Kakuluwele…thats how we used to sing and dance to the Kakuluwele song..boys and girls holding hands in a circle and if they mention your name and tell you to just have to sit..and if they tell you to stand up…you have no choice but to stand…grade 2 and 3 break time song…

    • Fainting everyday atase. So this chimbwili is just another under 5 like hh just making noise kanshi niba weak soldier. 34 counts walachimona makaka. Boma ni boma walapompoloka mambala until you stop insulting

    • This man who keeps collapsing into ICU is the one whom Zambia Police spend thousands on to escort him from hospital to court? So that he doesn’t run away. Even if he escaped where would he hide since he is so fat?

  1. Kambwili stop playing games. Go to jail. U have stolen so much money and you have heavily contributed to poverty levels in Zambia. Many people are poor in Zambia because kambwili has taken their money

  2. That man, Kambwili, is ill. Love him or hate him, I think his political opponents, in this case the PF government, who obviously manipulate/influence the judiciary and Police force, should have the courtesy/decency to take him to court and/or the police station after his health has “stabilized”.

  3. Aya malibu yakuilombela. You know you are a sick man but you enter the boxing ring and knocked down even before the referee talalisha pintu. Iyi teyabaice. No simpathy for you so far because you don’t love yourself.

  4. Kikikiki….I am laughing at h.h acting like a very intelligent thoughtful person. Kwena niba pretender ba h.h!

  5. Hh kikiki for real he’s a pretender , he’s trying very hard to wash is trible mind and hate toward others as if he’s a good man just to be in plot one kwina basa we know you in and out this time we will eat yo money u r dishing come 2021 retirement, ba ck bapuba akanya kalaletelela

    • Ok this is just too funny kikiki

      The only thing keep Zambians afloat right now is their sense of humour. That is all we have coz everything else has either been stolen or sold to foreigners by our politicians.

  6. If CK is as sick as he claims to be – suffering from chronic hypertension and diabetes – my humble advice is that he should retire from politics, spend time with his family, and engage in less stressful pursuits. Otherwise, he is sending himself to an early grave.

  7. Someone needs to investigate the viciousness of the pf punch that hit Kambwili. The same punch lands him in ICU at cfb, then pushes him to uth before collapsing at court?

  8. CK has now realized the seriousness of the craft charges which were read to him this morning. He knows he will not be able defend himself against them. The best he could have done is to go quietly like SAMPA. Lungu can finish him like KK did with KAPWEPWE.

  9. “Ukulinganya amapuli kulaponwosha”. Apasamike umutali, imwipe teti afikepo”. “Ubuchenjeshi bwankoko, Pungwa tasakamana”. ” Ubufumu buchindika abene”. ” Mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika”.

  10. A tonne of bricks is yet to fall on some s1lly greedy perpetual loser. When people have spoken and rejected you, don’t ever false yourself on them by thinking with time you can coerce them. HH never used kind words about Kambwili just a while ago but now look at his pretency. Who is he fooling, fellow Tongas or what? I seriously feel pitty for ba GBM because his small brain cant see the evil in HH and that the man is being used as a springboard.

  11. The guilty are afraid. Kambwili fainting gymnastics are getting stale. Kuriga N’gombe. Grab the bull by the horns, Mr. Kambwili. Politics is not for weaklings. You thought by shouting the loudest and calling Lungu corrupt will save you from court? And HH do nt make this issue political. kambwili stole. Let the courts declare him innocent. Let nowt allow thieves all run to politics. Politics is a service and not where people make money for free. Please lets not protect thieves. We will start doubting your credentials Mr. Hakainde if you all you are concerned about is temporary fame. Let Kambwili have his day in court. If he is innocent, he will be acquited. Noone is buying this thing of saying Lungu wants to K.I.L.L. Kambwili.


  13. Except for a few commentators for this story, the rest are either children, retarded or heartless.
    There is nothing with HH sympathizing with a fellow human being. Absolutely nothing.
    Why do small minds politicize everything? Where is humanity in our hearts? This neither about Kambwili nor HH.
    But more seriously, it is about Kambwili being recklessly prosecuted. No. He is being persecuted by agents of a worthless, incompetent and visionless pretender of the president–ECL–who Zambians will and must vote out in 2021. ECL is a collosal disgrace to Zambia having wasted nearly 3 years of Zambia’s development time.

  14. Let him keep faking his illness, the day he will be struck for real, no one will help him. Ati ni cha faki ichi.

  15. Fainting everyday atase. So this chimbwili is just another under 5 like hh just making noise kanshi niba weak soldier. 34 counts walachimona makaka. Boma ni boma walapompoloka mambala until you stop insulting

  16. Kambwili was asked to substantiate by parliament his allegations of corruption, he said he had no evidence, but HH still wants to use him. Sorry about the fainting. I stopped playing soccer because I used to collapse a lot.

  17. I like yo comment FACTS. If it’s true CK has hypertension bp, sugar or asthma or any blood pressure related disease, then let him stop politics with immediate effect. We all know this game of politics, u need to be strong mentally and even physically but above health. I’m sure even if this case was to pass, CK you are yet to face other issues in politics which could be even tougher. So in that kind of heath no no no. To the gov’t, let the doctors examine Kambwili and either declare him fit or unfit to face charges. What if he collapses and dies whilst in court.

  18. he’ll dish out a bit of money and some people will vote for him.
    he’s not healthy enough to be president
    and that goes for a lot of Zambian politicians, including the pf . lazy and fat
    ba zp nabo, they are wasting their merger resources going back and forth, they use them like robots
    gbm looks like he went on some weight loss diet that didn’t work too well. he only seem to have lost weight from the neck up. I hope he’s healthy otherwise

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