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Fairview Hospital shutdown for illegal practices


Fairview hospital
Fairview hospital

Lusaka’s premier medical facility, Fairview Hospital has been closed by the Health Professional Council of Zambia with immediate effect and revoked its operating license for endangering the lives of patients.

The decision to revoke the license was arrived at after inspectors from the Council carried out an impromptu visit to inspect the compliance levels at the hospital.

HPCZ Assistant Registrar Dr. Joseph Wapabeyi told Journalists in Lusaka that the Hospital has been closed for stocking and dispensing of expired drugs.

Dr Wapabeyi also revealed that three of the doctors at the Hospital are not registered with the Council thereby putting the lives of patients in danger.

And HPCZ Legal counsel Frank Lungu disclosed that the facility has been issued with a 14 day ultimatum in which to address the abnormalities or risk being taken to court.


  1. Great job. Too many fake hospitals and doctors in Zambia charging astronomical prices to gullible Zambians!

    • GRZ hospital are death traps why not close all of them, They has qualified staff who do nothing but wait for the month end pay, not drugs, not nothing.

  2. The system is compromised: fake teachers, expired drugs, now unregistered doctors. Crack down on these mushrooming universities too. Keep it up oversight institutions.

  3. I don’t know why that Greek brought in so many Indians from Gujarat. Greeks are better off baking bread and scones and gambling not running hospitals. That’s why their country is bankrupt, Greeks like Indians don’t like paying tax, malacas

    • @ Ayatollah.
      I totally agree with your analysis and what you’ve said. So if India and Greece are better off than we are in Zambia as Ze bigge below is saying , why do people from these counties come here to look for jobs? They come here and start treating Zambians like trash in their own country. And both Indians and Greeks are deeply racists not different from B0ers. They think all black people are dull and lazy. They come here and disrespect our laws and usually get away with it. One day they will pay heavily when we get a president who cares about this country and its citizens.

  4. @Ayatollah, there is no need for you to spew your hateful, xenophobic and racist views on this page. Wrong is wrong regardless of where they are coming from. Fact of the matter is, whether Greece is bankrupt and whether India is poor, they are both far better off than we are – Zambia. Beggars can’t be choosers, instead of complaining about these guys build your own system with your own skilled labour (and by your, I mean OUR- ZAMBIA. In other words think before you speak, before you drive us all mad! IGNORANT!!!

  5. @Stephen Chitotela, Lets not mistake other countries problems with our own . Zambia hasn’t had a racial problem , not since independence. We have so little racial diversity for us to consider those problems . How many greeks and Indians do we have in Zambia as compared to the rest of the native population ( 99+% native Zambian). Last time I checked native Zambians have been in power for 50+years. The ones who are mistreating people do so because they buy our leaders (through silly corrupt deals) and therefore feel they own us. Business is a democracy ! You should always remember that. If there is no proper system put in place by the higher up management, bad people get away with all sorts. And BTW there are so few expats and foreigners rushing to Zambia for jobs , FACT! Check the stats.

    • @Ze bigge. There’re companies in Zambia where the only jobs they give to Zambians are manual. Not that there is anything wrong with these jobs but there has to be a uniform distribution. Why should a company in Zambia have over 50% management staff from India? I see these things in Zambia everyday. I’ve known a lot of Indians who will do anything to stay in Zambia instead of going back to their country. As for foreigners rushing to Zambia for jobs, Check the managements of most mining companies. All Indians and whites are managers in Zambia. I know an Indian who can’t even read or write who is a manager. In DRC they have junior staff employees in the ranks who are white but in Zambia Indians and whites feel that they should be worshiped.

    • @ Stephen In terms of profits and losses most expats would rather give the job to a Zambian… if we could be trusted. Hiring an expat comes at great cost. But we Zambians lack seriousness. We are drunkards by nature! Lol

  6. This bastard hospital due to its negligence is responsible for the death of my newborn nephew. We’re coming after you

  7. @Stephen Chitotela , That is point- We as a nation need to move from being “reaction based participants” in society /business and start being “active participants”. I will say it again , BUSINESS IS DEMOCRATIC , that is what capitalism is. No one is forcing any of these companies (on the foreign side and the Zambian side) to sign these contracts. Before you get mad at the foreign companies that are not hiring to enough locals, understand that the Zambian side sat down and read through that contract with their legal team and still choose to sign in agreement with said contract. So either the problem lies with us not being able to read, or sign good contract or not knowing how to do business or wanting to sell of our own brothers and sisters for a quick buck or lack of foresight or…

  8. …continued or mare incompetence on our side. Whatever the case is . We have seen from the past that this is a problem therefore what we need to do is to come up to solutions for this as opposed to just complaining and expecting for this to change them selves. We complain today and forget tomorrow.

  9. Most Indians are dishonest and there’s nothing racist about that. If ZRA can declare Sharia and enter Kamwala, I wonder how many Indians will come out with both hands limbs. Most will be amputated. The Greeks are not different. Fairview is full of Indians with their families, what are they doing?

  10. @Ayatollah if you believe that, then we have no reason to debate because your ignorance blinds you. That is merely a stereotype (an incomplete truth). Since we are using stereotypes then all africans are lazy and dirty too, right? I find both statements unfair and untrue, its that sort of hate that is getting us nowhere. I buy from Kamwala regularly and until i find a local market with goods and services like those Indians provide there- I will continue to endorse their business. My part is to spend the little surplus i have and Lusaka city councils part is to make sure those guys abide by the laws and pay tax (which goes to building roads and schools for my kids).

    • Check ZRA records, why was Chriticles Mwansa running raffles for those who bought from Kamwala and got cash receipts? Check LCC valuation roll and tell me how much Kamwala is contributing. Even the current withholding tax on rent performs poorly in Kamwala. So what are you talking about? Most Indians are dishonest

  11. This is good job welldone kindly do inspection with some health Clinics in copperbelt that hire congoless doctors and HRs .when we have Zambian who did jobs in Zambia why do the get personnel from mining firm to come work when the say its separate entity. Please Kindly help us with this matter why inspectors are not going around checking these issues i saying there personnel working from other firms,

  12. This same hospital did operation on Mr Robert and removed everything inside only to them back and say we can’t do anything about the situation then he died following day….

  13. Can they also shut down UTH too! Because UTH is really in bad shape and poor health conditions to the patients and it’s staff.

  14. In short, the buck stops with the regime in Zambia. What policies are there for health, education, agriculture, business etc. and what are their objectives? I don’t want to be referred to a manifesto. I want government policy blueprints and how they are being implemented.

  15. Lol Ayatollah… Lets admit it. We Zambians are just as dishonest if not worse. We lie within the capacity that we have.

    That Zambian sent to buy boom paste for K5 will say it was for K15… A company car in the hands of a Zambian driver will be losing more fuel than it should… K750,000 for 8 boreholes in the name of charity. Fire trucks, ambulances, billion dollar roads…

    We are liars and drunkards by nature. So much that the govt has to step in to put a leash on our drunkeness! How embarassing!

  16. Let’s just shut Zambia down!

    We are a nation full of Sadists who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others!

    To HPCZ, you don’t shut down a hospital just like that! Believe me, your actions have caused the BPs of some patients who depended on this institution to shoot up with some I know having suffered strokes!

    The rational approach is to place such a hospital under supervision first and correct what is going wrong. Alternatively, come up with a grading system for hospitals the way Filling stations are graded. That in itself will be a great incentive in raising standards unlike the archaic policeman approach HPCZ is using! Honestly, if you were to apply the same rule, all GRZ hospitals deserve to shut down!

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