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Kambwili finally released after meeting all the bail conditions

General News Kambwili finally released after meeting all the bail conditions

Mr Kambwili at ACC Headquaters
Mr Kambwili at ACC Headquaters

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has finally been released after meeting all the bail conditions in the matter in which he is charged with 34 counts of being in possession of properties reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

This was after Mr Kambwili’s passport; a bail condition he failed to meet yesterday was presented to Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile.

A medical doctor from the ministry of health presented the Roan Member of Parliament’s passport to the court thereby securing Mr Kambwili’s released.

Earlier, Magistrate Mikalile had subpoenaed the deputy director general of the Immigration Department to appear before her to explain why Mr Kambwili’s passport which was believed to be in the custody of the Immigration was not submitted to the court.

The Immigration Department had grabbed the passport from Mr Kambwili upon his arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola from South Africa where he had gone for medical checkups.

Meanwhile one of Mr. Kambwili’s lawyers Gilbert Phiri expressed shock how the passport moved from the Immigration department to the ministry of health , when it was confiscated from the NDC consultant at the airport in Ndola.

And NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has described Mr. Kambwili’s release as partial relief.

Mr. Kambwili was who supposed to be remanded at the Lusaka Central Correctional facilities after failing to meeting the bail conditions , could however not spend the night in confinement as he was still unwell and instead spent the night in the university teaching hospital under guard by two officers from the Lusaka central correctional facility.

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      Stress can waste this guy. He knows what to do. Good health I wish him but he must face the law.

    • Is he going back to the hospital or home? This coward is not in the league of HH and Mumba. He should just go for Nshima eating competition. How can someone just faint at the smell of kasalanga?

    • The Harder they come….the spectacle that is Kambwili and his supporters goes to show that Zambians embrace mediocrity in their leadership because they resonate with them. Mpatamato, the Land of Chifentelo has had no running water for years yet they keep re-electing Bozo.

    • Passport went to Ministry of Health because they were supposed to take him out of country for treatment, but Emmanuel’s pwetepwete messed up everything.
      Nothing senister naimwe.

    • Simple, the passport was handed to the Ministry of Health when the MOH were organising Chishimba’s evacuation to SA.

    • Yes you are not security experts so its ok for you to remain shocked! Next time do not be shocked when you come to know that actually your wife works for office of the president. Just concentrate on your law and leave matters of security to experts ba phiri.

    • Earlier, Magistrate Mikalile had subpoenaed the deputy director general of the Immigration Department to appear before her to explain why Mr Kambwili’s passport which was believed to be in the custody of the Immigration was not submitted to the court?????
      So what happened here??

    • It’s common sense. Ain’t he was suppose to be flown out for specialist treatment outside the country by the government? That can not be done without his passport. The ministry of health does all the necessary paper work in such instances. It’s as logical as that

    • Stop lying you pf rats…..GRZ can fly anyone out of the country without a passport by issuing emergency travel documents that can be issued in 30 minutes….no one needed CKs passport for his evacuation……this was just lungu trying to fix CK for outing him as a corrupt thief….

    • Going by the harsh treatment we see Kambwili exposed to, was the evacuation to SA genuine? Was there a secondary plan which we do not know? If he was denied an opportunity to be rushed to the hospital on Wednesday as have have seen on videos, how come they wanted to spend so much money to take him to South Africa? I smell a DEAD RAT

    Stress can kill this guy. He know what to do. Good health I wish you but face the law.

  2. zambia should change the law,INNOCENT TILL PROVED GUILTY and NOT GUILTY TILL PROVED INNOCENT,the latter gives powers for those in authority to abuse it,while the other one the state has to prove the the facts of the crimes committed.with the current law a person can be locked up as the govt is looking for a crime,mostly which later proves to be madeup charges.

  3. He shouldn’t worry about bail, what should worry him is the caveat placed on his gurudas. Now he has no access to his money, that’s what will cause more BP

  4. Are you serious a lawyer can ask that question when it is in public domain that the government was trying to facilitate to evacuate him to South Africa.nothing sinister or political here,unless Kambwili is trying to say he is faking his illness.Lawyers just eat his money

  5. You BOBO and everyone who always talk about HH and privatisation I think your head doesn’t crick well or u just hate the mab because he is rich.work hard abd one day you can be like him.for how long are u going to accuse this man when the one who told him to was not guilt over this accusations. Do u think if he is guilty over this can be a free man for over 20years or u r just jealous of HH.

  6. No sympathy for Kambwili and if desperate HH thought he can win some bemba votes by holding CK’s hands,then Kainde is indeed an U-5 politician!!Just check on facebook and see how bembas are laughing at coward Kambwili.only some bantustans whom Kambwili called names day and night when he was in PF cabinet are sympathing with CK and its shocking!!!
    Am sure HH still do not know Northerners and Easterners well.today GBM looks useless in the eyes of Kainde because he failed to deliver bemba votes in 2016 and Kainde is depending on Kambwili.but he (HH) must be reminded that he will 100% lose together with Kambwili in in 6.5 provinces in 2021!!

  7. Comment:may the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ clear the so called blood pressure.repent of your sins before the government paralyses you.

  8. Now he has stopped showing his huge stomach and fainting thought he said he feared nothing in his life evidently he fears prison…yes Adolf held his hands because he wants support on the CB but what CK doesnt know is Fat Alber and Adolf are already plotting how they will squeeze CK to squeal what they stole together with Koswe and then lock him up. The thing we found interesting as loyal party members was to see the out going under 5 Adolf ‘visit’ CK and then a few minutes later the incoming party president Garry also coming to visit CK he arrived to a thunderous welcome unlike Adolf…the change is coming

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