Kambwili discharged from UTH


National Democratic Congress Consultant Chishimba kambwili has been discharged from the University Teaching Hospital UTH.

Mr. Kambwili was taken ill on Thursday to the highest referral health institution.

Mr. Kambwili was discharged from the UTH at 09.00 on Friday morning.

Family members including his wife Carol, accompanied the NDC strong man as he was discharged from the UTH.

Mr. Kambwili has now returned to his private apartment in Woodland’s where he is currently resting and spending Easter with close family members.

Mr. Kambwili had his passport seized by Immigration authorities in Ndola last week upon his return from South Africa.


    • Kiki punch gor punc. You cant gight the presidency young hippo. To silence ck just show him a picture of a police station or court room and he will be rushed to the icu. What a weak corrupt turd.

    • Did you mean RUDE, UNSTABLE, WEAK , EMOTIONAL; denoting the word RUWE? Ba LT do you recall a journalist called FIELD [Mwibala] RUWE?

      CK is now depicting a RUWE from a FIELD; or it is not true that CK has become a RUWE after being ‘thrown’ out of the PF FIELD [IBALA LYA NDALAMA], any comments please?
      ECL + PF just cure all the RUWEs of CK by reconciling – ITS EASTER!!!!!

    • Superman Kambwili..one minute is criticality ill and being rushed to the hospital the other is up heading back home..how come when he was in the government he never used to get sick…he was very strong and healthy..even assaulting people physically. This guy is a Joke

  1. BUFFOON CK was simply fixed by the PF tins even though this is the tin who used to take pleasure in laughing at colleagues in opposition when he was Govt Spokesman …this man should have been given Police Bond as they had his passport when he returned from RSA and Bailed by the court.
    Zambian politics is such a funny thing as the same people ordering the police today are the same people who will be arrested by the selfsame police tomorrow in the very same filthy cells as our politicians are too shortsighted and greedy.

  2. Chikaona munzako chapita, yesterday it was HH, today it’s Doctors CK & Mumba. Who is next. You think you are untouchable, you wait and watch to see. Pray it is not you.

    • If CK managed to get BAIL without POISONING, then he has managed to cross the political litmus test for Zambian politics; as for Nevers Sekwila Mumba, the nephew of KK, what he ought to do is spend that 90 days [simple imprisonment] in jail if that what they have insisted on via courts. Let him reflect, meditate and truly fast for 40 days! God will truly speak to him and showing him THE VISION for Zambia. When he begun the crusade of ZAMBIA SHALL BE SAVED; he did not wait for God to REVEAL what was in that assignment, he quickly jumped into bed with the ANTI-CHRIST – a ‘Jehovah’s Witness’ in Mwanawasa then President.
      I wish to warn my brother NEVERs that God will NEVER all his VISION to adulterated by the ANTI-CHRISTS; LOOK these KK, LPM, RB, MCS, ECL even HH + GBM are nothing else…

  3. Its funny when you read what people are saying regarding kambwili and other apa mwamba when it comes to police bonds and all…
    To those of us who have had experience with signing bonds for friends and blulus we know that the kambwili saga is even better. Police bonds are not automatic…you have to run around get all docs signed , letters in place then you find the arresting cop is out for lunch ..come after lunch the officer in charge is no where to be seen and its Friday ka !! so do we all have to assume state house is ALWAYS INVOLVED ! Even now as I type hundreds of suspects friends and relatives are busy running up and down trying to secure bonds…
    Kambwili is not special..actually I thought he would give up his bond for some poor suspect!

    • Ben in agreeing to that notorious fact and are alive to how corrupt and/or rotten the zambia police is, and how it has been used as a toilet mat over years, we expect Courts [JUDICATURE] not to be tool of oppression.
      BAIL, ask any Lawyer, is a straightforward matter if and only if one meets the BAIL conditions set by the Court. The issue of a Passport being held by the Immigration can only be attributed to either STATE INTERFERENCE or LAPSE by the Immigration itself. I reckon it has been resolved by a Court Order! or Constitutional Bail earlier applied for before High Court.

  4. Ben, the executive buck stops at the president. Everyone who is part of the executive branch is an appemdage of the the president. That’s why he gets a beating when things are not working well and kudos when he exceeds expectation.

  5. Kambwili has been the loudest show off which doesn’t help pipo being displaced lusaka being a broken latrine. Losing the then lon don of africa name. What ever he says zambia is where he lives so talk with out action is a mere waste of time. It’s high time someone started doing the actual job than just evidently fattening themselves. What a shame to the outside world.

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