US Ambassador Foote happy with trained Zambian Battalion for UN MINUSCA peacekeeping

United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote
United States Ambassador To Zambia Daniel Foote

United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote has expressed happiness at the completion of pre-deployment training for the fourth Zambia Battalion ( ZAMBATT 4 ) to deploy to the United Nations MINUSCA peacekeeping operation in Central African Republic ( CAR ) .

Ambassador Foote said the United States is proud to have provided the financial and technical support for all of Zambia’s pre-deployment training to send peacekeepers to CAR, including ZAMBATT 4.

Ambassador Foote disclosed that the total dollar value of U.S. support to Zambia just for this latest training effort is approximately one million U.S. dollars, but the ultimate value of the training and equipment is priceless due to the lives that will be saved and changed for the better through ZAMBATT 4.

He also congratulated President Lungu, Minister of Defense Davies Chama, Army Commander, Lieutenant General Mihova, Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Chimese and all members of Zambia Defense Forces for their continued and “ demonstrated resolve to support the United Nations peacekeeping mission in CAR.”

Ambassador Foote also congratulated all Zambian Defense personnel comprising ZAMBATT 4, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Ngosa on their successful completion of a rigorous and comprehensive nine-week pre-deployment training program.

He said For 930 Zambian service members to prepare to assume responsibility from ZAMBATT 3—in an austere and at times high-threat environment—is no easy task, and one that was successfully executed here at Nanking over the past two months adding that the United States is pleased to be a part of that success.

“For 42 personnel of the Zambian Army and Air Force—you commenced two weeks earlier than the rest of the battalion, during which time you completed a Training-of-Trainers course on 28 United Nations Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials, ”, he said.

“As the men and women of ZAMBATT 4 know, yesterday was the conclusion of the culminating U.S.-funded Field Training Exercise—or FTX—in which you exercised and were tested in the skills and knowledge in which you have been rigorously trained, and in a realistic training environment that could just as well be in northern Central African Republic.”, he further added.

He reminded them that as they are being deployed to CAR in the near future to keep in mind that all U.S.-supported training completed at Nanking is to prepare you to support the United Nations’ MINUSCA mandate which includes the protection of Civilians, Child Protection, Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Prevention of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence, and Creation of a secure environment for the immediate, full, safe, and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance.

The US Envoy explained that by fulfilling this mandate, they trained officers will be able to return to Zambia proud to have achieved an important mission in a tough environment and equally proud to have built upon the reputation of those who served before them, and who established Zambia as a contributor of a capable, highly respected and proficient peacekeeping force.

He said as he looks beyond ZAMBATT 4, he will similarly be proud to support future U.S. government efforts enabling Zambia Defense Forces to support peace operations within the SADC region or indeed throughout Africa.

‘The United States is building the capacity of our African partners through a number of U.S. Government-funded programs. The Global Peace Operations Initiative is but one of these programs, and has enabled training of ZAMBATT 4 and Zambia’s current and previous MINUSCA battalions.’ he stated.

He commended the Ministry of Defense and Defense Service authorities present for partnering with the United States to build a more secure and prosperous future for the people of Central African Republic, or wherever you may be called upon to serve your nation.


  1. The Zambian defense forces have always been well adapt at doing God’s work. No very appreciated or congratulated by even Zambians, they have kept Africa and Africans safe for years. May GOD bless them, Zambia and the entire Africa.

    • @Nzelu well said, and I am proud to have served in that capacity in Sierra Leone, Darfur, Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. I have lost comrades in the tragedy that occured when transporting artillery shells for disposal that exploded, not to forget the embrassment of the 200 infantry that were held hostage by RUF. Poor leadership by UN Command was to blame. Zambian soldiers are amongst the most disciplined and most well trained peacekeepers. We as a nation may not have fought an international war (thank God for that) but when it comes to peacekeeping missions ours along with other nations such as India, Phillipines, Senegal, Norway and Ghana are ranked as the best in the world.

    • @2020vision, you don’t belong here, you’re pissed off. Go to church and thank God you are alive.
      And please don’t attach me, I believe in love. Women need me.

  2. What exactly is Zambia’s relationship with the USA to the extent that Foote can be “happy” with proxy intervention in a country 1500 miles away? Can someone (from PF) explain in detail?

    • Which country is 1500 miles away? Just as you rely on donor aid to sustain yourselves, don’t be dull to the reality that security is not outside this boundary.

    • CAR s far from Zambia. Why cannot Foote send US troops or maintain the previous status quo of American mission keeping quiet?

  3. Jay Jay we already have a military base here…that building ku Ibex so called US embassy is a military base on its own…but the question still remains why do the senior military personnel get money from people who go there on the battlefield why should they get taxed from the UN money honestly

  4. Guys look after yourselves well. The South African army is having a bad reputation with raping local girls. Don’t tarnish Zambia’s name while you are in CAR

    • Zambian troops have served in many peace-keeping missions without scandal and this is good for our reputation. We do not want our soldiers to get in the news for the wrong reasons. Theirs is to defend the constitution, even a stupid one, and to recognize civilian command of the armed forces because the civilian society is the senior society to the military. It is to the civilian society that every member of the military returns on retirement. This does not mean that I approve of misuse of the military sometimes. I well-versed with the role of the military in the creation of even nations because some nations emerged after conflict. That is why a good military aims to recruit from all parts of the country because there are times when this can be critical. During the second Gulf war, the…

  5. @Kickback Siliya

    “Also since his friend Trump refers to us as shi*hole countries, why not just park home”

    Ambassador Foote is not a Trump political appointee (“friend”). He’s a career Foreign Service Officer with over 20 years experience.

    It’s incorrect to state that every American government employee is a Trump supporter. Many are not.

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