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HH Commenting on Impeachment Motion



    • As long as HH remains allergic to intra-party democracy of leadership through elected mandate, he will remain a vacuous political caricature impossible to win souls and minds of the Zambian democratic constituency. Zambians have tested competitive democracy throw elections. It is impossible to expect them to pander to the tola amasuku system where HH hand-picks UPND party leadership for 13 years now. Such a system is alien to many Zambians. Now North Korea’s Kim looks a saint to HH. He must urgently take UPND to a party convention to hand over the ruins of leadership to the people’s choice. The pro-democracy constitution amendment is now inevitable. Politicians must learn to seek leadership mandate from their party national constituency of delegates to deserve state Presidency.

    • Whats wrong with that?
      What I cannot understand how CONVICTED EMBEZZLER get elected to the highest office in the Country?

    • I am not going to listen to impeachment. Its nonsense.
      But I prefer Inonge or Joyce Nonde as president.
      But Joyce is lazy mwee. There is a president in her.

    • We elect candidates who have drown leadership mandate from their party convention “through” party elections before seeking the state Presidency mandate.

      Something is seriously wrong with UPND to shut its doors to intra-party democracy. You flaunt to be the richest Zambian, then resources should not be an issue to call for a national convention.

      I repeat, show us your mandate from a national convention first. Zambians beg to know, what is so hard for UPND to seek leadership mandate from the delegates at the convention?

    • Senior Citizen

      We all remember the pagas of the mulungushi fracas where lungu was forced on to PF ……we all know what happens any one with presidential ambitions in PF , ask CK

    • Seriously speaking current journalists are dull to say the least. A reporter asking questions like a grade 7 failure without substance. No wonder gbm looks like he is educated wgen infact not.

    • Spaka, you are parroting what Fred Mmembe and his cartel fed your retarded head. Like when RB castigated those who claimed to knew Levy more than him, he told them Levy followed him in retirement and the two had personal meetings which no one knew about. It was the same cartel that rubbished all that and tried to demonise RB. The Mulungushi convention was almost disrupted by another cartel operative, that s.t.u.p1d muzungu Scott, but Mrs. Wina as National Chairperson made it legal and Lungu won. It was Fred and his hyenas who lied to the nation that Sata didn’t pick Lungu but those close to him like Chikwanda, Wina, Nsanda etc knew the truth; Sata never confided in Fred Mmembe!!!

    • The hatred for HH is based largely on his personal wealth and his growing popularity. You may hate the guy but things are moving on the ground people are tired of the PF nonsense. These guys are crooks thieves and liers to say the least . sometimes l wonder people who try to defend lungu .Sata himself never subjected his people in central committee to elections he merely hand picked them most of whom are bemba when confronted with the evidence he claimed he never balanced tribes but brains.
      So don’t make PF look better than UPND!

    • Citizen….

      Stop lying for once……scotts main crime was against PF thives using state funds for their campains and operations.

      Lungu can not win anything in a free and fair way……look at this motion….if he was as popular as he thinks, let him prove so instead of dodging every vote on him.

  1. Ati the motion is frivolous and dead on arrival.The motion meets all the laid down requirements and procedures.
    The impeachment points tabulated must be debated thoroughly .If possible let the parliamentary committee on legal affairs read through previous judgements by the Concourt such as the Miyanda case which also touches on the Speaker assuming power from the President.

    • Citizen….

      Lungu also meet the openhimers , so what ??……This news was on lungus Facebook page..

      Copy and paste ….


    • Citizen….

      Lungu also meet the openhimers….this news was on his Facebook page, so what ??


  2. What are PF and lungu afraid of ?? They have the numbers, so what is the problem ??

    You see , we have said this before, lungu does not have enough money to bribe everyone……there are many pf MPs not happy at being left out of the looting…

    • We’re very much aware of the fact the anglo has put millions on the stake to vote for the motion. This is the level of corruption hh is operating on and his default supporters cant see it. Why bribing your way to presidency.

    • HH oval head

      You are a dreamer…..why would Anglo put millions ?? For what ?? Chinese and indian leftovers ?? Zambia has already been sold to the chinese and Indians for the next 25 years at least…there is nothing left.

      Even the IMF has refused to give you money knowing this fact….keep hallucinating

    • @Oval: about Given Lubinda: “The Minister appealed to UPND MPs to reflect during parliament’s recess on what it is they intend to do for the country and concentrate on that and keep away from calling everybody corrupt except themselves.” It’s sad that upnd supporters can’t see through the lies of these two clowns.Ask Spaka, what was one of the Oppenheimers doing at a upnd rally in 2016 on the Copperbelt???

    • Citizen….

      Google “lungu meets the openhimers”

      That is the way with you corrupt thieves , Mugabe done it, and lungu learned well, when cornered , blame imaginary imperialists ……

      I ask again, who would pour millions to controll Zambia when the chinese own you for the next 25 years…..hell, even the IMF refused to give you money…

    • ….yaba….it’s that bad. How can a normal person believe anything you are told without using your brain to analyse??? It’s an open secret hh was on photos meeting the Oppenheimers at the Brenthurst Foundation meetings in Jhb with Obasanjo, and you want to deny that???

    • Citizen….

      No one is denying anything..if meets the openhimers is a crime ..
      Lungu also meet the openhimers….this news was on his Facebook page, so what ??


    • Looks like the rats have scattered and taken cover finding out that it was lungu

  3. I fail to understand when these clowns say ecl refused to step down when in fact ecl was never a president until seorn in after the petition failed.

  4. Ba upnd guys seriously u r mad , for u everything kainde say enters yo blood and its gospel truth really he’s yo small god

  5. There is one time opposition wanted to impeach Mwanawasa when he abrogated the constitution by nominating Nevers Mumba and appoint him Vice President who had participated in election as a presidential candidate. The impeachment process could not take off because of Immunity. Mwanawasa just said tell those people to study the Zambian constitution. What of Lungu has the law changed.

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