Nevers Mumba is in high spirits, bail application set for Tuesday

Rev. Reuben Sambo
Rev. Reuben Sambo
Rev. Reuben Sambo
Rev. Reuben Sambo

The opposition MMD says its incarcerated leader Nevers Mumba is in high spirits at Mwembeshi Maximum Prison.

MMD Vice President Reuben Sambo who visited him on Saturday morning revealed that Dr Mumba is strengthened by the prayers and personal visits from his family, friends, MMD members and people from Civil Society and some opposition politicians.

Rev. Sambo said Dr Mumba says that Easter is the period when the highest sacrifice for humanity was made.

“We too must find that place to sacrifice for others and make their lives count. He sees his incarceration as a sacrifice for the nation. He further notes that, Prison is the place from where spiritual fathers like the Apostle Paul wrote much of the New Testament,” Rev. Sambo said.

“No one should lose fort over his imprisonment as in the very same way no moment is being wasted during his period of incarceration as he is using it maximally. He is in unceasing prayer for the nation, He is praying for the church and he remains burdened for the souls of men.”

He said the MMD faction leader remains in custody until the morning of Tuesday 3rd of April when there shall be the hearing of his appeal and bail application at the Lusaka Magistrates Court.


  1. Knowing this government, I doubt if transport is going to be there to take him to court on tuesday. Let us wait & see, maybe the can have a change of heart.

    • This ka pastor mumba was not arrested for preaching the gospel but for selfish political interests. Its shameful to keep clinging in politics when all is there is failure. This i.diot should just quit politics. He is an embarrancement to his family & his use.less blind followers

  2. Where isBishop Joshua Banda, if really, you are a true Christian, you should have visited Mumba, but you are just interested in brown envelopes. We know you better.

  3. With all due respect, Rev. Sambo, you cannot compare the imprisonment of Paul with ba Mumba’s incaceration.

    The Apostle Paul was imprisoned simply because of his faith and for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ wheareas ba Mumba has been convicted for wrongdoing for political ambitions. The former was a spiritual issue while the latter is earthly.

  4. Please do not misinterprete the Bible. What sacrifice for others is the Bishop talking about. In this world we live in today THERE IS SO MUCH THAT IS DONE IN THE NAME OF GOD WHICH IS JUST AN EXTENSION OF SELF. Peter talks about suffering for doing good. 1Peter 3:8-17. It would help to read passages like this to learn if our suffering is sacrifice for other people or for the gratification of our personal appetites. People can take things out of context. What is the relationship of Dr Mumba’s imprisonment to Easter. The question we can also ask is; IS DR MUMBA SUFFERING IN THAT PRISON? It seems like Zambian Politics people seek to be imprisoned so that they can make issues out of nothing.

  5. Ka mambala ka mumba, wamona nomba
    criminal record yakwikata..

    As per constitution, you will never rule Zambia because of
    your tainted record.

    Your peers are now “Prophets”, because of their consistency
    in their chosen trades…naumfwa uluse mwe!!!

  6. Is Zambia truly a Christian nation. Am left speechless. Remember Jesus said remember those in prison as though you were also imprisoned. Dr Mumba and many more in prison be strong for the Lord we worship Will never forsake you.

    • Typical of a Zambian. Mumba was jailed for what he did politically. He was not arrested while preaching but politicking. So whether Christian nation or not the guy over stepped.

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