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ActionAid Zambia spends over K750,000 on eight boreholes in Nalolo


ActionAid Zambia Director Nalucha Ziba
ActionAid Zambia Director Nalucha Ziba

ActionAid Zambia has spent over K750,000 on eight boreholes in Nalolo East and West banks in a bid to improve people’s access to safe drinking water.

Speaking at a handover ceremony of one of the water facilities at Kataba village in Nalolo yesterday, ActionAid Country Director, Nalusha Ziba revealed that ActionAid through the support of Danish Television Network (DTV) had embarked on a water project aimed improving women’s access to water in the district.

Ms. Ziba said in its new global strategy themed “Action for Global Justice” ActionAid is further going to address the inequalities and injustices that have continued to perpetuate poverty in the rural communities in Zambia.

She said her organization’s desire in Zambia was to build a just society for all regardless of their socio-economic status.

ActionAid is undertaking similar projects in other provinces in the country namely Eastern, Copperbelt, Northern and Muchinga.

And Provincial Permanent Secretary, Sibanze Muchoba thanked ActionAid Zambia for its continued support towards Zambia’s social sector.

Mr. Simuchoba said Government was aware of the unwavering support it was receiving from ActionAid in the education, health and water and sanitation sectors in the country.

In a speech read on his behalf by Principal Accountant Minyoi Mooka, Mr. Simuchoba said the provision of water facilities in Nalolo will greatly improve people’s lives in the area.

And speaking on behalf of the Kataba community, Area Councilor, Mwendoi Pumulo paid growing tribute to ActionAid for the gesture.

Ms. Pumulo said the boreholes will go a long way in reducing the difficulties people have faced in accessing water in the area.


  1. 750,000 /8 = 93,750. Almost a 100, 000 kwachas for a Borehole is a bit too much for me. Am I missing something here? I bet these Boreholes are supplying water straight into the houses of the people

    • Arrest these people, that is $10,000 per 1 ichishima. Are they equipped with electric motors and tanks.
      WaterAid (former Action Aid aid director) should help justify this.

    • daylight robbery. a borehole in western Zambia should not go beyond 30,000 kwacha anything above that is daylight robbery. drilling in soft sand is actually more expensive than rocks e.g Lusaka and Western as the technique used id different but spending K95,000 on a borehole is robbery. and this is coming from a CSO. please visit the provincial offices before you start doing some of these things otherwise you will be caged soon. for such a price, they could have installed a solar system with an overhead tank and remained with balance.

  2. In November 2017, I got a couple of quotations from reputable companies to sink one Borehole and install a handpump (Indian mark ll). The highest bid was less than K25,000. I got it done for K20,000. It is 50 meters deep, complete with a nice circular concrete slab, and it’s now working.

    So, WHY are these ActionAid boreholes costing more than K90,000/each??

  3. Since these Boreholes going to be Taxed, exactly who is going to be paying the Tax? ActionAid or the villagers?

  4. This is why I can never contribute to any NGO and opt to contribute directly surely how on earth can it cost so much to sink a borehole….people make $10 monthly contributions to ACTION AID UK only for money to misused like this …this Director Nalucha Ziba should be ashamed of herself!!

  5. I sank my borehole last month. It cost me 7pin for 50 meters with 24 meters casing. Submissive pump, tank stand and 5000l tank all put togather cost me 21pin. Can someone explain action aids procurement…. They are very noisy but big thieves….

    • Mabvuto it depends on where you are drilling if its in a rocky area like Lusaka its cheaper because you use what we call down the hole (DtH) but in soft formations its mud rotary drilling but still i can do 3 boreholes in Nalolo in the cost of one action aid borehole.

  6. Crazy leadership at ActonAid. They as bad as Lungu’s regime at stealing money. Fire Tenders, Roads, Ambulances, and now Boreholes! What is the difference? No difference, they are all executed by thieves in Lungu and Ziba at Action Aid.

  7. We wish provide clarity on the reported article which appeared on Lusaka times captioned as
    ActionAid Zambia spends over K750, 000 on eight boreholes in Nalolo

    The article made reference to ActionAid Zambia Country Director Nalucha Ziba during the handover ceremony of boreholes in Nalolo District. We wish to clarify that ActionAid Zambia in partnership with Nalolo District Council has planned to drill over 15 boreholes in total in the District over the three year period of the project with 8 boreholes which have been referred to in the article being drilled in the year 2017. The amount of money quoted in the article is therefore not a true reflection of the money spent on 8 boreholes which were handed over.

    The correct amount for the 8 boreholes launched on 28th March, 2018 in…

  8. Comment:No one is left behind sure its free for all . Kulya mwibala. Zambians are we actually ripping our own country to pieces it is sad that the people entrusted to develop the country are tearing it apart . A borehole cannot cost K100,000 .ACC where are you , investigate this scandal

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