FAZ expresses concern on destructive malicious social media campaigns


Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has expressed concern over alleged malicious social media campaigns aimed at disrupting its operations.

FAZ Communication Manager Desmond Katongo says it is regrettable that the media fraternity especially the social media is spreading spiteful messages to undermine the operations of the association.

Katongo has disclosed that following FAZ annual general meeting which was held on the 31st of March, some known individuals published information through social media with intentions to damage the performance of association.

Katongo added that the association will not submit to the malicious attacks and will this week hold a press briefing to clarify on numerous issues.

FAZ Communication Manager explained that the association is committed to the development of FAZ and attaining the highest honors for the country.

He reiterated that it will remain dedicated to do with the entire football community and the nation at large.

Katongo said In a statement made available to ZANIS sports in Lusaka today, that constructive consultations, accountability and transparency remain the main principles of FAZ in its daily operations.

He has appealed to the football community and the nation at large to ignore all the routine of attacks on the Football Association of Zambia.


  1. What we want to hear is: Is it true that you shared such large amounts of money? We will ask Mawere to suspend all forms of funding to FAZ until you clear your names.

  2. it looks like the communications manager at FAZ has not been proactive. Had he been proactive he would have been updating the Nation regularly. FAZ currently seems only to be reactive, hence the numerous default Judgements being obtained against the association. Why not respond to summons instead of just sitting waiting for the outcome? We hope the press conference will shed light on the alleged allowances and what they were for. In the mean time people should not conclude one way or the other until we hear from the other side as well(FAZ).

  3. “….Katongo added that the association will not submit to the malicious attacks and will this week hold a press briefing to clarify on numerous issues…”

    Good tell us if you have been paying your selfs big monies while others are not paid and bailiffs are knocking……take a lesson from lungu who thought ignoring people calling him a corrupt thief was a good idea…..now that label has stuck.

  4. Compare

    5 to 6 individuals organize U20 africa youth cup for lessthan a month and they award themselves 1.4million.

    20 FAZ MTN league teams compete for solid 8month and the winner ways away with k500,000

    Top goal scorer walks away with k20,000.

    Just think about it!!

  5. Mr communications manager, your response is very vague, let’s say someone doesn’t know about the circulation on social media would they know what you are talking about or is it LT who left out the crucial information? We shall wait to hear from you at the press conference and it better be accurate otherwise the boot will follow your executive.

  6. If this news doing the rounds on SM is true about paying yourselves large , this is the beginning of the end for kamanga….

  7. Kamanga is the worst President for FAZ we have ever . Mwebantu let’s sign petition to remove this RB nephew in office as soon as possible. Nikabwalala nalimyebele mwamona efyo caba.

  8. Mr PRM Faze, Zambia is not small like you think ,stop fooling us you have shared the money what are you telling us

  9. This FAZ is rattled with maladministration issues. How come bailiffs keep knocking and taking furniture, computers etc? If this institution is properly run one would not expect to see these embarrassing episodes. The question still remains, why did you morons pay yourself hefty cash before giving the monies to deserving players and coaches. You have turned FAZ into a cash cow you mongrels?

  10. It puzzles me to hear how in AK admin social media has bcom a bad communication tool than it ws under KB, how futbo today hs bcom political than football 3 yrs ago. To them 3 yrs ago there were no politics in futbo n social media ws neva malicious. Wooow, gud lessons 4 us Zambians. To a failure, there is “an enermy out there”

  11. Social media is telling the truth. If you think social media is telling lies, Faz executive committee including Kamanga should exculpate themselfs against these allegations. If you don’t then you are bunch of corrupt faz committee and you’re thief’s.
    And you terminate the contract of your dull national team coach.
    If you don’t, then we the tax payers will make sure you go with your dull coach.
    Be reminded that football of today is about scoring goals and winning games.
    Football today has been computerised .

  12. Expel the entire Executive for corruption and incompetence before Zambia fails to qualify for AFCON.

  13. Mr.Katongo you are an embarrassment to utter that statement.To begin with, Did you ever think that social media ni mbuya or ni kagelo kobe? Political parties, big corporations have a media team who are proactive24/7.They scan the media looking fo bad publicity.Now you are sitting mu FAZ house muli ndwii and expecting ati ifintu fikaisova.Wake up bamudala.Social media ni dog eats dog.

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