Lusambo urges Zambians to respect those in leadership

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on a familiarization tour of City Market Market and part of Lusaka CBD
Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on a familiarization tour of City Market Market and part of Lusaka CBD
Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on a familiarization tour of City Market Market and part of Lusaka CBD
Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on a familiarization tour of City Market Market and part of Lusaka CBD

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has urged members of the general public to respect those in leadership as is it is in accordance with God commandment

Mr. Lusambo says Zambians irrespective of the tribe , ethnic or political affiliation should continue to love one another under one President.

He said people should exercise the spirit of Ubuntu and not bring confusion in the name of belonging to the opposition parties.

The provincial minister was speaking during the Special Easter Celebration and Ordination Service at Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) in Lusaka’s Matero Township today.

He implored the church to continue praying for the prosperity of the nation adding that government will continue to co-exist with the church in taking the nation forward.

The minister has since donated 20 thousand kwacha towards the building of the wall fence at BIGOCA.

And BIGOCA General Overseer, Bishop Peter Ndhlovu said politicians should stop politics of insults.

Bishop Ndhlovu said people should up hold the spirit of love and be able to forgive each other.

He emphasized the need to love their country because Zambia is their heritage.

And in his sermon Bishop Ndhlovu said those who believe in Jesus Christ should never be discouraged but put their trust in him because he triumphed over all their problems by rising from the dead.

Bishop Ndhlovu reiterated that the Church will continue to preach the gospel of salvation so that the lost can be restored to Jesus Christ.


  1. Bowman Lusambo needs to respect people in general and a fake title like the one he has is earned and not obtained through corrupt ways. All of a sudden they have started using soap and putting on cologne and they think they are a somebody. Grow up and get a real education to be in the position you are. Wearing a suite does not make you a king. Can we honestly say those in leadership got those roles and titles legally? Fake degrees! Fake diplomas! Fake certificates! Everything is fake so how can we respect those in leadership when most are fake? Someone please tell this Bowman chap that God does not support corruption and that this chap needs to read the 10 commandments. Better yet, please tell Bowman to respond to this because we can educate him further!

    • This guy is obsessed with power, including puting erecting huge billboards of himself.
      Ubufumu buchindika umwine.

    • The Zambian people will respect leaders who respect them.
      They will never be told who to respect and when to do that. Fools will never be respected.

    • Yes, those in leadership deserve respect. Stop smearing saliva on their boots when you lick them. Bootlicking is so disrespectful.

    • Lusambo MUST behave like a leader if he wants to be respected. How does Lusambo expect people to respect him when he continues to behave like the time he was in the street? Lusambo faught Major Kachingwe who he could regard as a father, he faught Kambwili who deserves his respect being older than him. Lusambo’s language when giving instructions to his fellow thugs, the PF cadres does not show is a minister speaking and inciting violence. Who does Lusambo want to respect him when he does not respect others? Being Lusaka Minister does not qualify you to command respect if your own brain doees not think about respecting others.

    • Respect, like trust, is earned and not demanded. Some politicians are not worthy of anyone’s respect.

    • If God truly demands respect for leaders and Luswambo being a leader therefore should be respected i choose not to respect Luswambo.
      These are people who should be in markets mobilising cadres.For his calibre he can hung even if somehow according to his pathetic thinking he deserves respect.Nivibantu va mu soweto ivi.

  2. when you see churches that are always eager to give politicians a platform in the pulpit you know they are run by greedy individuals who want to give the impression that their church is significant and get more money from church goers. The church is there to proclaim God’s word, not to be used as a stage for crooked politicians and greedy pastors.

  3. You should be the last person to talk about respect sir, you don’t even respect parliament as was evident in your physical assault on Kambwilli and your subsequent refusal to apologize.

  4. He doesn’t even know difference between municipal functions and provincial administration ones. Everything is mixed up. Let LCC superintend on markets and bus stations. The guy needs lots of help but doesn’t even know it. He sees his job as going around threatening people and throwing his weight around. He always behaves as if every year is an election year.He doesn’t even see himself as minister of everyone. Mwansa Mbulakulima served as Copperbelt minister for far longer than Lusambo and he never went about threatening people. This was when Lusambo was known as die-hard MMD supporter/defender (translation: most unreasonable supporter of MMD).

  5. Bwana Lusambo, respect is earned; not demanded. The same goes for trust. Personally, i respect no people that demand respect.

  6. I think it’s an exaggeration to say God’s commandment is in any way related to respecting you Lusambo and others who do not deserve respect. Since loudly wishing Sata dead, you have not gained back your respect. In fact it’s an insult to Zambians and to God as well. Did not Bokassa say the same kind of thing? And dictator Houphet-Boigny by building the biggest cathedral in the world (bigger then Rome – leaving the country with nothing to feed people) to attempt to join the perception of himself with that of God?

    So why not be a man – stand up for yourself and keep God out of it

  7. Really laughable …this is the same foool who is serving suspension for slapping a colleague …morally bankrupt chaps!!

    • The sad thing is not even the appointing authority sees anything wrong with his juniors parading their wealth when the whole nation is suffering.

  8. Indeed morally bankrupt. Lusambo has no shame. If he was repentant he should have gone into hibernation. Shame on him.

  9. I think Zambia is high power distance.

    I think we are confusing power distance and Zambians to respect those in leadership.

    “Power distance is the extent to which the lower ranking individuals of a society “accept and expect that power is distributed unequally”.[1] It is primarily used in psychological and sociological studies on societal management of inequalities between individuals, and individual’s perceptions of that management. People in societies with a high power distance are more likely to conform to a hierarchy where “everybody has a place and which needs no further justification”.[1] In societies with a low power distance, individuals tend to try to distribute power equally. In such societies, inequalities of power among people would require additional…

  10. Please earn this respect deservedly Mr Lusambo. You go to parliament and start fighting Kambwili, do you deserve respecto honestly?

  11. But this is very annoying. So the president in his wisdom believes Lusaka deserves such a minister?People let us make sure we have a leadership that respects us,appointing Lusambo as Lusaka Province minister is disrespecting the elecorate

  12. Why do Politicians Kneel before the people when asking for votes? Doesn’t that act of kneeling tell us where real power belongs? Respect is earned! Please address us your employers with respect or we can fire you without warning! Power and Respect to the People!

  13. See who is talking! This clown should never have been a Cabinet Minister in the first place and then start demanding for respect for the likes of him! What a muppet!!

  14. Respect yourself @#&!&#/@ leader of whom? Thuggery! Ati ba minister. This is how Lungu has disrespected our nation by putting thugs in ministerial position????

  15. I know LT bloggers come from a very diverse background. Its rare that they speak in such unison. Mr Lusambo please sit down and do an introspection.

  16. He obviously has a narrow definition of leadership. He thinks leadership are the office bearers in PF. Leadership is broader. Even Kambwili as an MP is a leader but Lusambo poured water on his head! Should we listen to him then? Yayi

  17. This *****, I thought he is on suspension, who invited him to go and bark in matero? We need normal people not ba chipena, like him. Please, did Koswe run out of people to appoint as provincial ministers sure. Chipena, dull, cannot even comprehend with any interviews. All he does is licking Koswe’s feet, what a shame.

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