Kaindu: Power were tactically superior than Nkana


Power Dynamos coach Kelvin Kaindu says his side was tactically superior over Nkana when they triumphed 2-1 in Easter Monday’s Kitwe local derby played at Nkana Stadium in Wusakile.

Kaindu applied a frustrating game plan of negative football disrupting Nkana’s flow throughout the opening 45 minutes.

“It was more of a tactical victory. If you saw when we were leading Nkana made double substitutions and brought two strong guys (Walter Bwalya and Festus Mbewe) and they started playing long balls,” he said.

“We had to sacrifice by dropping one striker and play with an extra defender just to stop Nkana from playing that long ball which they have mastered very well. I watched them play that long ball in the last CAF Confederation Cup match here at home,” Kaindu observed.

This was Kaindu’s debut Kitwe derby against Nkana as Power coach.

“I want to thank the almighty God for the victory. I think it is never easy in the derbies between Nkana and Power Dynamos but in the first season as Power Dynamos coach we managed to get a victory. It was a difficulty game, a balanced game,” he said.

Nkana coach Beston Chambeshi has tipped his team to bounce back from the derby loss to Power.

“I have strong players who can come out of the loss and look forward to another game. We have to talk to the players I know a local derby loss may put the morale of players down,” Chambeshi said.


  1. It’s better for coaches like Kaindu not to comment on games in the manner he’s done because many people watched that game, poor officiating was evident and the winning goal could have earned his player a caution because he used his hand. It seems even this year, just like last season, we will continue to see bad decisions by match officials go unpunished, that’s not fair play

  2. Well done Power! So far so good and we have trust in you Kaindu, you are proving to be a good coach.

  3. Just for the sake of our children learning English grammar: it is superior to….and not superior than! But all in all, congrats, Power

  4. The referee’s decision is final. A better team won. After introducing four strong strikers, why didn’t Nkana score? Power were tactically better than Nkana period!

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