The expulsion of the Cuban Ambassador is an act of intolerance-UPND

Mulondwe Muzungu
Mulondwe Muzungu

The opposition UPND says the expulsion of the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages is an act of intolerance to international support for democratic growth in Zambia.

UPND Chairperson for International Relations Mulondwe Muzungu said the unofficial and undiplomatic policy of “Falling on people with divergent views like a ton of bricks” has now been extended to the diplomatic community by President Edgar Lungu.

Ambassador Muzungu said the action further displays the ruling party’s propensity for confusion and miscalculation.

“This is not the first time an envoy of a foreign country has attended a political party meeting. The Patriotic Front itself, while in the opposition, invited the Ambassador of the United States of America then, Mark Storella, to their Party Convention in July 2011. He addressed the conference and congratulated Mr. Michael Sata after delivering his keynote address.”

“What has changed now is that there is a fearful, bullish and insecure presidency in State House that does not tolerate political competitive space. In our view it is a decision that is based solely on hatred of the opposition that has capacity to offer alternative entrepreneurial and visionary leadership as opposed to dictatorial leadership that the Patriotic Front has become,” Ambassador Muzungu said.

He said the decision to expel the envoy was uncalled for and embarrassing to the Zambian people.

“A simple censure of the diplomat was enough if the PF feel so threatened. This expulsion will have far reaching consequences for this country. We all know that Cuba has been one of countries from where Zambia has greatly benefitted. The scholarships, the medical support and many other things that Cuba has provided to Zambia risk being jeopardised because of politics and insecurity,” Ambassador Muzungu said.

“Diplomats interaction with the country is not limited to the Government, it extends to all stakeholders. By stakeholders it means the diplomats are free to interact with everyone they feel has a stake in the running of the country. This is the reason diplomatic missions are structures along the facets of general life i.e. political, economic, trade to mention a few.”

He added,” By its nature such relationship necessitates interaction with all relevant key stakeholders, for short of this, the Diplomatic mission risks being partially informed, misinformed or even ill informed. And it’s because the PF thrives on propaganda that they are uncomfortable with anyone who wants unfiltered information.”

He said President Lungu’s accusation of the Cuban Ambassador having violated the Diplomatic Relations Protocol is wrong for nowhere in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations is it stated or implied that the initiative such as taken by the Cuban Ambassador was in violation of the Diplomatic Relations Protocol.

“The support the Ambassador offered to the newly established Socialist Party should be seen as moral support to the growth of democracy in general. The intolerance and the dictatorship recklessly being extended to the global community as seen in several actions taken against other foreign dignitaries and officials such as Mmusi Maimane and others are not acceptable. Zambia is not an island. Every effort should be directed at building good relationships with the international community as Zambia is a member of the global community


    • Mmembe’s ideas are from the past. LUNGU is a foreigner and a pompwe. There is nothing left for ZAMBIA. GO AWAY!

    • Shut up! Has Cuba complained? Their Diplomat erred and Zambia stepped up to protect their sovereignty but since HH and his cows don’t have any sense of analysis they are going to shi.t all over this.

    • Mulondwe Muzungu you still in Politics these guys cant survive outside of Politics..this guy has been around since KK days..UPND is truly outdated

    • It is not to late to rescind the order to have the Ambassador deported. The first step to wisdom is accepting when one is wrong, Ambassador Nelson has admitted he erred. Why should the State be so stubborn not to forgive some who admitted he made a mistake and some who is representing a nation that has been an all weather friend to Zambia? I just fail to understand the reasoning here. There is more to lose than gain by this action. Cuba still carries diplomatic clout in the realm of non aligned nations and Latin America. You never know when Zambia may need assistance in one form or another. Never discount an old friend who has fallen on hard times!


    • I watched the video of pf convention in 2011. Please LT can you post it here so that these cretins just in case they think we are dumb can reference to it. Stollera never said what these turds in upnd are claiming. They want to twist something which is in public domain kiki. This party has lived it’s usefulness.


  2. Agreed, he was just supposed to be censured not this draconian way, what is the fear in these politicians, surely this day and era.

  3. PF are never known to think before they act. They always act and then think later. That is their trade mark.

  4. The PF is frightened of their own shadows and they know why. There was no need for this knee – jerk reaction! The Central Committee of the party who will have its Deputy Secretary General who humiliates and embarrasses the president get away with a slap on the wrist, but will send packing a diplomat of friendly country for attending an opposition party launch? Surely there could have been a better way to resolve the development that the high – handed reaction exhibited. When the slide starts you will need all the friends you can pull into your corner!!

    • But what has the Cuban Ambassador apologized for? He took things for granted and thought that he could flaunt diplomacy because this is Africa – full of people of your kind.

  5. The question is why did’t they expel all those diplomats who went to HH’s house and even spoke about the happening in this country? There will be no country to talk about. Someone is scared of his own shadow. Some have even gone to prison just to offer solidarity to Fumba and others. Allow democratic tenets to take place. You are busy patronizing dictators, like Kagame, Kabila the Ugandan leader and no one talks about it. Zambia is a democracy and it shall remain so whether you expel people left right and center. Others who came with valid credentials were also expelled without valid reasons. Expalin kaili.

  6. We are yet to know what entailed the “gross misconduct” that earned Mumbi Phiri censure at the fundraising event in Chilanga on that fateful night.

  7. It was an impulse, emotional filled knee-jerk overreaction. These PF minions are an embarrassment to the country.

    Did they even surmon him to hear his side of the story and to give an opportunity to exculpate himself? They didn’t… rather they only talked to him after they publicly announced the decision. Then they lie that he apologized and remorseful… how would we know when he wasn’t accorded an opportunity to publicly explain his side of the story?

    Cuba is perhaps the last socialist society still existing today and I see nothing wrong for them to show moral support to a socialist cause. It’s not like he vowed to help overthrow the government by undemocratic means.

  8. Really laughable…we told you foools that this was extreme reaction by the Lazy coward Edgar…its clear that the Cuban Diplomat does not even speak a word in English from the video on the Socialist Party YouTube footage..are you telling us PF Kaponyas have better translators.
    You are just giving Mmembe free publicity

    • @Jay Jay, yes I have just looked at the video footage of the Cuban ambassador speaking via a translator and what he said is not controversial at all or deemed to be regarded as interfering in the internal politics of a country by any level headed sane person. The guy spoke like a seasoned diplomat and it is really painful that his credentials were revoked and deported over something like this. My gosh what have these PF guys been smoking? Unbelievable that these are our so called leaders.

      On the flipside, why is Cuba sending someone who can’t speak a word of English? Not that it’s a big deal but don’t they have people who could at least speak English to be sent as ambassador to an English speaking country like Zambia?

    • @Alternative – The guy can communicate in English…he did apologies and state he is learning.. it just that when you come to official matters you have to communicate in a language you are fluent with simply look at those Chines.
      The most embarrassing about all this is that he didn’t even want to stay there very long as he highlighted this..

    • The clip you two 1mbeciles are referring to is a closing remark. Get the full version were he presented a key note address and you’ll be shocked.

    • @Oval: That’s how Fred, and now upnd/hh is controlling weak minds. They believe anything they say. Fred has cunningly omitted the main speech and just published the closing remarks and the 1.d.i.ot.s fanatically believe everything. Isn’t this worse than jihadists or extremism??? Imagine how they would want to control the masses with misinformation and propaganda Nazi style if they had power??? Imagine how they would crush dissenting views and imaginary enemies???

  9. …cry the beloved country , when intolerance has become both the genotype and phenotype in our motto… thoughts from Dr CM

  10. Give us a break from this cold coffee. Done with it already and we’re moving.

    Real leaders don’t take back their decisions. No apology. No bending. No cowering. Who likes can stay behind and criticize as much as they want.

  11. Zambia did well. No one should be sacred, these clowns mistreat black people in Miami. Now they want to act like they know Zambian politics. Let Zambians handle their own nations problems.

  12. The diplomat has gone.
    So,why is this dinosaur called Mulondwe flogging a dead horse?
    In 2046 when UPND are in power,diplomats will be free to do politics in Zambia.
    For now,this strong and no nonsense govt says NO POLITICS for diplomats.

  13. Ambassador Nelson, a socialist from Cuba, a socialist country, attending the formation of a socialist party in Zambia, the country where he is domiciled – where is the crime here?

    • ….if hh becomes president, the American or British ambassadors will be making speaches at opposition rallies and conventions, right???…..

  14. Mulondwe Muzungu, the author of this useless article, sir you are expired and only fit to be in the dust bin! Look, the very fact that you chaps have been held hostage and operating under siege by your small god called HH, should not be extended to Sovereign and independent minds. The so called Ambassador abrogated the very core purpose he is serving here in Zambia and his expulsion is in ORDER. What have to say on the Russians that the US, European countries and many how have been expelled instantly even when the Nerve Agent crime was not committed in those countries? Hey, whats your reaction? Have you written to the US and those countries in protest? Why do you people behave as though Zambia wasn’t you motherland? Certain behavior really leaves us wondering whether we have clowns or…

  15. contd
    Certain behavior really leaves us wondering whether we have clowns or kids clustered in the so called opposition parties. So Muzungu please, take a deep breath and come out your slumber, HH has cast a spell on you characters and that you are now [email protected] men walking to the bottomless pit.

  16. Yes the former ambassador has apologised, so who are upndeez ati fwetete fwetete, are you Cuba’s spokesman?
    Mulondwe muzungu, not ashamed of twisting facts, just to qualify for his pay day at h.h’s servants quarters!

  17. Busy fwetete fwetete, when upndeez realise that Mmembe is actually a threat to no one but upndeez you will see how they will turn their guns on Mmembe. For now the wholeupnde3z hierarchy is snoring.

  18. The move played by the president is to divert peoples minds away from the nullification of mwanakatwe’s and nkanduluo’s seats. It would have been better for the president to take such a stance by dropping the duo on the charges they are facing but no all is well with him and the people of Zambia are very much OK with it. Wake up my beloved country.

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