Friday, March 1, 2024

Socialist Party’s Dr Musumali on Let the People Talk Show



  1. I should go back ku zed. Free cash will start flowing soon. One only need to be strategic. I need to get in touch with Tayali, pick a few clues. But I need due citizenship first so that I know where to run just in case: Shansonga, is my consultant for the last point…..

    • Why that Musumali worsted as vice to Kabimba?
      We didn’t have politics in last 2 years, now start coming out.

  2. There you have it fellow bloggers in the diaspora. My take from this discussion is that if elections were held today PF would still win (Radio Phoenix mainly covers Lusaka and Copperbelt which in my view are swing provinces-voting pattern for rest of country is known). Sad reality given the many unanswered questions the current regime needs to account for but that is how politics work in our beloved zed. somehow when it comes to politics, the way of looking at issues just changes. We have a long way to go.

  3. … peril is an English word …built the post , destroyed indeed to the dismay of the readers ….resurrected in the form of socialist party ….Thoughts from Dr CM

  4. Comrade Musumali; Comrade M’membe; Comrade HH; Comrade Kambwili; don’t forget comrade Nervas;

  5. Zambia is full of Clowns? How can one think like this in this century? M’Membe is a bigger joke than HH. God help Zambia.

  6. M’membe will be a difficult product to market. M’memba has much to atone for and very little to lecture.

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