UPND’s Latest State Capture Tactics: Drag Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina’s Name Into Their Impeachment Expedition.

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chanda

United Party for National Development (UPND) must not underrate the ability of the Zambian people to see through their political machinations in their pursuit to attain state power through the back door by pushing a notorious regional agenda. The plot seeks to malign Her Honour the Vice President Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina by making her their unlikely ally in the proposed impeachment motion targeted at His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

The happenings of the last few months point to a clear agenda by UPND to attain “State Capture” by making the Country ungovernable and highly polarised. This is further confirmed by an own admission by UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma who, a fortnight ago, vowed that his Party would not give the PF rest until their demands were met by the PF.

Under its latest State Capture tactic, UPND is preying on the fact that since Mrs Wina hails from Western Province where the Opposition Party has political foothold, a successful impeachment process would make Her Honour the Vice President a “President” of their choice. This imaginary and unholy alliance based purely on tribal grounds is yet another confirmation on how low the UPND is prepared to stoop to attain power. It is on record that UPND leader Hichilema has viewed Her Honour the Vice President with disdain, but would allow such a process for as long as Edgar Lungu is removed from power and a “perceived tribal cousin” furthers his agenda to state power.

Patriotic Front wishes to denounce such regionally-influenced plans by stating that Her Honour the Vice President Mrs Wina is a devout member of the ruling Party and a staunch loyalist to President Lungu.

There is no doubt that UPND has been offering Independent and ruling Party MPs sums of money to support the proposed impeachment motion. We challenge Mr. Hichilema to disclose contents of a meeting at his residence and attended by Livingstone Member of Parliament Hon Matthews Jere and a named Independent Member of Parliament from Eastern Province. We want to put it to the public that the said meeting discussed “buying off” of independent Parliamentarians and some in the ruling Party in order to their futile impeachment motion was discussed at length. We challenge Mr. Hichilema to deny that no such meeting was held at his residence.

UPND’s desperation saw them engaging Cambridge Analytica, a company allegedly involved in stealing personal data and using acquired information for “psychographic profiling” to manipulate voters with fake news and targeted social media advertising. We challenge UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who is personally mentioned in the correspondence to deny he had any agreement with Cambridge Analytica at a rate of $150,000 per month. Under this agreement, it is said that Cambridge Analytica promised Mr. Hichilema that they would deploy certain third-party persuation techniques which they had employed in past campaigns in Nigeria. These allegations are too serious and Mr. Hichilema cannot afford to remain mute.

Lastly, we call on Zambians to demand answers from Mr. Hichilema regarding Saturnia Regna, Cambridge Analytica, among others, and the motive behind their botched impeachment motion. We further call on the Zambian people to condemn UPND’s desperation being advanced by their foreign funders who seek to resuscitate a political life of someone who have repeatedly lost to a democratic process five (5) times in a roll – 2006, 2008, 2011, 2015 and 2016.

Just a word to a desperate political leader, you underrated the Zambian people five times as history has shown us. You continue to do so at an alarming rate. Zambians are watching you.

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director
Party Headquarters


    • Why are you panicking if you have the numbers as you earlier claimed iwe chi Chanda? you are the ones who are now getting desperate. When change comes along no amount of money can reverse it. Just start preparing for jail, it won’t be long

    • UPND died with Kambela Mazoka. What exists is a cult of incontinent demagogues blantantly struggling to create political traction in the new dispenation that does not buy kitchen sink antics. They don’t even know how to craft and drive propaganda. Its pure school yard politics in worst struggle before eyes of appalled masses. Daily trying hard to serve as provocateurs, saboteurs, aberrationists and attention seekers in a quest to weaken or distrupt polity. Alas, the more they do it, the more Zambians at large realize that UPND was interred with Kambela at Kumalende.
      The Lungu administration should ignore them instead, remain transfixed on nation development and Governance.

    • After reading the headline and author I skipped straight to the comments ….regardless what form comments come in they are more sensible than reading what this chap rants about.
      Thank you scr.ewed by the PF since 2011

    • Kusabaila fye….conspiration theories…OMG !!
      It seems PF did not understand the impact of this Impeachment motion, until lately. They have realized, whether this is going to be a failed impeachment, it does leave a stain on the government and the PF Party, and hence the last minutes efforts to try and derail the impeachment process….. it’s too late

    • Sunday Chanda is another empty tin that sounds loudly in order to eat left overs from the master’s table. Abaiche aba tabafwaya nokulima they only survive on bootlicking and dancing for the big hand that feeds them.

  1. How can someone be so shallow and make this about tribalism? Do they honestly think people buy this tribal crap??? Clearly the PF Media Team are running out of ideas…

  2. I can’t make any sense of what this man Sunday is talking about. Perhaps he should consider toning down. He seems to be screaming. If he spoke normally maybe we could hear something.

  3. Sorry the tribal tag and the song (Dununa reverse) won’t help you this time, Zambians will not be fooled ever again. Its no gonna work, try something else.

  4. Only lies come out the 2 chandas at state house…..the kind of lies that told us lungu had struck a masive deal in Saudi Arabia that would bring the cost of fuel down to K5/L….

    When ever the 2 chandas open their mouths only lies comes out… pathetic….

  5. So it is true after all that the vice president will be sucked by Lungu any time? There is no smoke without fire. This is the very reason why the impeachment motion not was tabled before parliament. This Chanda has brought shame on her honor the vice president by linking her to conniving with the opposition to remove Lungu. In bemba they say akanwa kamilnadu kalasabaila. Give us more on this issue chanda don’t just scratch on the surface. Wapya munzi.

    • The true VP is Amos Chanda….its a well-known fact. And now this Chanda is even demeaning the little pride that was left with bo Inonge by linking her to working with the opposition, too bad.
      Now, who cares if mama Inonge is fired or not?

    • @ Ba Mwine, I agree with you on your theory .This move of discrediting the vice president is a PF plot to force Inonge to step down and they pave the way for a crook to take over so they keep on monopolizing everything. The Chandas are looking at how much they will lose if the PF KEEPS INONGE IN AND SHE TAKES OVER BECAUSE i BELIEVE SHE WILL NOT CARRY ON THE THINGS THAT ARE GOING ON.

    • He can never “suck” her she was a running mate and not his appointee …..so he is stuck with her.
      Thanks scr.ewed by the PF since 2011

  6. In any area of life, the moment you start defending what is wrong then just know that you are destroying. Let the UPND go ahead with the impeachment. They are not doing anything illegal

    • Very true…..lies and illigalities have ways of always comeing back to bite you in ar.se…..lungu will spend the rest of his days fighting off the many who want payback…


  8. These are the disadvantages of a democracy in Africa, give a buffoon some rights he will misuse them, in this case the UPND. Can someone control them or disband them for the sake of the nation as their desperation for power can be detrimental to this country’s peace which we have enjoyed since independence.

  9. UPND is not a democratic party as evidenced by the fact that they have NEVER been to a convention since 2006. Even the vice presidents and all persons on the national management committee in UPND are unelected but coronated by Hakainde Hichilema. For example, we saw the coronation of GBM. a man in a semi-vegetative state to become a VICE – President of UPND. These coronations are meant to hoodwink the bembas and the bemba derivative tribes in northern Zambia that UPND is not a tribal party.

    • If HH has not stood down after losing 5 times, it simply means that he would not hand over power if he lost a genera election if he were to become president!

    • Just mind your business in PF.

      And you know why? If the own UPND are not complaining and they are satisfied with status quo, why should you have headaches?


    • show me one human being in PF who is elected since the party was formed in 2001 typical the kettle calling the pot black.

  10. Ba Sunday Chandra, Zambia will not develop if you keep on talking and criticising others. Talk of fuel, tax, unemployment among the youths, land issues,the poverty levels in Zambia and other issues not always on HH & Kambwili

  11. Chanda why do you people break the constitution and cry at the same time……we don’t need this kind of thinking……remember we are not *****s…….any political leadership should stay trusted by the citizens…..

  12. @Senior citizen am appalled at your level of thinking. One would like to think that as a senior citizen as you call your self or may be you are an inbred devoid of any logical thinking capabilities, what is wrong with the UPND taking the impeachment motion to parliament? Haven’t you head about the con court ruling of ministers overstaying in office after being mislead by you savoir and many evils like 42 million fire truck etc? Its the likes of you living in shanty compounds and using pit latrines as a means of relieving oneself that turn a blind eye to the levels of poverty inflicted on the masses by the PF. Grow up.

    • Exactly. It seems the guy never went to school, otherwise he must have been dull. The f00l does not know that impeachment of the president is constitutional. Or he went to school in the Kaunda era when ruling party propaganda was taught as civics and people were taught to worship the president. Other intelligent old people who went to school during those times have moved on and learnt how true democracy works. Unfortunately we still have a number of old people who are too lazy to read and learn about a new system of governance. They have freedom but they still want to be ruled like they are under a dictatorship. The president is an employee and as Zambians, we have the right to question his decisions and to fire him if need be.

  13. Chanda should also explain why his party does not want to leave power despite being voted out in the past two elections. His excellence clearly said that he was voted out but he’s still the president. We the Zambian people also demand an explanation from the PF government why they’re have held on to power despite losing in the past two elections. You can’t just keep saying that HH has been rejected five times by Zambians and at the same time go around boasting that you’re still in power even after being voted out. The question is, who won the elections when you were voted out?

    • How many MPs does UPND have? If Zambians are so behind UPND, why aren’t they on the streets right now demanding that the government steps down?

  14. Mpendula Zambians are very gullible and have no courage to go on the streets like others are doing in Congo, Kenya and more. You go there and you will find foreigners mistreating them and they don’t do anything about it because they are afraid of losing jobs or being thrown in jail. I remember being there not too long ago and these conductors were packing us like sardines I was the only one who protested about the overloading, I even wrote to the bus company guess what a year later I went back and used the same bus this time they were notices all over the bus about not overloading. That is why PF is taking advantage of them taxing them and no one seems bothered and more taxes are coming there way until they learn to speak up.


  15. Sunday Chandra is simply reminding us of what we know.
    The UPND is a tribal party with a tribal agenda funded by colonialists to disturbalise Zambia.
    The man has been rejected 5 times.Why do they want to impose a tribalist on us ?
    Just the other day they were calling Lungu a foreigner and later they will go to Petauke to campaign hoping the people there will welcome them.
    I pray that the people of Eastern province will remember how much they have been demonized for political capital and delivery a painful lesson in 2021.

    • the people of eastern province r feeling the pinch of the bad economy thats wat will matter to them not whether some chap comes from there or from malawi if he is called a foreigner let him convince the people that he is zambian we from the eastern province will this time vote based on capability we have a life to live.

  16. What is it that makes these clowns think that the public is so demented that they will believe all the hogwash they spew as party propaganda? Inonge Wina is an intelligent woman whose conscience should decide her on a reasonable train of thought and conclusion. I would be damned to think she approves of the rot that this government has been up to. PF are in denial and don’t seem to read the mood of the people; a shift has occurred in the perception of who should be in the driving seat. Chanda and your boss are on a slippery slope to exit government!

  17. one Zambia one nation. all we post are personal opinions. insulsts and semonittions are a personal choice, but only the will of the creator will always prevail.

  18. @Bamwine….the vice President cannot be fired by the President under the current constitution. She was elected by the people just as the President was.

  19. As a Christian nation we can’t go in the streets to demonstrate against this hypocritical, lame and thievery government, that will make the true children of Yahaweh sound faithless. Yahaweh dealt with Pharaoh at his His own time and Israel which suffered more than us,Zambians,was set free.If u compare sin of Pharaoh and the sins of Edgar.C.Lungu from Yahaweh’s u will find them very staggering.1.While Pharaoh had no one to teach him about his Creator, Lungu had been living in a nation that is constitutionally Christian.2.Lungu’s fruits of stealing,pretending ,lack of love for his competitors ,most Zambians I.e his selfishness,pride,his building of God’s tabernacle without mandate from Yahaweh etc… run contrary to how a child of God should.Is Lungu greater than king David who let…

  20. We are tired with PF u guys have stolen enough i regret giving you my vote if there was a way of withdrawing a vote, i tell u i was going to do that just now u are a very dissappointing party maybe if Mr Sata was around things wouldn’t have been worse the way it is now am so disappointed with ECL I never expected him to behave this way.We need someone else.l can assure you guys u are going without doubt.

  21. Let the will of the creator prevaile there is too much talking where some people feel they carry the brains of everyone in terms of vision and reasoning in our country. What we read on what people post is not good it doesn’t indicate one zambia one nation. God is there watching.

  22. I always wonder why Sunday Chanda wants to assume that he is speaking on behalf of Zambians whenever he is pushing his own agenda. One wonders what UPND ever did to him. I mean-the guy sleeps, thinks UPND with his negative vibe.

  23. Sunday Chanda I don’t know what to call you! Serious allegations are against Edgar Chagwa Lungu and not against HH. Lungu’s origin is being questioned by all of us the Zambian people. But Lungu remains mute over such cardinal concern. Even those who are trying to defend Lungu do not have any data for his defence. For sure Lungu is a foreigner not even from Malawi, but from Rwanda. No wonder Lungu has sold our country to his fellow foreigners.

  24. Lungu’s impeachment is the best way to go inorder to get rid of this criminal from State House. We don’t love him. He has just imposed himself on us.!

  25. I am PF but this Sunday Chanda is a big embarrassment. And to confirm the level of immaturity he has never admitted any mistake, for him PF is right on every thing, how can that be normal surely

  26. Hh is a satanist who uses financially stranded seventh day church to woo support latest of which happened in kasama rally. They take advantage where SDA has a conference promise cash to them to attend the rally.cur h believes hh will come and build houses,employ,change Zambia has a christian nation,change Sunday to be a working day he has promised pastors heavens. Its unfortunate to have people like him who can harbor hatred for selfish gain and a Church supports them.thanks to this focus but govt should not hate this woman but thank and protect her because it has reviewed many things that people have been suspecting SDA was doing now its open.they pretend to love lungu but have different plans.President be careful in these churches you visit DO eat,drink anything and never trust anyone…

  27. Hh is a satanist who uses financially stranded seventh day church to woo support latest of which happened in kasama rally. They take advantage where SDA has a conference promise cash to them to attend the rally.cur h believes hh will come and build houses,employ,change Zambia has a christian nation,change Sunday to be a working day he has promised pastors heavens. Its unfortunate to have people like him who can harbor hatred for selfish gain and a Church supports them.thanks to this focus but govt should not hate this woman but thank and protect her because it has reviewed many things that people have been suspecting SDA was doing now its open.they pretend to love lungu but have different plans.President be careful in these churches you visit DO not eat,drink anything and never trust…

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