19 year youth commits suicide after being refused to marrying a girl he made pregnant

LUAPULA Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila
Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila

A 19 year old boy of chief Lubunda’s area in Mwense district has committed suicide after he was denied marrying a girl he impregnated.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Hudson Namachila who confirmed the development named the deceased as Pius Kaluba of Kapakala village.

Mr. Namachila narrated that on Sunday January 4, 2018, family members informed the deceased that resources were secured for him to continue with school in Lusaka as opposed to marrying when he was still young.

Kaluba however refused to continue with school because he wanted to marry the girl whom he had impregnated.

The police commissioner added that after an argument, the deceased excused himself and disappeared into the nearby bush where he committed suicide by hanging himself to a Mango tree using a rope.

When family members noticed that he had taken long to come back, they decided to look for him but found that he had committed suicide.

Police suspected no foul play and have since advised the family members to bury the deceased and mark the grave.

Meanwhile, Police in Nchelenge District have arrested a 37 year old Teacher of Katuna Primary School for alleged impregnating his 14 year old biological daughter.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi who confirmed the incident in an interview with ZANIS in Nchelenge yesterday has identified the suspect as Reuben Mwelwa.

Mr Chushi disclosed that Mwelwa is believed to have been having sexual relationship with his daughter and that the matter was only reported to the police after his daughter became pregnant.

He said the girl who is in grade eight is current battling for her life at St Paul’s Mission Hospital in Nchelenge after the father gave her some unknown drugs to abort the pregnancy.

Police in the area have since charged Mwelwa with incest and procuring an abortion, and will appear in court soon.


  1. “The police suspected no foul play and has since advise the family members to bury the deceased and *Mark* the grave” end of quote!

  2. For all we know, it could be the girl’s family who strung him up to make it look like suicide. Of course OF police are useless. I am just saying.

  3. Too emotional. The family knew that the guy had poor judgement of purpose and was not man enough to be a father to the child. So in his wisdom going to school meant that he was no longer the father to the child.

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