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President Lungu to create six new districts


Minister of Local Government Hon Vincent Mwale
Minister of Local Government Hon Vincent Mwale

President Edgar Lungu will soon announce the creation of 6 more new districts, Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale has disclosed.

Mr. Mwale said the President decided to create the districts to ensure delivery of services to the people are brought closer.

However, Mr. Mwale could not give details of the new districts saying the head of state will soon make an announcement to the people.

He stressed that the new districts will be a gift to the people of Zambia who expect their government to provide services to them at a closer range.

The Minister was speaking in Chisamba district today when he commissioned 8 newly constructed houses built at a cost of K2.8 million.

The Minister commended Chisamba Town Council for the initiative to construct houses from locally generated funds in addition to the local government equalisation funds it receives from government.

The minister called on other councils in the country to emulate Chisamba council and sounded a warning against abuse of resources in the council.

The council is expected to realise about K240, 000 annually as rentals from the newly constructed houses.

Speaking earlier, Council Chairperson Fred Choongo said the local authority disclosed that the housing project started in 2015.

Mr. Choongo said the council used locally generated funds and the local authority equalisation funds to build the 8 houses which were commissioned today.

He commended government for splitting Chisamba from Chibombo but appealed for more support in the area of infrastructure development.

Meanwhile Chief Chamuka thanked government for the support to Chisamba local authority.

The traditional leader noted that housing is very key to the development of the district as it will generate revenue for the council.

He said prudent usage of resource and unit of purpose has resulted in the housing units that have been commission.

The chief further appealed to government to give Chisamba district the rating authority in order for the district to collect revenue from properties within its area.


    • And then wait for eternity? My friend this is how Kitwe started and soon it was invaded by thousands of immigrants looking for jobs. Take a leaf for once!

    • @ 1; Because that is the best recipe for stealing taxpayers money, without a trace.
      We know Zambia owes Billions of U$D because Sata started this scam of creating new provinces + districts, & Billions disappeared down a sinkhole, never to be accounted for again.
      That money could be best used to build new hospitals, & refurbish existing ones, so we are not forever “evacuating” useless overweight Politicians who add no value whatsoever to Zambia, but plunder our resources, & refuse to pay back what they took, when Parliament was dissolved.
      As they say, ONLY IN ZAMBIA!

    • This is a GREAT idea

      It will create a lot of jobs in line with the manifesto of PF

      Great Team


    • @Annoymous, you beat wrong. You want 10 children, you can’t wait until your current 4 mult-racials get education and jobs.
      What’s wrong here is announcement of those 6 to come, what if Edgar changes his mind as usual?

    • Strange how this Government works. Honestly 2.8M for 8 Houses? Where is the Anti-Corruption??? Come on guys, ok let’s get refabricated Houses, very Good Ones @$12,000 Max, 3 bedroomed that K120,000 X 8 = K960,000?? Damn these guys are stealing Cash.

  1. You have no money yet you go on increasing expenditure ….that 6 more cadre jobs for DCs more offices, more Jeeps, more accommodation, more staff….calling them stupid would be an insult to stupid people. Where is the so called Maggie at Finance in all this? No wonder Lazy Lungu put her there as she is a morally bankrupt unprincipled individual.
    Thank god IMF didnt give you that loan!!

  2. Another populist move that has not been thought through. When you are failing to provide infrastructure in the ones that you have created, where do you get the resources to develop the next six? You are biting more than you can chew? How about a phased programmed for creating the districts so the initiative is provided for in the budgets ahead? You are spreading yourselves too thin, as a result delivery will be lacklustre!! You could be well advised to carry out an evaluation of the success of those you have established to use the lessons in planning for the next generation of districts you want to establish. Remember Ngabwe made one of your own shade tears because like many others, it is still in a pathetic state years after its creation.

  3. Achieving a swell Civil service to support uninformed Political Decisions to create more Employment that cannot be Authentically supported by The treasury. Iyo kwena Pa Zambia Tulateya Ichiyenga! How exactly does Lungu think this will impact on the Treasury? I need to make another King for Zambians.

  4. That’s a good move those saying develop old ones first have never built a house if wait until you you have cash you will never move first its the announcement then other things follow
    EC L please consider luapula samfyà Natasha area,lubwe,kabompo,Zambezi west bank,northern kasaba in short gift to voters northern part.I would be happy if I m put DC in one of them.

  5. I honestly doubt Lungu’s patriotism and now honestly belief he is Malawian. The evidence I heard from Mulongoti is errefutable, the chap is from Blantyre! What he has committed stealing power is treason and once M’membe comes into power, he must hang the treasonous Malawan!

  6. Clueless Clowns don’t understand the Economic mess we are in as a country! You don’t blindly increase your expenditure when your debt to GDP ratio is approaching buncraptcy levels. No wonder you are busy sneaking in crazy bills like the NHI because you know you are already struggling to buy medicines because there is no money! 60% of what is collected in taxes is going towards debt servicing. By creating new districts, borrowing will be inevitable!

  7. ECL the area between Sinazongwe, Sinazeze, Maamba and Chief Mweemba ‘s area is very vast and there is need to create another district to cover for far flung areas close to Kalomo along the bottom road.

  8. I hope Mwinilunga is one of them. Even the creation of Ikelenge did not solve the problem. The area is very large.

  9. Kwena the whole of a minister just wasting resources to go and commission 8 houses.It shows where the priorities are.Bwana Mwale leave that to the Town clerk or Council secretary.

  10. Our current hospitals and roads require investment the and Government is talking about creating new districts ? So where is the money for these projects going to come from more taxes or loans from the Chinese ? Can’t wait for 2021 they have got to go !

  11. What has happened to the new districts which were created by MCS? Namely Chipili, Mwansabomswe,Milengi,Chembe,Zimba,Sinda nothing completely and the contractor is not even on site.Then you want to create some more criminals !

  12. Amazingly among them is Lumezi which is only 25km from Lundazi district. It is extremely sadnening that they opted for lumezi leaving out Mwanya in the lungwa Valley which was supposed to cater for valley chiefdoms (Chitungulu, Mwanya kayembe) which are all more than 120km away from Lundazi district. Pregnant women in these three chiefdoms loose their lives while being rushed to the district hospital which is 120 km away.What bench marks did Lineup meet for Mwanya to fall out??????

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