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Socialist Party denies homosexuality link allegations as Government threatens to de-register the Party

General News Socialist Party denies homosexuality link allegations as Government threatens to de-register...

Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali
Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali

The Socialist Party has described the allegations as false, baseless and shameful.

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba revealed on Tuesday that Fred M’membe and Dr Cosmas Musumali left the Rainbow Party to form the Socialist Party as they differed on sexual orientation and adherence to Christian values.

However, Cosmas Musumali, the party’s general secretary, said he and others did not give any reasons when they left the Rainbow Party and that the reasons given by Mr. Kabimba were untrue.

And Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo has said that government will institute an investigation into revelations that the Fred M’membe led Socialist Party is entertaining homosexuality which is against the Laws of Zambia.

Mr Kampyongo has told a media briefing that if the revelations by Rainbow party leader Wynter Kabimba are found to be true, necessary action will be taken by law enforcement agencies.

“Investigations will be launched to establish whether there are some elements of truth and if it is found, the necessary action will be taken by law enforcement agencies,” he said.

Mr Kampyongo added that the action may also include de-registering the party.

Mr. Kampyongo said the issue of homosexuality in Zambia was not only a moral issue but the country’s laws do not allow such practices.

Same-sex relationships are illegal in Zambia, with those found guilty risking jail time of up to 14 years.

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    • It is very clear and open truth that Fred is not wanted even by single bit by PF, especially their boss. Whatever Fred will touch, it will be closed.
      They are out sniffing anything which will ldeprive Mmembe out of daylight.

    • Hypocrites..majority of government ministers are gays..they are married but they do men on the side. Mmembe used to pick up UNZA guys for sexx

  1. i hate homosexuality; but Wynter is another fake with fake news wanting some brown envelopes from Lungu;now that his party is going nowhere;

  2. Either way Lungu is in trouble. No matter how it takes.

    if HH wins he will be locked up.
    Memmbe that’s obvious
    Kawimba same..

    Lung free advise make good with these people there is a mandate to rule.

    • Mbuzi you’re a real goat. Non of the people you have named will ever be president of this great country. God the creator of heaven and earth will not allow it.

  3. Really, why stoop so low and even threaten to de-register a party on mere allegations from a disgruntled, misguided political fossil whose fortunes are in the abyss of disillusionment? I may not be in support of Memmbe but being a citizen of this country, it is his right to take part in the political spectrum without being disfranchised. So if what this nincompoop is saying is true, then even his party Rainball must be de-registered for having accommodated homosexuals and benefited from it. Why is he coming out not after his friends have formed a new party? I smell a rat, Its true that Kabimba is a sell out and should not even be in opposition but simply stated that he is PF.

  4. Fred Mmembe is better off as a newspaper editor. Not this new venture. He’s definitely going to fail lamentably. His party is already tainted before it even begins. These are just spoilers. Having said this, PF you are also on your way out. You have let us down.

  5. PF and lungu are a d.ull group of thieves driven by greed and paranoia…

    This socialist party thing with membe was a joke untill they started deporting people and giving membe a platform……Kapoyongo , the foringe aid you and the corrupt theif lungu depend on comes from western doners who have rights for all humans , including gays, as guiding principles of their constitutions….becarefull not alienate the whole civilised world like mugabe did with your paranioa

  6. I do not support the act of homosexality…but one thing you must understand is some people are born in a wrong body….they did not chose to be like the way they are.

    Same way as you and i did not chose the colour of skin we were born in, gay people did not chose the sexual orientation their body was born with….

    • Color of your skin???? Abena Spaka … you know I love you even if you and I don’t even agree on much. But to equate that un-natural way of life to existentialism to predestination is way below what I think of your pedigree and caliber.

      Let me put it on record for you. I love me being black, I am proud of my black skin and I love me some black woman, nothing more beautiful than a black woman. And don’t take me for a bigot either my oldest two children are married to white folk, and so do some of my brothers.

      But skin color has nothing to do with choice. Be color blind and you will live a happier life … I see everyone through the same lenses and we are all shades of gray as far as I am concern. None is better than the other.

    • “Nothing more beautiful than a black woman ”

      BRM, you diluted your sense of skin color neutrality with this statement. Its stands in stack conflict with, “none is better than the other. “

    • Honestly,your ignorance stinks.I cant believe in this information age there are people talking without facts on a public forum.
      You should be ashamed.

    • Ba Pimbilimano … axiomatic, in one sense it exemplifies my preference while in the other it exemplifies neutrality in that while my preference remains personally subjective, the objective is for us all to see the actual shades of gray.

      And just like the old black and white TV, we all looked the same. None was perceived otherwise just in grayscale did we all exist.

      Nice input … I really miss you and Bwana.

      You’re the best!


  7. “South China Morning Post from this week in history

    April 2, 1978

    Zambia was to recall all unmarried women from its overseas missions because their sexual habits were reportedly damaging the country’s international reputation, according to the Zambia Daily Mail. The newspaper said that the women were “flirting and becoming pregnant”, as well as misbehaving with foreigners.”

  8. Isn’t the Rainbow the symbol LGBT have adopted? Winter is being hypocritical here. So Rainbow Party agenda is also clear. Please deregister it! My take is we just need to do away with all political parties and introduce a Constituency Assembly and Federal form of governance! Power MUST be Decentralized! The President is too powerful at the moment and we have seen how detrimental that power can be when it’s in wrong hands!

  9. Gay rights are human rights as recognized by the UN Charter which Zambia is a signatory to. It will be difficult for Zambia to receive further UN assistance if it acts against an established political party for Gay rights advocacy.

  10. Socialism the way we knew it died a long time ago with its protagonists China and Russia having the largest number of billionaires in the world. Cuba is the only country calling itself socialist and that will end as soon as a non Castro takes over. So I don’t know what socialism Mmembe is referring to. ..

  11. Satanist will never be president in Zambia unatiyi eyi mmembe we want peace in Zambia.we can sleep with hunger but peace comes first.
    In solwezi teachers at solwezi urban secondary,chambuta,kandundu,kimasala,etc have increased insulting the President please district education officer investigate and take action fire some to stop the system

  12. Same sex chakuti is NOT a choice but sin. Even those in support were not born of a man and a man. There is No maternity wing for males at the UTH. Can you call that a design error?

  13. No man. What kind of carnal knowledge has you looking at somebody’s hairy back? Jesus wept and KK gave him a white handkerchief to wipe his tears.

  14. I commend Socialist Party for the professional way the are running their Facebook Page….Please keep it up and do not reduce yourselves to the level of those fake PF Facebook accounts that throw insults and character assassinate like the way Ka silly George Chellah used to behave.

  15. Is dola siliy a virgin? Is she married? But she is f*ked by others. Is that not against the bible ?
    So what’s wrong with gay?

  16. If you differed, what are the differences? Are you saying you wont mention until you become president?

  17. What kind of intro is this? The Socialist Party has described the allegations as false, baseless and shameful.

  18. But Lungu himself is being nailed by RB whikle he himself is bi sexual nailing Mumbi Phiri and his mouth piece Chanda at the same time. Why do you think that Chanda’s mouth is always foaming on the sides, its Jameson’s shoot!

  19. homosexuality is just a name, and they will never change to be heterosexuals. as for now whether you like it or not it is been done in homes where you have no right to know whats happening. Zambia is a member of the UN . Gay rights are human rights as recognized by the UN Charter which Zambia is a signatory to. It will be difficult for Zambia to receive further UN assistance if it acts against an established political party for Gay rights advocacy.

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