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Copperbelt University is still dirty-Luo

General News Copperbelt University is still dirty-Luo

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo
Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo

Minister of Higher Education Nkandu Luo is not happy with the state of sanitation at the Copperbelt University in Kitwe.

Speaking after she visited the campus unannounced Professor Luo said she is disappointed to find the university in a deplorable state.

She said the Copperbelt University was closed because of poor sanitation and there is need for stakeholders to work hard and create a clean environment.

And Copperbelt University Registrar Hellen Mukumba promised to supervise the cleaning company.

Ms Mukumba said recently the university contracted a new company to clean the institution and she hopes they will do a good job.

Meanwhile, at the Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice -ZIBSIP, Professor Luo was disappointed to find water running in ablution blocks and dirty cooking elements in the students’ hostels.

She also toured classrooms where she found students had been in a lecture room from 07:00 to 10:30 without the lecturer.

Professor Luo later went to the lecturer’s office which she found locked.

The Minister later ordered ZIBSIP management to ensure the lecturer travels to Lusaka to her office to explain why he abandoned the students.

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    • Nkunda Luo is trying to keep up her appearances and some random wannabe Princess is shooting her fellow woman folk down. Women you should support each other. Nkandu needs all the support she can amass, especially from the girl power because her parliamentary seat is also questionable as things stand. Now someone is criticizing her for her sleeveless dress! Maureen Nkandu, he sort-of-name, sake has just been picked up by some desperate pastor turned diplomat. Let Nkandu Luo also have a chance for some desperate guy pick her up. Shut up Nubian fimo fimo!

    • To be fair the prof. looks better here. I would pick her up at night if she continued to look this way. Keep it up Prof. and shake off the ‘manly look’ you have been associated with.

    • Whose job is it to clean public schools? You the civil servants. If the money allocated for cleaning is going in your pockets, how do you think school cleaners will be paid?

  1. Mwalibelela, just ask Chinese to take over. Surely in all fairness; can we really, really fail to clean an establishment like this? What kind of pipo have Zambians become mwebantu? Ati even stealing street lighting? Iyeee mwebantu please, let’s get rid of this useless Government for good

    • Cleaning where you learn, work or live has nothing to do with the government. That is were we are getting things wrong in Zambia. Which government cleans after you, in the UK?? With this kind of attitude even if you brought the Conservatives from the UK or USA, you will still live in filth.

  2. As if she is clean. Those ConCourt judges must come and face trial for abuse of office and conspiracy to sit on the cases. There must be no sacred cows when it comes to law dispensation. Luo is not an MP and must not be a Minister of anything. Not even her mini skirt.

  3. I am not PF but well done on this unannounced visit. People need to work up. Ignore all the other non objective posts on this blog, it is usually the cost of poor up bringing by negligent parents. That’s why you find munthu ni mukulu na bana but alemba vau puba apa

    • Here is a minister trying to do her job and this is all people can say. Fact is whoever comes into office, this kind of talk will not end. Zambia in its current state is an embarrassment and this is what Nkandu Luo is trying to change. Let her do her job so long she remains in office. Missing a lecture in Zambian tertiary education outfit is no big deal and this ought to end.

  4. lmaoo. my Nubian princess. i just looked at her arms…. bushe ama wigs takwaba ayakwatako ifwi panono for us grown folks? it looks odd an old woman with a wig that looks like a teen’s hair/head
    ba analyser, you’d pick her up at night, why at night? lol.
    in Zambia maintenance of facilities lacks big time. they wait till the situation gets out of hand, basically creating a crisis and at that point there are no resources allocated to that crisis. the smart way is to continually fix a piece that falls off, clean the little ifipapa than let it accumulate and then get overwhelmed

  5. …sincerity detects that, the Hon Minister should have said , how much was given to the institution for a clean up exercise … otherwise it becomes a projection phenomenal which is a psychoanalytical weakness… Thoughts from DR CM

  6. Most Zambians are very dirty. Check the teeth and smell from armpits.
    Begin lessons of importance of cleanness from nursery school…..most of those CBU students are adults from poor grass thatched houses and Lusaka shanty compounds with pit latrine long history……….

  7. Greatly saddened by most comments here. It’s wrong to judge women by the their looks. The gender equality campaign clearly has a long way to go if this is what some men can say under cover of internet arnonimity.

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