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Get ballots printed here in Zambia, don’t listen to people who keep on changing goal posts


President Edgar Lungu with Vice President Inonge Wina during the swearing in ceremony of Mr Ali Derrick Njavwa Simwinga as Commissioner and Mrs Annette Chirumba Nhekairo vice Chairperson Electoral Commissioner of Zambia at State house Today A08I6739

President Edgar Lungu has directed the Electoral Commission of Zambia to be at the centre of the upgrade of the Government Printers so that ballot papers for the 2021 elections can be printed in Zambia.

President Lungu said there is enough time between now and 2021, in which the Government Printers can be upgraded to acceptable international standards so that ballot papers are printed locally.

The Head of State noted that printing ballot papers locally will create jobs for local people as opposed to creating jobs for others by printing ballot papers abroad.

He added that besides creating jobs for Zambians, printing ballots papers locally is a huge saving for the country as too much resources are spent on the exercise abroad.

ZANIS reports that the President was speaking at State House today during the swearing in ceremony of Annette Nhekairo as Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Vice Chairperson and Ali Simwinga as ECZ Commissioner.

The President advised the electoral body to ignore criticisms from some stakeholders who are opposed to printing ballot papers either abroad or locally because of their alleged insecurities.

“Let’s get the ballots be printed in Zambia, don’t listen to those people who keep on changing goal posts. When you print ballot papers in South Africa, the say there is a scope for rigging, you go to Dubai they say there is a scope for rigging. You come to Zambia they also say there a scope for rigging, so where do they want us to print the ballot papers? Let’s print the papers here, and our printers will endeavor to improve their skills so that they are equal to the task,” stated the President.

The President said his government will make available resources required for the upgrade of the Government Printers to ensure that the facility is ready to print ballots for the forthcoming elections.

The President encouraged the newly sworn in ECZ Vice Chairperson and the Commissioner to work diligently for Zambians and use Zambian resources for Zambians.

President Edgar Lungu with Vice President Inonge Wina during the swearing in ceremony of Mr Ali Derrick Njavwa Simwinga as Commissioner and Mrs Annette Chirumba Nhekairo vice Chairperson Electoral Commissioner of Zambia at State house Today A08I6739
President Edgar Lungu during the swearing in ceremony of Mr Ali Derrick Njavwa Simwinga as Commissioner Electoral Commissioner of Zambia at State house Today Picture By Eddie Mwanaleza
President Edgar Lungu Greets Mrs Annie Chirumba Nhekairo Vice Chairperson Electoral Commission of Zambia during the Swearing in Ceremony at State house Today



    • Great decision. Next one we should also print our Kwacha notes. After all, sovereignty of the Country it’s reflected in its currency. Let us join Bolivar Republic of Venecuela in establishing our programme of unprecedented development for our peopleby creating tens of thousands of jobs in printing industry

    • Imagine England going to the World Cup and ordering FIFA that they want the Refs to come from EUROPE only…this is how foooolish this dull Lazy Bum Edgar sounds, no wonder he LAMENTABLY FAILED to cut as a lawyer, who are you to order ECZ when you are also a candidate.

    • It’s the independence of the ECZ and the impartial of the ECZ commissioners that people have been crying for. Look the president appoints these commissioners when he is also a player in the same elections, why would they not serve his interests? This has been same old story from unip, mmd, PF. Same old…

    • Come on these people are so old. We have Young Able Zambians, Educated who can do the Job… Age does not mean they can deliver.. We need Younger Leadership with proper modern strategies. When will Young Zambian also be Given a chance??

    • @Jay Jay & @Manb: What does the Law or Constitution say about who should appoint ECZ Commissioners?

      You see, this is where we get it wrong as Zambians; we just like to complain about issues without understanding or articulating what it is we want, should be done about it , or should have been done. So, to you both, you think that the President just woke up one day and appropriated these powers (the power to appoint ECZ Commissioners) to himself? Is that what you think? Or just don’t realize that the President is simply carrying out duties the Constitution or some other Zambian Statute comfers these powers on the Executive Branch (the Presidency).

      Please, if you don’t like the setup, the best way to go about it is to change/amend the Constitution or change the Laws that give the…

    • Continue…

      Presidency these powers. You had a chance to do this not too long ago during the Constitution amendment process, what did you two do about it? By the way, it is possible even now to move a motion in Parliament through your representatives to change the status quo. Getting “CONSTIPATED and BENT OUT OF SHAPE” without any good legal grounds over issues you can influence through your MPs is just stup!d.


    • Exactly Yambayamba,
      This is where the opposition should have focused their energies in trying to rectify the composition of the ECZ. All the issues arising from the 2016 elections and no opposition party has moved to change things for 2021. Typical of Zambians in general, ever complaining everywhere except where it matters the most and doing something about it!

  1. Donkies of old were more sensible and intelligent! Balaam’s donkie, for example, was more intelligent than Balaam! Today’s … keep changing goes like underwears and are not all that intelligent, very dull! How can you think of yourselves as winners of an election when you know that you have only 3 provinces – and are a minority? How can you propose an impeachment motion when you know you are just a third in parliament as MPs but your dull party thinks they can even win when this motion is tabled! This is what the guy with a laughter disease must call “laughable!” Not what his delusional tribal mind calls as “laughale!”

  2. And you wonder why he continues to breach clauses how can Lazy Lungu direct the Electoral Commission of Zambia to be at the center of the upgrade of the Government Printers so that ballot papers for the 2021 elections can be printed in Zambia.

    • So who do you propose should be directing the Commission to get serious on these issues? Hakainde and his fellow Opposition joker?

      You people and you CONSPIRACY THEORIES will never get anywhere if you keep seeing conspiracies even where they don’t exist. What is wrong with a President getting interested in an issue with so much implications on the very existence of Democracy the Nation itself? Let us get serious folks!

  3. If opposition supporters can be hacked with pangas in front of police right at central police station , if an opposition funeral procession can be attacked by known pf thugs , if PF thugs can wantonly attack and destroy radio stations hosting opposition , what makes you think those PF thugs will not take over printing of ballot papers ? Who would stop them ? UN troops ?

    Do not agree to this untill we have law and order of PF thugs…..

    • Indeed, when there is no law and order, how can anyone guarantee that an activity involving different parties can be free and fair?

  4. @JayJay, the chap who derives pleasure in inflcting pain and humiliation on others is complaining about being “insulted” by @2020vision in another forum. Such are symphtoms of Sadomasochism, which could be in an advanced stage in him. Spending too much time commenting negatively has a severe impact on mental health. Suddenly JayJay is trapped in a world in which he falsely sees himself as indepensable, wise and intelligent. What he does not know is that saddism has taken over his mind and it is eating him up in rapid gulps. He is responding with distressed anticitpation because he is unwell. This must be a lesson to all those who frequently use negative language to make a point. Start to seriously think about what you are doing to yourself.

    • I will excuse you as you are probably new to this forum and do not know this named blogger you are foaming from your mouth about, he used to be Pro PF cadre and Gatekeeper who used to throw insults at anyone who criticized Lazy Lungu’s govt before the elections, now he has come to his senses…has forgotten those he insulted.
      FYI I never complain about such trifling issues as insults do not hurt me and I have no quarrel with any blogger ..its just that I had to remind the named blogger that even if he sneaked in and now shifted his position we have not forgotten him… In fact I commend him for retaining his name.

    • @Jajay, I am not worried about 2020vision. I am worried about you. There’s a psychopathologic element that I detect in you, in your comments and responses. You exude a certain pathological egoistic whiff that’s typical of poor mental health. For years I have followed your comments and there’s something going on. It is getting worse. In my profession I counsel addicts and advise them to take it easy. Your daily rage is taking a toll on you.

  5. Ali Simwinga reloaded! Long time mudala. In case you just got off the bus, Ali was Ndola City town clerk ‘forever’.

    • You mean thats the same old chap bouncing back at ECZ! no wonder people are concerned!!! On this Simwinga old man, its a miss for me. Such people must be far away from institutions as ECZ.

  6. No don’t listen to him it’s a trap, we have suffered enough from the PF thugs. It’s not up to him to decide where the ballot papers are printed.
    Wow what a President.

  7. Well done and said president ECL!!Kainde must be ignored 100% as only his blind followers know what this man stands for!!HH is undecided about everything.
    Right now he is opposed to the diologue being handled by our local mediators!!
    Am sure Kainde fears even his shadow behind when he is walking!!
    THE RECORD 5 TIMES HE HAS LOST SINCE 2006 HAS GOTTEN TO HIS HEAD!!indeed ECZ must go ahead and print ballots at Govnt printers!!Kainde please note that JUDGE ESAU CHULU IS STILL ECZ CHAIRPERSON while the new commissioner Ali Simwinga was recently recalled from foreign service!!Judge Mushabati contract at ECZ could not have been renewed i guess!!!

  8. Bullies online! UPND! His lazy bum father was a polygamist! He never received the love in the home because of competition so he think the president is as lazy as his father! We call this “projection!”

  9. When the US prints the ballot papers in US the dull UPND thinks the US has its own referee! “School” failed to remove fuulishness of heart in the online bully of a tribal party! Very dull!

  10. He will never win! He is unelectable! A lot of damaged goods! Damaged name! Damaged goods! Untrustworthy! Keep hoping!

    • Sorry Sharon u have just exposed your ignorance here, the term US, America is wrong and shows u are ill informed, the election here,USA are done or printed by the state and not the federal government, and each state, Texas, California, Ohio have different standards but they are all done on state level. The other point in America, the federal election commissioner is appt by the President for a 5 yr contract, whereas the deputy has to be recommended by the opposition party, transparency issues.

    • Plazo….pay no mind to this ignorant sexual stalker Sharon who reappears as Victor when HH is absent from the news….

    • @Plazo, good observation. That’s what American Law/system dictates, but what does the Zambian Law/system says about how elections are supposed to be conducted and who supretends over them? If we don’t like our system, we can always change it….it is not set in stone for crying out loud. For now, this is the system we have provided for ourselves and we have to operate within it’s confines. And the President is doing nothing wrong here.

      By the way, MPs would help greatly by not walking out of Parliament like little kids and learn to debate and move motions that matter….not wasting time on bogus impeachment motions.

  11. So if the tender for printing the ballot papers will be international, and the best evaluated bidder happens to not be Zambian. Would the printing still be given a Zambian printing company?

    • If government printers is going to print the ballot papers, who needs a tender for printing the ballot again? Common sense seems to have become a very rare commodity in Zambia these days.

    • Very funny @Daissy, you seem to think govt printers will just be directed to “just print”, that is some shallow thinking on you. Govt printers is a corporate business like any other, and so they can’t be given the job if they don’t have the capacity. They were a bidder for the previous general elections, did they win the bid? No, because according to ECZ they never met the qualifications. Your thinking is what has led to institutions making losses.

  12. Breaking News!! Ati UN helped PF to rig the 2016 election. Supreme leader should surely be taken for some brain damage control at chainama.

  13. A Thought indeed from Dr CM , in a form of a question probably rhetoric .where did K.K in the 27years of UNIP rule print ballot papers from ? Genuine Historians on the platform come to my aid…empowering Zambian indigenous companies should be the norm….

  14. …picture analysis for the front liners , depicts cordiality and friendliness , all gave attention to smart dress…

  15. Why are UPND members destroying a party with such potential just because of HH? Are they saying without HH UPND can’t exist? Sata passed on and PF is still here! Wake up UPND, PF needs proper checks and balances but not with HH leading the UPND!

  16. Dictatorial tendancies that are only about bringing despondency amongst opponents.
    Why not reach a consensus through dialogue.
    Tell tale signs of a person that is only scared of himself and his shadow.People participation is key in such issues.When a person is forever praised for even bear minimums as per job description they grow big headed and adopt bully tendancies.

  17. Dictatorship is in UPND with Wamuyaya president! These guys are so dull! They don’t know about Mobutu, Kagame, Museveni, etc! They think Zambia is like Uganda! The tribal party and its online bullies are an embarrassment to the continent of Africa! Dull!

    • …please leave such sentiments as tribal party…its so repugnant a true reflection of YOU as a tribalist… thought and srtong one from …. DR CM

  18. @Plazo! Your ignorance! US prints ballot papers in Jamaica! Dull! Oh! Sorry they print in Germany! Dull!
    Oh sorry they print in UK! Tribal politics!

  19. ….what really is tribal?… we have the 12 tribes of Judah? anything wrong … any thing lozi and Tonga is tribal my foot .. thoughts From DR Muyangana

  20. ….authentic your thinking … how does tribal come in the line of our motto …one Zambia one nation…DR CM

  21. Is there a good reason for appointing the aged? When are our young men and women of the age group 40 through 55 going get the opportunity of being appointed to these positions? Let’s not underrate our population, I am sure we have plenty that are educated, talented, and responsible to deliver admirable service to our country.

  22. This is where the opposition MPs should debate and also be present at the swearing in ceremony, they are busy walking out of the national assembly, and supporting Zambia’s new party. The black Nazis, I mean the socialist party. kikikikiki

  23. As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph to evil is for good men to do nothing.” In 1968 the quotation appeared in the 14th edition of the seminal reference work Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations… found this quote thought has relevance to the blogging of the day… thoughts from Dr CM

  24. As the great parliamentarian Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” In 1968 the quotation appeared in the 14th edition of the seminal reference work Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations

  25. “UPND is for Tongas. Sakwiba you cannot be President of this party! You are not Tonga!” The agenda that every UPND fights this government on is from this worldview, you may deny it but we know you!

    • Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” hate for the one of the 72 tribes of Zambia , does not make you a light …DR CM

    • Some of you making perpetual tribal statements, don’t be surprised when you are sued one of these days. A court will demand for your true id to be revealed by the ICT providers and you’ll stand alone in the dock. Be warned. You don’t need to incite people.

  26. Bulldozing all the way. Its only Sata’s pf that won an election genuinely. The shame is that pf claims to be popular in 7 provinces but gets the same votes with one commanding 3 provinces. Pf is in a state of panic as they have never won an election under Ecl…

  27. PF should not be on the ballot until these financial scandals are cleared:

    “Since Mozambique’s hidden debts became apparent, there has been concern about where else this might happen,” said Smith, who previously was an economist with the World Bank in Lusaka. “Zambia has been singled out as a potential source of hidden debt”.
    At Friday’s briefing, Mwanakatwe originally said the external-debt figure was $8.9 billion then later corrected it to $8.7 billion. And in June, her predecessor, Felix Mutati, told parliament it had increased to $17.2 billion — he later corrected himself, saying the actual figure was $10 billion lower.n for other sovereigns of similar credit ratings.”

  28. In democracies, the appointment of electoral commissioners is either through the legislature or the various political parties. In Zambia the executive is the appointing authority – not to mention the swearing in ceremony that is essentially a declaration of allegiance to the appointing authority. Where is the independence? Among other things, the commission is supposed to scrutinise unfair advantage – which includes intimidation and financial dealings. Here the commission is already in bed with the government in power before they even exercise any function.

    • When we tell these people that lungu is a corrupt thief……certainly Zambias most corrupt president…they think people are tribalists……this lungu is supposed to be a lawyer but because he has zero morals and integrity , everything he does is suspect.

      All this breakdown in morals and integrity has now feed down to all civil servants.

  29. Emeliee Sikazwe, is commissioner on the ECZ, we hear she has been offered a lot of money by PF and bought a chain of flats. We are watching everyone involved in corrupt practices. Even these newly appointed , we are watching them.

  30. You can not expect any sort of independence of the ECZ from the PF thugs…..those thugs even control the police…..PF cader thugs are untouchable and get direct orders from kapoyongo , lungus captain.

    There is no organisation or company that can be immune from that group….when they target anything or anyone the police are warned not to intervene…

  31. When did parliament give consent to these people being appointed into ECZ offices, parliament need to debate over these names and give consent. Chief justice proposed name was debated by parliament so should ECZ office holders.

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