PF will not be part of the dialogue process organised by the Commonwealth

Party Secretary General Davies Mwila
Party Secretary General Davies Mwila
Party Secretary General Davies Mwila
Party Secretary General Davies Mwila

Patriotic Front has said that it will not be part of a dialogue process spearheaded by the Commonwealth.

PF Secretary General Davies said that there are a lot of countries in Africa that require the attention of the Commonwealth and not Zambia.

Mr Mwila was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka on Friday.

At the same occasion PF National Women’s Chairperson Jean Kapata said the party will not accept outsiders to chair the dialogue process amongst political parties and other civil society organisations.

Ms Kapata said Zambia is a sovereign state with structures that can chair the dialogue process.

She said Zambia is not at war that it can fail to organize a dialogue process within the country through the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue.

And the New Congress Party has supported calls for the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue -ZCID- to spearhead the proposed dialogue process between the ruling PF and opposition political parties.

Party President Peter Chanda has wondered why the opposition UPND is not keen to have the local body lead the dialogue process when it is a board member of the ZCID.

Pastor Chanda said Zambia is a sovereign nation that is capable of handling its internal politics without resorting to outsiders.

He has urged the UPND to emulate the opposition in Kenya which has reconciled with the ruling party in the aftermath of last year’s general election.


    • Mwebantu 2021 kwalepesha to be living like foreigners in our own country. Why should the whole country suffer and only a few are living well?

    • “An eye for an eye will make everyone blind”. Ghandi.

      Just because UPND instead of fighting for progressive laws are pushing for this impeachment you as PF you want to pull out of these important talks. Mwila you are agitating things for no reason, don’t give the fire of civil unrest a chance, once it starts it is hard to stop! We want peace above anything else in this land! Even you who are stealing you can’t steal when there is a war!

    • Yes, yes, yes … because we run this country the best way we know how. We make our constitutional processes the best way we think we should govern ourselves and if we so wish, we make amendments to that same constitution ourselves.

      That’s what it means to be a sovereign nation. Are some of things that are done in the name of sovereignty stup1d??? Heck yeah!!!!

      But we have the right to be stup1d if we want to and no other country has any rights to infringe.

      We the people decide our own destiny and elections have consequences that’s why we all have to participate and choose wisely.

      After the elections we all coalesce and rally behind the winners until the next election. It’s that simple as simple as 8th Grade Civics … no need to over-engineer the process.

      Heaven help us all

    • They send Secretary General Davies and Jean Kapata…really laughable…two of the dullest empty tins in the Party.

    • @JayJay, the chap who derives pleasure in inflcting pain and humiliation on others is complaining about being “insulted” by @2020vision. Such are symphtoms of Sadomasochism, which could be in an advanced stage in him. Spending too much time commenting negatively has a severe impact on mental health. Suddenly JayJay is trapped in a world in which he falsely sees himself as indepensable, wise and intelligent. What he does not know is that saddism has taken over his mind and it is eating him up in rapid gulps. He is responding with distressed anticitpation because he is unwell. This must be a lesson to all those who frequently use negative language to make a point. Start to seriously think about what you are doing to yourself.

    • What kind of sovereignty do you boast of when you cannot fully fund your own annual budget? In matters of the economy, you seek the intervention of outsiders. But in matters human rights where you demonstrate clear lack competence and minimal ability to think properly, you claim sovereignty. You think the people who give money are stupid? Stop panhandling first, then you can claim the dignity that comes with sovereignty anywhere and anytime you want. But for now your funders own you and your Zambia.





  2. “PF Secretary General Davies said that there are a lot of countries in Africa that require the attention of the Commonwealth and not Zambia..”

    I AGREE !!!!!!

  3. Very good…..can the opposition assemble them selves together for this CW dilouge and formulate plans to form a consolidated front…..this is a good chance to form a front against PF violence and vote rigging……

    Use this opportunity to create common ground between your selves….



    • And if lungu sees this dialogue process as forming a combined front against him , he will try to ban that process, then use that to let the international community to verify him and cut aid………

    • Abena Spaka … I love your enthusiasm badala but you dealing with a bunch of snakes. Miswema yeka yeka iyi bane.

      Dangerous reptiles have no common sense, let alone common causes. Each reptile’s sole goal to bike the other one or figure out how to slide over all others to get to the top.

      The sooner you realize that you are dealing with snakes, the quicker your outlook will be brighter. Just look into their eyes, all of them look like cobras about to bike.

      Murderously dangerous vipers all the guys in the opposition are. They are a conniving bunch ready to injure all in their path to State House.

      And State House we will never allow them to take over, because we run this country and they don’t … so help us God!!!

    • BR Mumba you sound so undemocratic. You are not stupid but I am wondering why you are fighting so hard to sound like an ***** but you are not. Be nice to otherwise in a political competition.

  4. what lungu and pf are scared of are reforms in the electoral process which the commonwealth recommended,lungu had agreed to the reforms but now that he has what he feels are his muscle strength he has u turned.

    • Let’s make those electoral reforms ourselves!!! What is stopping us now???? Present them to parliament and let’s do that yesterday.

      Honestly Abena planzo, do you ask your neighbor to help you formulate rules of engagement between you and your wife? Or better still, do you ask your ex to help you solve your current marital issues and/or how to discipline your children?

      The answer is obvious and why??? Because you are the Captain of your own ship and ain’t anyone coming over to take over, period.

      If we are lazy, we wash all our dirty linen in public!!! Not so with the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise … we are equal if not better to any task.

      We run this ship the best way we know how and ain’t no stranger gonna tell us how. Heck, the Commonwealth, needs to go help the…

    • Continued…

      We run this ship the best way we know how and ain’t no stranger gonna tell us how. Heck, the Commonwealth, needs to go help the Brits with the European Union partners.

      They have serious misunderstandings on how Brexit should be handled. We got Zambia under control and our gallant men and women in the armed forces will make sure there’s order in this country.

      Thanks a trillion …

    • Br mumba you’re just hitting on a solid rock to advise spalikalilo to forget about intl community or foreigners from engaging in our local affairs. That 1diot still believes in foreigners to tell him what to do. Just look ecen at their so called leader,so much faith in the outsiders. One thing they don’t know is that Africans dont vote for foreign stooges. Just consuder all the oppositions in Africa who have lost elections and their connections. They all appeal to foreigners. Sata won without them and Morgan never with their support.

    • Oval head HH

      You are son of many fathers …….sitting overseas yourself because of stolen money or are you frank bwalyas chola boy ?

      untill the police can control the brutal PF thugs , no one can trust any local institutions controlled by lungu….

    • Ala naimfwa Ba Oval … it kills me to fathom simple relegated principles. Bushe whenever Bashi Spaka have quarrels Bana Spaka, do they wait for Bashi Mumba to come and resolve their issues????

      What makes national dialogue different kanshi???? I guess Bashi Spaka naba Bana Spaka sit themselves down and say to each other, honey you know we are in this sh!t together, we gonna sit here and find answers to our sh1t coz ain’t nobody else here to help us sort our own sh1t out!!!

      Chapwa … you resolve it and tomorrow you look over the fence and when Bashi Mumba naba Bana Mumba asks in the morning ati, mwa shibukeni, you answer back bwino!!!

      Heaven help us all …

  5. We told you. You cannot let a country to be led by those who sat in group 3 and 4 in school. Please change leadership. Do you expect Mwila to even understand the essence of the commonwealth or the word dialogue?

  6. We can’t go on like this people these fools are turning Zambia into Zimbabwe with our eyes open.
    They are so paranoid and they have no direction of where to go.
    Something has to be done.

  7. This is a bunch of misguided, disoriented, directionless charlatans whose ideology is self preservation and do not have the nation’s interest at heart. Lungu should have told the UN representative the truth than hiding behind the ZICD because he is not interested dialogue period. Its shameful to have this kind of leaders. Are we saying that from the 17 million people this is best we can give ourselves as leaders or they simply manipulated the system to impose themselves on us? I feel like puking right now.

    • Anyway, dialogue for what? Do we need dialogue for electoral reforms or to please a losing party? So, if PF were to lose the next elections, we will have another “dialogue?”

  8. Opposition , this is your chance to accept the CW conditions and in the process form a united front.

    Watch how lungu will freakout at the thought of that……you have everything to gain , all of you……the most likely scenario is lungu will ban that process and show him self up internationally and will more international eyes on him committing violence….

  9. i used to respect,learn and adore BR MUMBA comments but lately i have NO doubt in my mind that he has become a paid blogger,few months ago MR MUMBA would use intellectual debate ,without using vogal language but today one wonders what has befallen of him,he sounds rude,bitter .its a shame and a loss for zambia that us who reside diasporia are no different in our MINDSET FROM THOSE BACK HOME.

  10. Good move ba PF!!why should Kainde dictate things in Zambia?we are capable of solving our own problems,so locals must chair the dialogue or else forget!!
    As for you ” spaka like lilo”, just dream on!!OUR OPPOSITION POLITICAL PARTIES CANNOT WORK TOGETHER-NEVER BECAUSE THEY ALL WANT TO BECOME PRESIDENTS AT ONCE!!for your own data,in 2021 expect Kambwili,Harry Kalaba,Fred M’membe,HH,Nawakwi,Miyanda,etc to stand!!Harry Kalaba is busy forming party stractures across Zambia.Kambwili is busy cheating himself that 2021 is surely his while HH cannot allow anybody to lead him-SO THATS THE HELL FOR YOU IN OPPOSITIO!!
    The proposed dialogue was not between PF and UPND,no.but about all political players in Zambia!!

  11. The way HH and UPND worship bazungus is really spin chilling! Honestly in this age, how can someone be so naive and believes whatever a muzungu says? Please ba HH, we got independence 54 years ago and we are very capable of handling our own challenges. Who is really running UPND kanshi, basungu or the disgruntled Cambridge Analytica? Shame on HH, after selling our mines, the chap can learn lessons, s1lly!

  12. I think uyu B R Mumba has said it all & said it well. Chapwa! Most of us didn’t even know why pf earlier agreed to talk to these disrespectfull groups. Who should waste their time talking to people who dont recognise you? So who exactly do they want to dialogue with when they dont recognise you? This was a none starter from the begining. Case closed. Lets move on.

  13. When the British commonwealth gives better Visas to Zambians, then we shall talk. The ones Jamaica, and Australia get. Do your research Zambians.

  14. “PF Secretary General Davies said that there are a lot of countries in Africa that require the attention of the Commonwealth and not Zambia.”

    Zambia is not just another country in Africa.

    I don’t know why we are not taking advantage of that we were one of the strongest colonies in those days, why?

    Please be part of the dialogue and lower uncertainty.

    “As humans, we find ways to lower uncertainty about one another so that we can exchange value.”

  15. Arrogance laced with dictatorial and intimidating tendencies. Let’s be honest and call a spade and spade. Do we really think ZCID can be as impartial as the commonwealth? If the answer is yes then PF is right .That’s my view.

  16. Some people’s hearts are as ugly as their faces! Nothing good to be expected from the abundance of their hearts! Dununa Reverse Republic!

  17. The other person that needs to be shot in the head or hanged is @5.2 Mumba. I mean, has any one ever seen a bigger waste of space than this maddening *****? He floats with PF unintelligent faecal tide like flies on excrement. It’s actually blasphemous to god that his own creation can be so completely useless.

  18. Taking things for granted can sometimes back fire. This is why a lot of people in Zambia can’t trust Pf. Last year when the commonwealth came at the height of so much tension no one not even the President said no we can sort out this own our own. After some hope was restored about the way forward on good governance again Pf is at it. Where there is no hope people cast off restraint and tension may begin to build again and all these individuals calling themselves opposition parties like Peter Chanda who are in all Pf but different by name only won’t provide answers. KFB has called for dialogue in Pf but he only received ridicule.

  19. A shame… they are missing an opportunity to unite the country and make meaningful reforms. The country was almost on fire not long ago and everyone saw the need to listen external impartial moral voice… not it is quiet, they think they can easily hoodwink and bulldoze the process. Are these guys for real?

    How many times did the Church motherbodies and other progressive NGOs call for a dialogue when HH was incarcerated on flimsy up charges of Treason and there was real divisions in the country? They all said no, let the rule of law take it’s course, only for them to U-turn and listen to the Commonwealth envoy.

    Sovereignty my @s$… you are hiding under the sovereignty name. For those missing the point like cadre BR Mumba above, the issue is not we are incapable of running our…

  20. Continue reading…

    Sovereignty my @s$… you are hiding under the sovereignty name. For those missing the point like cadre BR Mumba above, the issue is not we are incapable of running our own affairs. The call for an external party to chair the dialogue is due to the needy for an impartial ‘referee’ who has no stake in the process so they can adjudicate impartially. The masterclass tactics displayed by the CoW woman was remarkable… within days HH was released and agreed to dropping his demands of insisting he didn’t recognise Lungu’s presidency… and Lungu agreed to release HH and they both agreed to the dialogue and reforms. What has changed now?

    When the country goes on fire again… and investors and lenders free their cash, the country will bend on it’s knees…

  21. Continue reading…

    When the country goes on fire again… and investors and lenders free their cash, the country will bend on it’s knees and the majority poor are the ones who suffer. Please don’t take this peace for granted… remember how Mugambe was so powerful and ruled over the police and army; look how he crashed down to earth.

  22. My question is Who brought the Commonwealth in Zambia. and how can the Pf distance themselves from the dialogue. Where was the ZCID since 2016? we want the foreigners to chair the dialogue not ba x who would want to bend so as to suite their desires. The Corn court and the Electoral commission are not transparent.

  23. This arrogant thieving cabal of ineptitude individuals serving their own interest must not hold the good people of this country to ransom. Lungu and his lot have shown us their true colors and the bankruptcy of leadership is most apparent. They should recced to the background and make way for inspired leadership. This country sure does deserve better!

  24. Ba davis ichipuma kwati likufu kikiki

    Koma some leaders how do you appoint a fontini as party ceo No wonder the sad state of affairs.
    Little do these guys know that the same contentious issues that they want to preserve will boomerang on them lesa ni malyotola ka.

  25. You cannot be bulldosed by anyone! Remember, Three Mansions are connected to one another! THey have a mission!

  26. So much talk about foreigners and Zambia’s sovereignty, yet you depend on the foreigners for aid and to balance your budget. This dialogue is not only for ECL and HH and their parties. There are many other stake holders who should be part of the dialogue, including other political parties, the church, civil society and so on. The Commonwealth proposed to table many important issues such as electoral reforms, the public order act (POA) some judicial reforms etc. The ZCID as the name suggests is mainly about political parties. It would appear that the PF do not want any change to the status quo, especially the current electoral arrangements and the POA) because it suits and favours them. This is the more reason why they do not want the Commonwealth to be in charge of the dialogue, because…

  27. Sharon, did you mean free masons? Anyway, you appear to have some pathological hatred for HH, but this dialogue is not just about ECL and HH but for the larger good of this country in future. ECL and HH will not be leaders for ever. We want laws and governance institutions that will be good for the nation as opposed to those that are tailored to serve particular individuals.

  28. It strains credulity that Lungu’s PF would dialogue with the opposition using local mediators without Lungu trying to arm twist the mediators to favour his position. And the ape above would never unilaterally take the decision to forsake the CW without an order from Lungu!

  29. First and foremost who told the Commonwealth that we need them , we are not at war banachimbusa must be invited not ukuiletafwe inshi wat agenda they have we say no no noooo to Commonwealth, yeeeeees to acid our on

  30. Yaba nabo ba upndeez! Just making noise all the time. Tell Katuka and h.h that it is not us who need dialogue but themselves.
    And no dialogue means that when next you are locked up, Patricia Scotland will not be visiting Zambia to rescue you again. And she will not nake a trip to Zambia just to rescue you.

    • @upnd cadre,
      LOL. This is funny. This is a case of ‘putting your foot in your mouth’ and you don’t even realise it.

      Definition of rescue = To free from danger or evil.

      So, by your own admission, you acknowledge Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness Scotland rescued HH. And by your own admission you are saying without Commonwealth, HH will be exposed to the same danger and evil he went thru before she rescued him.

      So, its good you understand why UPND and all well-meaning Zambians are ‘making noise’ and want Commonwealth to continue on the peace they brokered. As simple as that.

  31. Comment:some likes what foreigner say and do,whatever foreigners tells them is gospel truth.Homosexual they will accept because it Bazungu telling them to implement it.Some pipo like UPND should not be treated.

  32. Comment:BR Mumba, According to your statistics or observation, are the living standards of majority Zambians improving?? one of the duty of the government is to formulate policies which will create a favourable platform for Zambians to operate,,, but from the look of things,,living standards keep on deteriorating,, poverty has become a normal trend, if you gentlemen are true Zambians,, then you will have a heart for our brothers and Sisters,, who are sleeping on empty stomachs and be logical when ever you open your mouth,,

  33. Comment:e b.hibalwa and Ndelolasha which country is commonwealth coming from if I am to ask you?commonwealth is in Zambia because of our country which is under dictatorship in short is among those countries which suppose to be attended by the commonwealth.borrowing money from foreigners is good but to be given advise is bad.soon expect more sanctions you two guys.

  34. Commonwealth can only mediate conflict resolution in countries which where once colonised by Britain,, if at all you know any country in Africa which was once colonised by Britain and it is experiencing tension among political parties,,it would be prudent that you mention it,,, In a country where corruption is high where do you expect People to derive the trust to allow local institutions to mediate among them?? It is very saddening that majority Africans are too self centred that they would advocate to pull out of International monitoring bodies with the aim of not wanting to be accountable to a body which the y can not manipulate,, Gentlemen wake up,, when ever our Leaders fail they want to blame it on tribalism,, it is the only factor which has potential to divide us,, the same scheme…

  35. Bury the issue of dialogue!!we have parliament which enact laws hence any direction a country heads to is determined by its laws (rules).

  36. The problem with hh kachema ,he thinks having been a prisoner, he has become more popular and he can dare the Govt. I’m sure, all his employees are called Thieves going by his attitude, bitterness,self centred behavior.He can’t be calling everyone thief, one day his going to his wife thief!!

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