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HH’s accusation of UN’s Janet Rogan of helping PF to steal his votes shocks PF

Headlines HH's accusation of UN's Janet Rogan of helping PF to steal his...

President Edgar Lungu with United Nations Coordinator in Zambia who is also United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative Ms Janet Rogan when she paid a courtesy call on the Head of State at State House

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has expressed shock at United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema’s accusation that United Nations Resident Representative in Zambia Ms. Janet Rogan helped the Patriotic Front win in 2016.

Yesterday, the UPND leader accused United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Zambia Janet Rogan of helping the Patriotic Front (PF) steal its 2016 election. Mr. Hichilema alleged that Ms. Rogan assisted the ruling party manipulate elections and now wants to meet Ms. Rogan to ascertain her interest in Zambia’s electoral processes.

Below is PF’s Full Statement


Lusaka, Zambia, 6th April 2018 – We are shocked that United Party for National Development (UPND) leader can have the audacity to falsely accuse United Nations Resident Representative in Zambia Ms. Janet Rogan of helping the Patriotic Front to win in 2016. We ask Mr. Hichilema to stop dragging innocent institutions and individuals into his failure to accept the people’s verdict. Not only is this an outrageous accusation but confirms that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema is a bad loser.

Mr. Hichilema has lost five times to a democratic process. In 2006 he lost to late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa and still claimed he had been robbed of electoral victory. In 2008 he lost to former President Rupiah Banda and still claimed he had been robbed of electoral victory. In 2011 he lost to late President Michael Sata and still insisted he had been robbed of his victory. In 2015 he lost to President Edgar Lungu and still claimed he had been robbed of his victory. He lost again in 2016 to President Edgar Lungu and has continued to mourn to this day. Mr. Hichilema is nothing but a bad loser who is under intense pressure from his funders to prove why they should continue supporting his cause. He has dangerously reached a point where he does not care whether or not this country is set ablaze for as long as he gets into power by all means.

Considering Mr. Hichilema’s desperation, we are asking Government institutions to probe Cambridge Analytica to ascertain possible improper involvement in the 2015 and 2016 elections. It is without doubt that UPND engaged in serious electoral malpractices in the 2016 elections and that is the only ground they would claim to have won a national election with three (3) Provinces out of ten (10).

UPND is ready to action Zambia to the highest bidder. UPND has from inception been bankrolled by some mining conglomerate which once controlled our mineral wealth. This mining conglomerate set up UPND as their project for regaining possession of the mines, including all mineral rights in Zambia. Since UPND’s formation, this mining conglomerate has sponsored UPND and some civil society organisations to smear successive governments among other gimmicks, to grab these natural resources from the rightful owners – the Zambians!

Clearly, UPND’s financiers lost patience a long time ago, which explains the party’s insatiable desire to take over power at every chance they can get. Today, the UPND leader has no shame when he links the United Nations System to his perpetual electoral defeats. UPND’s agenda is ill-conceived and aimed at enriching a few people that have direct contacts to the world’s rich who have interest in our natural resources especially mineral wealth.
We appeal to Zambians to continue rejecting UPND’s ill-intentions and its agenda to mortgage our country to a monopoly capital.

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
PF Media Director
Party Headquarters

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    • Effects of losing just one election makes someone surpass dementia. What about losing 6 elections. HH needs a serious psychiatrist to examine him. His present utterances lives one wondering whether his brain is still functional or dead.

    • This is a terribly put statement grammatically for someone who is a director in the party.

      Above more it has nothing more but the expected rhetorics. He gets paid to type this ?



    • Sunday Chanda needs to have his head examined. Each time he opens his mouth, you are left wondering if he’s sane.

      Who doesn’t remember how quickly Janet Rogan’s declared 2016 elections free & fair even after ballot papers were being found in dust bins in Mandevu? The old ugly w1tch is very partisan.

    • Just asking, forgive Sunday Chanda as he cannot differentiate the two distinct meanings of those diferent words “action and auction” I gues Sunday Chanda obtained a 9 in English at grade 12.

    • The fact of the matter is International Election Observers have been messing up in the past especially those sent by NGOs like the UN …who only go to Africa for a quick observation at the Polling Station and they are back to the their air conditioned 5 star Hotel rooms or some Safari Park as witnessed at the last Kenyan election that was voided.
      I am sure NGOs especially UN and AU were embarrassed by that Kenyan Supreme Court judgement and have changed the way the assess these election.

    • The fact that they are so called “International Observers” does not mean that they are clean. Some of them are here to plant chaos. The more chaotic Africa remains, the better-off those foreign countries and multinational corporations that are looting Africa’s resources. The only problem with us in Africa is that we are still fast asleep. Don’t be fooled by the label: United Nations. If the UN really cared about Africa, we wouldn’t be seeing the worrying trends across this vast continent.

    • When you say: “Your comment is awaiting moderation,’ I wish you could be sincere about it; and mean what you say. Where is ‘FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION’?

    • In Africa bad governments survive and thrive under the watch care of the United Nations. It’s good governments that seem to have short life spans. Any bad leader in Africa can rule for as long as they want.

    • As for now let’s support Linguistic and whoever comes after Lungu..we will do the same…that’s being Patriots

      Fact check:
      Beaten by veteran LPM 2006.
      Beaten by veteran RBB 2008.
      Beaten by veteran MCS 2011.
      Beaten by newbie ECL 2015.
      Beaten by Semi-veteran ECL 2016.
      Prospective beating by veteran ECL 2021.
      He can’t help but become delirious. Keep the UN out’a your serious under-performance Under5s. Double h is unsaleable.

      2001 Advantage LPM; UPND cries foul, AKM.
      2006 Advantage LPM; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2008 Advantage RBB; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2011 Advantage MCS; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2015 Advantage ECL; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2016 Advantage ECL; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2021 Advantage ECL; UPND will cry foul, double h.

  1. This kandile also.
    He thinks he is chemical ali
    Monday chanda walatushupa ok ninshi muleba..ah nangufyabufi fye

  2. “…UPND has from inception been bankrolled by some mining conglomerate which once controlled our mineral wealth. …”

    Can PF clearly state the name of “some mining conglomerate”? If not, it is just another “fake news” or to keep it within habitual PF “electoral gimmicks”, “90 days” category.

    • People have forgotten that the founder of Upnd as Zambia Railways MD stole cattle en route to Zaire. He removed the health cattle ordered by Zaire from Botswana with unhealthy ones. As for HH, the only thing left for him to fight is suicide because he’s exhausted everything.

      Fact check:
      Beaten by veteran LPM 2006.
      Beaten by veteran RBB 2008.
      Beaten by veteran MCS 2011.
      Beaten by newbie ECL 2015.
      Beaten by Semi-veteran ECL 2016.
      Prospective beating by veteran ECL 2021.
      He can’t help but become delirious. Keep the UN out’a your serious under-performance Under5s. Double h is unsaleable.

  3. The stranger the accusation the stronger the supporting evidence ought to be and I am the first one to accept that strange things do happen. HH has some explaining to do here. Janet Rogan should also request no less from the UPND.

  4. On the issue of “bankrolling”, can PF clarify the extent of non reported loans contracted in the name of the Republic and used to “bankroll” its party machinery, electoral give-away party material and “financial hand-outs” to the “presidents” of one-member parties, self-appointed “bishops”, perpetual “turn-coats” MP’s and fake “NGO” stuffed by the party “cadres”?

    • Sda stopped existing when matandiko died and what is left are hypocrites who can’t even disfellowship an elder who was found guilty of swearing or insulting by the courts of law.

  5. This is the worst to come from HH. The UN system will not take kindly to this.
    Is he getting mad? What did the PVR UPND carried out find. UPND has failed to publish it because it confirms they lost.
    What a greedy man!!

    • Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. George Orwell…as replicated by Dr CM

  6. Sunday in his usual style, misses the opportunity to show us why HH is wrong. Instead he launches the usual personal attacks against HH. It would have been better to find out why HH said what he said about the UN. Mind you this is not the first time the UN has come under fire in different countries including DRC and in some West African countries. Therefore, they are not saints. This is where our journalism in this country has died. Sunday will always sing only his side of the story and so will the other politicians. The media is supposed to be the third estate to establish the truth. This is conspicuously missing at the moment. As a result the people doing the talking are those in one camp or the other. This is gangland setup not a democratic progressive country.

    • You dont listen to znbc where genuine stories and news are read nut rather browse zwd for propaganda kids stories. If you listened to znbc you wouldn’t have bothered yourself to post that trush.

    • Oval Head while waiting for a connection flight at Dulles airport DC, a guy sitting next to was talking on the phone most certainly to the ZWD staff telling them to hit hard at “these Bembas “. I wanted to confront him but restrained myself for fear of creating a scene.

    • @Daissy, I am not sure how well you listened in your Math classes at school. But if you did, I gather you remember a very famous principal which states that YOU CAN NEVER/NOT PROVE A NEGATIVE.

      Transilated into everyday English, you are actually asking Sunday Chanda to prove a “negative” ….a lie. To prove that HH is lying when it is plainly obvious to any thinking human being that he (HH) is indeed LYING. What do you want Sunday Chanda to say or do which we don’t already know? Provide evidence that the UN, through Ms. Rogan, had nothing to do with Hichilema’s loss? And just how and where does Sunday Chanda get such evidence? You see, this why proving a negative is impossible.

      Quite frankly, you are asking a wrong person for proof. I think it is incumbent upon HH to show us…

    • Continue….

      the evidence on which he is basing his outlandish accusations. Peddling accusations with potential to do great harn to innocent people’s names and reputations is the Hallmark of a DEMAGOGUE and NOT a potential President.

      M.C. Sata (this guy tries so hard to imitate) never went this far even in his worst moments of despire after his electoral losses. IF THIS IS THE KIND OF OPPOSITION WE ARE LEFT WITH AT THE MOMENT, THEN WE ARE IN MANINGI TROUBLE.

      This is just bezure!

    • Correctly put. The PF are using projected agression which in itself is defence of a secret brought out in the open. Does Sunday Chanda work for the UN to be issuing statements on her behalf?

      2001 Advantage LPM; UPND cries foul, AKM.
      2006 Advantage LPM; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2008 Advantage RBB; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2011 Advantage MCS; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2015 Advantage ECL; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2016 Advantage ECL; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2021 Advantage ECL; UPND will cry foul, double h.

  7. This story was designed to paint a bad picture about HH and to divert from other important issues like impeach Koswe.

    • But are you saying HH did not say this? He had a press conference just listen to the audio. Please hate the messenger but do not kill it.

  8. Aitaya uyu mwana waku clan h.h. Why has he not accused Commonwealth Patricia Scotland of rigging for acceoring the results and congratulating the victor President Lungu? All other western country’s too who ate h.h’s dinner have also cingratulted the President, I would have thought these should have been the first to be accused of rigging by planting hearing devices in h.h’s home?
    Ok Patricia rescued h.h from gallows by chance of her visit, can’t bite tge finger which rescued him despite participating in “rigging” for President Lungu.
    In summary h.h has become norhing but a noise maker, has lost all what was left of his political credibility. Cibaba ka ndale izi especially if its not not your mango!

  9. Africans are just amazing! When are you going to govern? This space that has distended from the election period is wasted at the expense of actually addressing people’s needs, fulfilling the promise that earned the vote – as well as a strategy (for those who lost and are crying) to ensure what happened before NEVER happens again. There is work to do. There are outmoded laws to change, there are safety concerns for our citizens to address, there are perennial ills to put a stop to. COME ON!!!!!!! BOTH RULING GOVERNMENT PARTY AND OPPOSITION!!!!! COME ON!!!

    • Kalok: The dispute settlement mechanism called constitutional court failed, hence the problems we have. It’s dangerous and unfair to make blanket statements about Africans just because of this one incident.

      Ndanje Kakhis: There is nothing I know about how the mines were run during the time when one Tonga/Ila headed the company. But I know that most work at managerial level in the mines is very technical. I am not interested in uninformed tribal talk that divides people.

    • @13.1 Chanchima – I hear you – however, as someone who has lived and worked in several African countries in my short life thus far what I see obtaining in Zambia is not unique only to Zambia but to the majority of places I have been exposed to. I speak from an informed position. Also, I use the ‘African’ rhetoric as a breaker; you notice that the rest of the address really does focus on what I observe in the Zambian space. I note that even the touted success story of Botswana has issues of income disparity that is actually worrying… a legacy “Africans” do not throw off once they inherit one system from their masters…

  10. Ndanje Kakhis: Let Mazoka rest in peace. The inquiry into Zambia railways was a sham as it never called Mazoka to appear before it. I have read the history of Zambia Railways. People forget that Tongas were the first railway workers in Zambia as the railway line first entered Zambia through their province from the south. They started as labourers during construction and this continued to attract them as it was the first industry to introduce them to wage employment in large numbers. This historical accident is what led to employment of many Tongas in the railways, the same way there is a historical accident to the employment of many Bembas on the mines in the Copperbelt. If you don’t know your history you start drawing wrong conclusions.

    • Historical accident? I’d rather it be a part of our destiny and if you are a believer accept that only God knew

    • Oh you mean it’s a historical accident when we had a Tonga/Ila heading the mines and many Tongas filled 90% of managerial positions. At least I don’t tell lies I state history factually. History doesn’t allow anyone to rest in peace especially the bad side of it.

    • Maybe they are tribalists, but I went to chipepo secondary school in gwembe valley and did not see much tribalism..

    • Spaka I was made a ” tribalist ” by people who only want their people to prosper. I tried to resist it but their open hostility towards other tribes was and is still too much.

      2001 Advantage LPM; UPND cries foul, AKM.
      2006 Advantage LPM; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2008 Advantage RBB; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2011 Advantage MCS; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2015 Advantage ECL; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2016 Advantage ECL; UPND cries foul, double h.
      2021 Advantage ECL; UPND will cry foul, double h.

    • Kudos you’re right. His friend Odinga simply went to Kenyatta and said ” Mwana, let’s forget about the whole thing so that Kenya can move forward.” Our lizard is still bitter to the extent that he’s using certain civil servants to undermine government efforts.

    • Ndanje Khakis: When did one tribe fill 90% of managerial jobs in the mines? This is patently false. Are you sure you even believe this yourself? Oh dear, I think I have under-estimated the level of hatred in Zambia. My goodness, if this is what passes for being informed in Zambia, then Trump was right. We have to be what he said.

    • If there 4 senior management position at the Centralized Division and four are held by one tribe what is that to you. The guy that used with one of the PSs at Nchanga House was promoted to Editor in Chief of the Mining Mirror only to have his promotion reversed. The position was given to a person from the right tribe. The man resigned and joined Zambia Airways.

  11. …In my dream I saw the headline , thinking it was only a dream. Alas its real, divisive it is , hate language coming out naturally with pure venom against a citizen of Zambia… are all you haters any better than the person you despise, is there love in you…perhaps you are a brood of vipers as John the Baptist would put it…thoughts from DR CM

  12. Woners shall never end.HH is a dreamer.HH needs alangizi amuna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Atleast Patricia Scotland used to speak to both sides i.e Pf and UPND.Now this J.Rogan only smiles with PF.

    • No, Rogan speaks to the Govt of Republic of Zambia, NOT PF…. mambala iwe! Who told the UN is suppose to deal with the opposition when there is no crisis in the country? It just happens that PF is now in Govt. So YES, the UN, through Ms. Rogan will inevitably meet PF people like the President. What the hell do you want her to do? Not carry out her duties because she will be seen with the President who happens to be from PF? Is that the logic here? Mind you, Ms. Rogan is not in the Country to mediate disputes or get political-knuckle-heads out of jail. She is here to represent the U.N.!!!

    • Yambayamba

      And what crises is in Zambia that requires her to be at statehouse every other week and attended all PF and GRZ functions ?

  14. …One can not swim blindly in the water current of hypocrisy …. This country is for us all , regardless of where one hails from ….thoughts from DR CM evil is evil period, whether in disguised form….

    • Kookai is a women’s fashion label founded in Paris, France in 1983 by Jean-Loiu Tepper, Jacques Nataf and Philippe de Hesdin. It has a simple philosophy: “to supply women with fashion forward apparel for their wardrobes at accessible prices”. … Its clothing line is generally characterised as Parisian-infused chic.

    • Kookai @22.1 is a women’s fashion label found mainly in France and Australia while @ 22.2 is also correct, the word (kokai meaning askew) is used as a lingua franca, mainly in the mining industries (Copper, gold, diamond). In Zimbabwe, it is called Chilapalapa influenced by the Shona tribe and in Zambia it is called Chikabanga with influence from the Bemba people.

    • 22.3 The language has its origins in South African mines and was means of communication between black and white miners. Even Indian shop owners used with the their employees.

    • 22.3 yes I agreed with you and I know about its origins, I was just trying to expand for the benefit of others. We are both talking about the same thing, maybe using different words, I mentioned mining industry which is same as what you are saying.

  15. I too have always thought this white woman was a PF cader……she appears at all PF and GRZ functions…..

    • You don’t have to be seen to agree or disagree with any one for calling a duck a duck….if it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck , well fu.ck a duck, it must be duck…

  16. If Sunday Chanda went to school, he can add up figures by finding the total votes cast in each province against the genuine GEN 12votes. It was no longer winning from 3 provinces. UPND kept a clear 99% in the 3 provinces + 55% in central province, 35% in Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and Eastern, more than 35% in Lusaka and the copperbelt, then you Sunday Chanda will understand why those who don’t like eating in garden /fields which are not theirs would not like you to continue stealing votes again. Do the calculations on how the Zambian people voted , it will show you that you lost the election of 2016 that’s why you started changing the GEN 12 forms i Lusaka and that’s why you buried those votes in kalulushi to claim your fake victory. Bloody Koswe you are.

    • Spaka you condemned the expulsion of the errant Cuban ambassador, but you find it fit to insult another ambassador (UN) just because your lizard imagines she interfered with his election? I again tell you that you are not serious at all. In one breath you find it wrong to censure an envoy and in another you find it justifiable. To tell you the truth HH will never be president of Zambia. Another person will emerge as a formidable candidate not your lizard.

    • Ndanj it you who are hypocrites ….you were condemning the CW woman that Zambia goes not need supervision yet we have this UN woman at all GRZ and PF functions like Zambia is under UN supervision…

    • Next time he’ll blame the visiting Indian president after that he’ll blame all presidents in Africa, the entire world, lastly God and the angels for having neglected him.

    • There you go again. …tell me which president can act like Nero who played a flute while Rome was on fire? There’s no single president in Zambia who hasn’t tried to or actually arrested an arrogant opposition leader. Mention him.

    • Name any president in Zambia who has watched over the worst violence against the opposition……..and name any president who has been jailing and oppressing opponents like lungu has ?….name any president who has presided over the worst tribal divisions like lungu has ??

      Fact check:
      Beaten by veteran LPM 2006.
      Beaten by veteran RBB 2008.
      Beaten by veteran MCS 2011.
      Beaten by newbie ECL 2015.
      Beaten by Semi-veteran ECL 2016.
      Prospective beating by veteran ECL 2021.
      He can’t help but become delirious. Keep the UN out’a your serious under-performance Under5s. Double h is unsaleable.

  17. Hh is right to accuse this woman of being a PF cader……she never misses an opportunity for a photo OP with lungu infact she invites herself to statehouse as if Zambia is under a UN supervision programme.

    If she is not a diehard PF cader, someone at state house is eating……

    • Government/UN meetings are to be expected because the UN has DRC refugees issue to deal with and Zambia is giving sanctuary to some of the refugees. But I will not condemn HH for saying what he has alleged. I will only ask him to lay evidence on the table. The stranger the accusation the stronger the evidence HH has to adduce. Strange things do happen such as fathers raping their own daughters as we saw in that report from Austria. So condemnation of HH is not for me.

    • Chanchima

      By The amount of times this woman appears on PF photos or meeting lungu one would be excused in thinking that refugees is all that lungu and GRZ work on…..

  18. @ Kanwakahosha, mwalapene nomba. It’s not about electoral colleges here. It’s about who had more votes. Don’t start complicating this. Even a kaponya is able to understand the system. Mbuzi

  19. Hh is a very dangerous man for zambia, this is deep desperation of all times , does a man have advisers I don’t think so , if in opposition you can’t behavior wat of state house this man needs medical checkups he may be going crazy and some pipo clapping for a mad going man

  20. @kanwakahosha

    1916 Election Results as compiled by Cambridge Analytica

    Edgar Lungu Patriotic Front 807,925
    Hakainde Hichilema United Party for National Dev 780,168
    Edith Nawakwi Forum for Democracy and Dev 15,321
    Nevers Mumba Movement for Multi-Party Democracy14,609
    Tilyenji Kaunda United National Independence Party 9,737
    Eric Chand Fourth Revolution Party 8,054
    Elias Chipimo Jr National Restoration Party 6,002
    Godfrey Miyanda Heritage Party 5,757
    Daniel Pule Christian Democratic Party 3,293
    Ludwig Sondashi Forum for Democratic Alternatives 2,073
    Peter Sinkamba Green Party of Zambia 1,410

    You will be lucky if you will ever come this close AGAIN!

  21. People saying HH has gone mad are failing to articulate issues. HH ‘s press conference is intelligently structured and well presented. If it was an essay he would get A+. The best PF can do is to respond to the issues raised in a logical way than the rhetoric they are talking about. Even the issue of Janet Rogan was presented by HH convincingly and sort of adds up to what is happening. I am getting fed up with Chanda and his inability to respond sensibly to issues at hand.

  22. AWESU: I try as much as possible to read Zambia’s history to try and understand how it has affected the way we see ourselves as Zambians. When you are trained in social science as I am, you look into society itself, be it the past and/or the present for explanations. I don’t want simplistic explanations such as God ordained it because they don’t satisfy my curiosity. Tongas had no hand in bringing the railway line from the south into Northern Rhodesia but it affected them regardless.

  23. TONGAS AND FARMING: Why are Tongas some of our best farmers? History throws light on this matter. European farmer settlement was the highest in Southern province. In the early days, there were no tractors and work was done with draft animals tended by African farm hands. When these people left work on European farms, they took the knowledge with them and generally helped Tongas to pick up on modern methods of farming which later spread to the rest of the community . I did not learn this at school; it’s my interpretation of historical events.

    • …factor in the quality of soils in Southern Province, yields were higher there than the Northern part which has historically had poor soils. While drought has taken tongas to livestock, it is the Easterners who have the highest crop yields in the country due to their dedication to farming. Today, FRA collects more crops from this region followed by the Nothern part.

  24. The United Nations should take the allegations seriously. They have a robust system that manages its reputation among member states. I have interacted with Ms Logan and cannot be surprised about these allegations. The UN should carry out an investigations and state its position. It is not PF to respond for the Party may not hve all the information on the matter. And this is not how you respond to such an allegation. The UPND wants to meet her personally and this meeting should not be curtailed at all. The country must know exactly what the Kenyan experts brought in to verify and authenticate the voters’ roll, courtesy of UNDP, did.

    • JJP: HH can actually send a complaint to the UN if he has evidence. The same UN declared Kenyan elections free and fair only to have the Supreme Court nullify them. The UN should be waiting until the political players themselves speak.

    • Kabu

      It is not about recognition , UPND have plenty evidence of the woman attending almost every PF and GRZ functions as if she is a cader, she is pictured with lungu almost every month….who would trust the impartiality of such a woman ?

  25. “we shall match your capacity to inflict suffering by our capacity to endure suffering. We will meet your physical force with soul force. Do to us what you will. And we shall continue to love you.”…my lovely quote of the speeches by Dr king Luther j … from DR CM

  26. …I read about being SDA… what came to mind , was the song : come thou fountain … prone to wonder God I feel I it …. DR CM…..”

  27. ….the actual quote…Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” is a Christian hymn written by the 18th century pastor and hymnodist Robert Robinson. Robert Robinson penned the words at age 22 in the year 1757. Come, Thou Fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace; Streams of mercy, never ceasing, …DR CM

  28. …additionally ….These words were written by in 1758 by Robert Robinson, three years after his conversion at the age of 23. In a drunken stupor at the age of 17, Robinson and his friends attended an evangelistic meeting of George Whitefield where he preached on the wrath of God. It was his testimony that Whitefield’s message tormented his conscience for three years until he found rest in Jesus Christ. Shortly thereafter, Robinson embraced the call to ministry in the Calvinist Methodist tradition…

  29. Through the Scramble for and Partitioning of Africa, Europe created most of the countries in Africa. Do we ever hold them accountable for the mess they created?

  30. How untrue is it that Europe and America has as much of a say in who gets to be elected as president in any country in Africa, except off course, where it doesn’t matter? Is it not true, rather, that they come in the name of International Election Observers, only to help rig elections in favor of the candidate of their choice? The point is, what kind of Africa is Europe and America interested in? Is it not the diseased, sick, hungry, politically confused and poverty stricken Africa?

  31. If anything, that white woman would have rigged the election on behalf of HH because he’s a darling of the capitalist world.

    • Ndanje Khakis: So it was only centralised division at Nchanga and that is what you call 90% of all managerial jobs on the mines! Come on man, you can be better than that. And you say that you worked under one Tonga boss and only one becomes representative of all! Is that a fair way to judge people? My oh my, we have worse problems than I thought.

    • When experts say 4 million Zambians have AIDS does it mean each one of those were examined?A sample of a number of people will give the projection of how many people are sick out of a certain number.


  33. I belive this is the end of this woman’s time in Zambia as UN representative at statehouse where she is always found….

    We will writing to the UN to register our concerns so as to hasten her departure from using UN cover as a PF cader…

  34. HH record of crimes against humanity has been swelling since the first day Lungu was declared winner after which UPND cadres started burning the courts, markets, houses and property belonging to non Tongas in the Namwala ethnic cleansing under instruction of HH. The biggest market in the country was reduced to ashes by one man’s bitterness. All these atrocities are on UN record who have been following all these events on Zambia. Now this headless chicken goes to attack the same UN. Very soon our own HH will be pursued by UN forces until he’s pounded like Osama Bin Laden. Just wait and watch.

    Wrong, misguided, misplace attacks aiming at no target at all at all. I am equally shocked that these never learning empty tins called UPNDEADs don’t seem to see and understand that we the people of Zambia have denied double h a chance to rule. He will not make it to plot one as long as we the elite voters see that he is not capable to rule and a danger to Zambia. For all we care, double h and his cohorts could cry us an ocean, call us docile and apportion blame to anyone in the world. We the president recruiters have the final word. No amount of Cambridge Analytica will change our polite discourse at the polls.

  36. UPND should take HH to hospital so that medical doctors can examine his sick mind.HH is becoming mad by day!!!I SIMPLY CANT SEE HOW A NORMAL PERSON CAN VOTE FOR THIS LUNATIC CALLED HH!!!no politician in the history of Zambia has ever criticised every innocent person living in Zambia of having rigged elections in favour of a ruling party like HH has done!!AM SURE EVEN WHEN HE SLEEPS,HH ONLY THINKS OF WHO ELSE RIGGED OR RIGS ELECTIONS FOR PF!!!
    Kainde is killing the morale of his supporters who may not see the sense of voting in elections which are always stolen from their tonga god HH-hence they may not vote in 202!!
    Anyway,continue with your madness Kainde!!YOU SHALL EVER LOSE ELECTIONS-MARK MY WORDS!!Devil has blinded the eyes of this HH,hence making these mistakes oftenly!!!

  37. Its very true that HH has borrowed heavely since 2006,hence panicking like this for state house!!!
    It does not make sense at all winning in 3.5 provinces and with MPs from bantustan areas only then hope to win and Govern,how?those same 3.5 provinces are the less populated provinces in Zambia,surely how could have HH won in 2016?KAINDE NEEDS VERY SERIOUS PRAYERS FROM REAL MEN OF GOD SUCH AS TB JOSHUA BECAUSE HIS RECORD 5 LOSSES SINCE 2006 HAVE GOTTEN TO HIS HEAD!!!he now sees 2016 as the closest he came out in the race to plot one.2021 elections do not favour him because almost all those politicians who supported him in 2016 have left UPND while others are defecting to PF on weekly basis!!!moreover,all those who hate PF in 6.5 provinces and voted for HH in 2016 due to lack of options…

  38. There is no smoke without fire. HH is right. They have evidence. Wait and see as things unfold. This is a well calculated move by UPND. They are slowly releasing information which should have been released had the election petition taken off.
    This is a systematic and well organised way of having the election petition held outside the court. Thats why I say many of you are UNWISE!!!!!

  39. Continue….
    Moreover,all those who hate PF in 6.5 provinces and voted for HH in 2016 due to lack of options will now have options in Kambwili and Harry Kalaba to FURTHER PUSH AWAY HH FROM PLOT ONE IN 2021.Kainde knows these facts,hence mourning about the 2016 elections!!BOLA NAIKOSA FOR HH!!
    UPND must control HH’s weird mouth because the more he speaks nonsense at those useless and endless press conferences,the more he loses support from Zambian voters!!HH is not a politician like late Michael Sata who knew how to attract voters to PF whenever he spoke!!whenever Sata was on radio or TV station,Zambia was coming on standstill as more than 90% Zambians wanted to hear what GREAT MICHAEL SATA HAD TO SAY!!HH IS THE OPPOSITE OF MR SATA AS ONLY HIS FELLOW BANTUSTANS WANT TO HEAR HIS…

  40. Ni boza yeka yeka! UPND has no little evidence of rigging. Don’t be deceived. It’s just bitterness, jealousy and envy. HH will collapse dead when Lungu is pronounced winner of 2021 elections again. I can foresee.

  41. hh has only lost three elections and not five. the last two (2015 & 2016), were, doctored, rigged and stolen – FACT. the 2021 ones will also be doctored because upnd are doing NOTHING to prevent that happening.

  42. so do your arithmetic properly. 3 losses and not 5. thats why we need to re-introduce arithmetic in night school for all of you to learn how to count!!! Pathetic F.O.O.L.S. you need night school.

  43. New African strategy is not to accept presidential election results invented by HH just patent that

  44. hh is so mad with UNDP representative Janet Rogan. Maybe she refused to go and eat at hh’s house for hh to portray to his sponsors and his cadres that the UNDP is behind him. He thought he could manipulate Ms. Rogan the way he has manipulated Patricia Scotland. Janet sue this mambala hh. hh has accused so many entities on his loss. It leaves one wondering whom he is going to accuse next.

Comments are closed.

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