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NAPSA sues Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba over unpaid Rent

General News NAPSA sues Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba over unpaid Rent

Rainbow Party Presidential Candidate Wynter Kabimba
Rainbow Party Presidenti Wynter Kabimba

NATIONAL Pension Scheme Authority has sued Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba in the Lusaka High Court for failure to pay rental arrears and service charges of over K315,000.

According to an affidavit filed in the Commercial registry, NAPSA has cited W.M Kabimba and Co as a tenant at Plot number 6131 Godfrey House, Longolongo Road, Lusaka at a monthly rental of K7,515.14.

NAPSA head of real estate Butete Kaliye stated that Kabimba’s law firm had use and occupation of the applicants’s premises from 1996 to date.

The applicant stated that during the period the respondent had been in occupation of the premises, he has been inconsistent in paying rentals and service charges as agreed between the parties.

Kaliye stated that demand letters had been issued urging the respondent to liquidate outstanding rental arrears and service charges but that he has unjustifiably refused, failed or neglected to honour the demands.

The applicant stated that due to Kabimba’s non-payment of rent and service charges, they had to use funds from other sources to pay for the services being consumed by the respondent so that the services at Godfrey House were not interrupted, thereby inconveniencing other compliant tenants.

“The respondent’s total indebtedness to the applicant in respect of unpaid rent and service charges as at 28 February 2018 and 30 March 2018 was K307,096.95 and K8,692.35 respectively,” the applicant stated. “The respondent is clearly not able to sustain occupancy of the said premises, and has consequently breached the agreement between the parties.”

The applicants stated that Kabimba’s continued stay in the premises had deprived them of the much needed investment returns.

“The applicant is entitled to recover the monies that it has been deprived of by the respondent as well as possession of the premises from the respondent, ” stated NAPSA.

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  1. But Napsa were also negligent in this instance. How did the let rentals accrue to such high numbers without evicting him? Now here is one politician for hire.

    • Kikikikiki, and this is not Rainbow Party. Kabimba you said things about Mmembe, you see now…. Lesa ni Malyotola.

    • But the leaders we have one wonders how they think.Wasnt Wynter Town Clerk for Lusaka and he am amassed many plots/properties to himself?Like the one on Independence Avenue?Why is he renting offices?Simply means the man has failed to run his own life and now he hopes to run the country.
      These are shameful issues Mr Kabimba man up and do the right thing.And wait a minute wasnt this man at one time attacking his PF friends for failing to pay retirees?Meanwhile he is not paying rentals that are supposed to go towards servicing the retirement benefits of retirees?

    • The CEO of NAPSA should be fired they are stupid and Wynter should not pay. How the hell they would raise arrears dating back to 1996?? There is something extremely wrong.

    • So it has been confirmed these guys were in a relationship…no wonder Kabimba rarely talks about his wife(if he has one)…..these guys have been screwwwwing each other for years…its just that Mmembe somehow cheated on Kabimba…does Kabimba even have kids…Mutinta Mazoka should leave Mmembe and hook up with Nostradamus

  2. I hear he is even failing to pay house rentals as well. Someone who was in government and held one of the most powerful posts in government can fail to pay rentals? And he wants to be president? No wonder when they come into government they steal, embezzle and literally grab everything their hand lay on. Kuwayawayafye.

  3. That’s over 3 years rentals! where was NAPSA all this time? Evict him now before he goes back to that violent party he helped form!

  4. @1.6
    Meanwhile he is not paying rentals that are supposed to go towards servicing the retirement benefits of retirees?

    NAPSA has never paid retirees and will never pay because it has been used or still used as a conduit to defraud Zambian workers. Ideal any body has worked and had made a contribution to NAPSA should be on a state pension. Do you know anyone who is?

  5. No wonder he has been boot licking lungu and pf of late so that he can go back to pf and in return pf will pay his mountain of debt. Zambia is full of politics of the belly. I am sure HH refused to pay off his debts or to lend him money; this is why this FAILURE has of late been attacking everyone who has refused to help him.
    Meanwhile HH is wallowing in CASH, which he doesn’t even know how to spend it.
    Politics in Zambia are really embarrassing. NJALA YA MUNYOKOLA.
    This is true of ANTONIO MWANZA. He joined PF because of NJALA.

  6. Ati PRESIDENT OF RAINBOW PARTY. How can someone who fails to pay RENT of this amount even call himself president. Its only in Zambia where such happens. TUNTEMBA PARTIES. They fail to pay office and home rent. Zambian voters – wake up!!!!!!!

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