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Ministry of Religious Affairs urges Zambians to uphold national values


The Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance has embarked on a nationwide campaign to sensitize government Heads of Departments on national values and principles.

Director of Religious affairs and National Guidance, Yengwe Kakusa said the national values and principles are embedded in the republican constitution but needs to be unbundled for easier understanding by Zambians.

“These values which are already embedded in the national constitution need to be put in simpler form and explained so that they can be understood and applied,” he said.

He said promotion of national values and principles will also help in the equitable distribution of resources across all sectors of the economy especially when resources are inadequate.

“Upholding of these values such as patriotism and national unity will help us maintain an identity as a country,” said Mr. Kakusa.

And Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Peter Mwiinde has called on Zambians to respect elders and the Head of State.

Mr. Mwiinde said the current scenario where people are abusing social media by insulting the country’s leadership is uncalled for.

“We have seen people insulting elders and the Republican President through social media, this is not in our culture as Zambians,” he said.

He added that a country which does not uphold its values loses direction.

The team from the Ministry is also expected to conduct the sensitisation meetings in Kabwe and Chibombo districts this week.


  1. The next step is a little green, or red book expounding the ideals of the dear leader and how to carry oneself in and outside ones home… you cannot make this up!

    • @Jason, I do not see any insult. The comment is right on point. Schools have already been supplied with books which have the leader’s face on the cover. Now they are going around to reinforce fimo fimo. Next will be everybody should wear red bombasas before they leave home. If the religious police catch you pa road block, ni zako izo!

    • No my friend, I just mean that people should be free to criticize the powerful without it being perceived as an insult. There is a quote I remember that goes “Governments should be afraid of their people, not the other way around.” I didn’t mean that you were insulting :))

    • @ Jason

      Where is the insult?
      If you are blogging for the sake of blogging, fair enough. But, your comment clearly state “…You can criticise without being insulting bro…”, therefore you are STATING that #1 is insulting (which is UNTRUE or LIE) and then you are patronizing.
      Can you express yourself CLEARLY in English?

  2. Useless ministry & minister, just siphoning money that could be used in our dilapidated Schools or Hospitals

    • I concur with you. What I dont understand is how has Christianity made us myopic when the people who introduced it to us are not. This Christianity issue has been used to cover up incompetence and lack of judgement.Something is wrong somewhere. Alot of useless things are being done in the name of Christianity. God help us.

  3. Even the minister is not sure about Zambia’s values and can only fish for patriotism and unity … Kikikiki
    What happened to Integrity, hard work and Ubunthu? When leaders are openly corrupt, what becomes of their followers? When stealing is justified through Ubomba Mwibala, what values are there to talk about? Where INTEGRITY is lacking, there can be no TRUST! Patriotism is shown through integrity in the management of National affairs and resources. There can be no unity in any society where some want to steal their way to riches and some earning an honest living of integrity and hard work! It’s like trying to unite light and darkness – impossible! For us to be successful as a country, we must first become honest with each other by walking the talk especially for the leaders. Leaders…

  4. Leaders who don’t walk their talk are the ones who attract to themselves disrespect and insults! The second step is to make a SMART definition of what kind of Zambia we want to see in 5, 10, 50, 100 years through our National Vision statement! We then must come up with our Mission Statement that states in clear terms how we hope to realize our National Vision. Lastly, we must adopt Values that will act as roots to keep us on our mission to realize our overall national vision!
    For Zambia to develop, we must trim presidential powers and decentralize that power through a Federal System of Governance. Experience has shown us that human beings can have big EGOs! The entire Nation is put at the mercy of an individual! This is the most senseless thing human beings can ever do! If you elect a…

  5. If you elect a good person, all is well but when you elect a selfish and visionless individual, then you are in for a rough ride! This is not the way to run a country to prosperity! We must first decentralize power and let each province be run semi autonomously by a Governor! We must abolish the political party system which serves a few individuals at the expense of the entire nation! Let the Provinces and Constituencies be the parties to speak through the Senate and National Assembly respectively! Let the Presidency Rotate through the province states and the presidency should be a celemonial one! This is the system Zambia needs to develop! Even the debt disaster we are in can easily be dealt with if only we can start thinking outside the small dirty box of partisan politics and – isms!

  6. Yes we have to! But HaJealousy party is waiting to pounce with HaNegatives form HaTribal gatherings! – Always!

  7. You know what really are Zambian values? The values that matter in the world are the values we make everyday with the people around us. Sure, there is tradition, and that should be respected up to a point, but surely we reinvent traditions every time we mark them, and there is no reason we cannot take the best of everything and make that our new values in the way we live and treat one another. As for Zambia, let the word spread far and wide what a beautiful, peaceful, spiritual country it is. Wherever we are in the world let’s make our visitors welcome and want to come and spend time with us and share our stories.

    • Please, stop pretending that you possess intellectual depth capable of defining “National Values”.
      If you have time, read the Constitution and then, if you have access to, decent legal dictionary which may be sufficient to enlighten you on the subject of “National Value(s)”

    • @jason, I am not sure how old you are but if you were born post UNIP go to the national archives and look up what we had as the Ministry of National Guidance. We had books that spoke of national philosophy and humanism, too. It floundered and flailed like this new ministry is doing right now. Also, please notice that even Saudi Arabia that tried that model is now loosening up because they have realized policing morals is anathema to actual governance; it is just a conduit for intimidation and discrimination.

  8. Hon. Minister should spend more time enlightening her fellow Cabinet Members on the issue of “National Value(s) instead of asking hungry, destitute, unemployed, robed and cheated electorate to cherish “National Value(s)”

    • Well said @just asking. Matter of fact, a well governed, economically resourced population organizes its own moral code and localizes it according to the principles around their lifestyles. It can never be enforced from the pinnacle of a political leadership.

  9. Which national values because all I can see is corruption up to the highest offices, laziness, drunkiness, sexual immorality, dirtiness, etc … someone had to define our national values!

  10. Godfrida’s should start with inculcating the values they pronounce with her boss and the lot of thieving ministers in government. She applying double standards implying that the values apply to the masses of this country but not to the leadership!! She is hoodwinking herself and proving very irrelevant in her quest to push this agenda. The list of thieving is endless coming from a government steeped in theft. These clowns must not take the people of this country for granted and insult our intelligence.

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