National dialogue process should be home grown-Lusambo

Copperbelt Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo, addresses mourners at the burial of former Cabinet Minister in Kenneth Kaunda’s government, Cosmas Chibamba at Nakatungu Farm in Mpongwe District on Friday. Picture by TISA BANDA-NKHOMA/ZANIS.
Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo,
Copperbelt Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo, addresses mourners at the burial of former Cabinet Minister in Kenneth Kaunda’s government, Cosmas Chibamba at Nakatungu Farm in Mpongwe District on Friday. Picture by TISA BANDA-NKHOMA/ZANIS.
Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo,

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says the proposed national dialogue process should be led by Zambians.

Mr. Lusambo who is also Kabushi Member of Parliament said as correctly guided by President Edgar Lungu, the dialogue process should be fully home grown and Zambian owned.

He said has credible institutions such as the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue that can successfully lead the dialogue process.

“As a nation, we have demonstrated immense abilities to handle our sovereign issues without any foreign interference. As can be evidenced from our history, the Zambian people are resolute in protecting the interests of the nation. In 1964, all Zambians rallied together to push for a birth of a new and liberated nation. In 1991, Zambians again came together and collectively made a return to multi party democracy with no foreign influence,” Mr. Lusambo said in a statement.

He added, “On the regional front, Zambia’s record in peace building is unparalleled. We have seen the country host numerous peace talks over the years. In May 1995, under the stewardship of late President Chiluba, Zambia hosted the signing of the Angolan Protocol which saw President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos and UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi meet and hug each other at Mulungushi International Conference Centre and in July 1999, the Lusaka Ceasefire agreement was signed towards the cessation of the second Congo war.”

“These including some of our regional liberation efforts have put Zambia in a respectable league as far as promotion of peace and enhancement of dialogue is concerned. Therefore to begin to peddle a position that only a foreign led dialogue process would attain credibility is not only mischievous but suspicious. Zambia at 54 cannot be reduced to a puppet master. Our forefathers who sacrificed so much including their lives would be turning in their graves to hear some arguments that seek to perpetuate the narrative that only a western initiated and western led dialogue process would succeed.

Mr. Lusambo continued, “As a nation, I feel, as corrected pointed out by President Lungu, our own national institutions such as the ZCID should take the lead in any dialogue process. From where I am standing, the ZCID has both the institutional capacity and credibility to foster national dialogue especially of a political nature since it is a creation of political parties.”
“With that said, why then are some people still against a home grown dialogue process? The answer is simple, these are people who are unpatriotic and have somehow convinced themselves that only a western led dialogue process would be genuine,” he said.

“As the Head of State pointed out, dialogue is in the Zambian DNA. We have always dialogued as a people and we have scored tremendous success as a matter of history. My humble appeal to my brothers and sisters opposed to a home grown dialogue process is to search deep in their hearts and reflect. Failure to do so would mean that they all have to leave this country and join their western counterparts where they may be useful.”


    • Who are the ZCID? What is special with them now that wasn’t noticeable last time? Why hand-pick the moderators? Come on guys let us all grow-up and reason as one. We can do better than this.

    • LT why do you like giving so much space to nincompoops and lunatics? Is it because you dont have quality news to share. You will also be rendered useless like the Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily mail if you dont improve your coverage.

    • What does Lusambo know about dialogue. He has history of beating major Richard Kachingwe and Hon Kambwili without mentioning so many political opponents he tormented when he was Mr Die Hard MMD thug.

  1. Any Zambian led process(and any African country for that matter) is likely to be hijacked and derailed by powerful political figures bcuz Africa doesn’t have powerful institutions.

  2. The more PF dumb bells like Kapata, SG Mwila and Bowman start championing something then you have to be very suspicious.
    These foooools do not even know what homegrown is since they are all spoonfed by Chines.

  3. “…From where I am standing, the ZCID has both the institutional capacity and credibility to foster national dialogue especially of a political nature since it is a creation of political parties.”

    Just recently you and your thugs attacked and chased NDC from touring a burnt market, where was ZICD ??

    You theif…

    • How can one called these NGOs homegrown when they are funded by donors…that will leave the only the churches as before but these have been polluted by PF and regulated by that Religious Minister….so why has PF run away from Commonwealth? They never had a problem …next they will suggest their own PF funded groups chaired by that dull girl who couldn’t simple questions on TV.

  4. Oh not again! a quack with no morals or grooming politically wakes up and rubberstamps ZCID a stale institution echoing his boss who, he is just from booty licking ,common dialoge issues are beyond your station, Bowman concentrate on market bullying and make sure that that booty is wet for its your meal ticket.

  5. Hahahaha don’t make me laugh ,Bwana Lusambo which Zambian institutions have the capacity and credibility again?

  6. Lusambo is very right and all political parties but one have agreed that dialogue (Insaka) will be umpired by ZCID and the rest (interested foreign entities) will be spectators. In fact, some of the foreign entities are more need in areas like Syria where innocent civilians are being killed by chemicals. In Zambia, this dialogue is an on-going process and to save money, ZCID is best suited to anchor it.

    • “…In Zambia, this dialogue is an on-going process and to save money, …”

      Did lungu tell you he is paying the CW to facilitate dialogue ? This is how you thieves steal……and where was , is ZCID when the opposition are being brutalized ,maimed and radio stations hosting them are being vandalised ??

    • What money do you want to save? The same commonwealth you are insulting is going to fund your process. So stop opening your mouth over things you don’t know.

  7. Eloquent speakers like Mwanakatwe or Given Lubinda should be speaking on these matters. Not anything should have a podium mwe kikikikiki.

    • Do you mean “…Eloquent speakers like Mwanakatwe or Given Lubinda…” or semi-illiterate laying demagogues like …”???

  8. Lusamboa is right.We need patriots in Zambia.
    I am greatly disturbed by these UPND sellouts in whose minds everything western is good.
    Let us find solutions to our own challenges.
    I also want to send a stern warning to the UPND to sobrely reflect and tell us honestly where western dialogue has brought lasting peace.
    Infact,I challenge all those making noise on the ‘western dialogue band wagon” to STOP and think with their brains and not their tribe.
    Where on earth has western dialogue worked?

    • “….Infact,I challenge all those making noise on the ‘western dialogue band wagon” 

      Ok tell us where African union or SADC has ever sorted out a problem ?? None nothing….as for local mediation tell us where these local mediators are when the opposition is being maimed and radio stations vandalised by PF ??

  9. What has Bowman got to do with the dialogue? I doubt if he will be on the list of PF delegates. Senior members have spoken and we have heard

  10. Isn’t Lusambo serving a suspension as a Member of Parliament (MP)? If so, then he is also suspended from performing the functions of Minister. One cannot be a Minister if they are not an MP! Is this such a rocket science for Lusambo and his Party to find difficult to understand?

  11. I have never seen where a mother and father are fighting over marital problems then a son calls on both parents and seat them down to counsel the parents. Traditionally that is wrong. We are facing a lot of challenges and ZCID has been silent over them. where has it surfaced and who is the chair person for the so called ZCID? Please I need to be informed the name of the chairperson for this organisation.

  12. I want to ask a question. If you are suspended from parliament for say 30 days and then parliament adjourns sine-die, does your 30 days include the days parliament is not sitting?

    • Nice question never thought about that.For those that work that is like being given leave over the christmas holiday when everyone is resting or on holiday as well.


  14. Honestly at the rate we are going it is PF that needs the dialogue.They are not capable of providing leadership in any form, not just national leadership but even leadership to oversee the dialogue process.The rule of law has literally been obliterated by PF, they have even failed to adhere to the concourt order on salaries earned by ministers staying after the dissolution of parliament meanwhile they have no shame in overburdening the citizens with more taxes which at the end of the day will clearly be spent on their emoluments..They clearly do not mean well and giving them a lead role on what dialogue we should pursue is a sick joke.

  15. One of the reasons why African countries are classified as third world is the level of thinking and the depth of colonisation. It is ironic that after more than 50 years of Independence, we continue to talk of people outside coming to help us talk to each other. And when you look at the people agitating for western or foreign mediation these people can hardly distinguish their right from their left. The question is who will respect us if we only see good outside of our own nation? Who will instil confidence in our own institutions? who will print our ballot papers? When shall we say “we can”?

    • “….When shall we say “we can”?

      Only when pf thugs can no longer attack and maim opposition supporters in full view of the police…..with no fear of arrest what so ever…

  16. My comment is not on the dialogue process, but on this thing called Lusambo. He parrots everything he hears and seeks to take credit for himself. The otger dayhe was trying to take credit for works done by others in Lusaka. Aba bena katwishi mu bongo yabo.

  17. There can never be an agreement to local mediation when PF thugs are able to mutilate and destroy citizens and property as whom they precive as the opposition , in full views of the police……how many people or radio stations have been attacked by known pf thugs and nothing is done ??

    And you expect people to trust local bodies ???

  18. In the ideal world and where there is order, public stements on matters of such national importance are a preserve of senior government or party officials. They are above the competence of the level of Lusambo who is only provincial minister.

  19. Zambia is low grade for sure. Always non educated people like Lusambo in the news honestly!! Where are the educated and credible Zambians?
    We are tired of leaf luffs that speak through plagiarism. Wake up professionals and educated Zambians and occupy your space.

  20. He is spannering himself with the examples he gives. The (sadly failed) reconciliation between the Angolan parties was organised by a foreign entity i.e. Zambia and not “home grown” in Angola. So Lusambo is actually promoting the idea of foreign-organised dialogue… just saying anyway

  21. The sad thing is when people parrot what there boss is saying, and people begin to assume he has said anything meaningful. What has Lusambo said for people to agree with? Nothing . Lungu said and set the tone and everyone is parroting about home grown dialogue. Why has it not happened to date, who is going to be the referee for this dialogue? How credible and impartial with the dialogue parties take this mediator? So far are the institutions being suggested seen as impartial by all? If not why even suggest them. Any mediator of conflict and drivers of conflict should be not only be seen to be impartial but should be impartial and above board. Given the partisan nature and state capture of institutions of governance in Zambia by the executive especially for ZCID, can they be said…

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