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President want toll fees ploughed back into road maintenance

Headlines President want toll fees ploughed back into road maintenance

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu has maintained that all the revenue being collected at toll gates should be ploughed back into road maintenance.

The President says reports show that Zambians have welcomed the introduction of toll gates but that they want to see a well maintained road network in the country.

President Lungu says it is for this reason that all the money collected at toll gates should be used to maintain the roads.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela says the President said this at State House yesterday when he received a progress report for infrastructure development and maintenance cluster from his Ministry and the Ministry of Works and Supply.

The report was jointly presented by Mr. Chitotela and his Works and Supply counterpart Felix Mutati.

‘’ Today we appeared before the President to update him on the progress made so far in terms of construction of infrastructure development in Zambia. We updated the Head of State on the challenges faced and gave him our focus for 2018”. Mr. Chitotela said.

He added that the President expressed delight on the progress made so far and he encouraged us to continue implementing projects that are of economic value to Zambia.

And Mr Chitotela said the President expressed concern at the quality of infrastructure being put up especially in newly created districts in the country.

“The President has urged us to speak to the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) to make sure that consultants that are being engaged are vigilant in monitoring the infrastructure to ensure that there is quality in their works”. Mr. Chitotela added.

And Mr. Chitotela says President Lungu is also concerned that some contractors have continued to abandon projects.

He said the President has directed him to ensure that punitive action is taken on all contractors who abandon works.

And Mr. Chitotela said he assured the President that he has directed the Road Development Agency (RDA) to ensure that the revenue collected at Toll gates is used to maintain the roads.

Meanwhile Mr. Chitotela said he assured the President that his Ministry will ensure that all the projects under his Ministry are closely supervised.

He said he told the President that all his officers will put ethical conduct first before personal interests in supervising the works.


  1. Then why do we have potholes all over? Why has the same model failed for our filthy cholera bearing public markets?

    • Is this news worthy really? Why is the toll gate money not used for road maintenance? I thoughr toll gates were established to fund road maintenence and construction. Lungu saying this shows that money collected is clearly diverted to Lungu and his friends pockets.

    • With history of corruption in road construction, the only these people can still is to the throw the money collected into corrupt construction deals.

    • Strange….so Lungu has been chewing the toll gate money. If you read between the lines it clearly means toll gate money is being diverted some where else and most likely into Lungu’s bank account. Lungu needs to be investigated together with all his ministers after they leave office. I thought road toll money is specifically for road maintenance…correct me if I’m wrong. This once again proves that Lungu has no vision whatsoever…no clue just busy building his own properties and gas stations across the country with stolen money. WE NEED TO ACT NOW AND GET RID OF THIS THIEVING LEADERSHIP.

    • Sometimes when the hangover clears the mind attains lucidity of thought and one experiences a eureka moment like what has been reported in this story. You are making progress, Mr Edward.

    • Lungu is JUST a thief. HE BLOCKED the IMPEACHMENT motion by using Mosho and FRIENDS. THEY ARE DRUGGING my president HH to court JUST TO FOOL HIM. I am VERY UPSET.
      GBM and HH should just STOP GOING to these courts. GOD will FIGHT for them.

    • This is shocking,so where exactly have the monies been going to? The purpose of toll roads is to collect money for maintenance of roads. I think there should be laws that govern how our monies are used.It should not be dependent on how a politician feels that day

    • President Edgar Lungu has maintained that all the revenue being collected at toll gates should be ploughed back into road maintenance.

      Under5s still can’t understand the emphasis the president is attaching to the toll fees. These under5s are failures in life going by how they are commenting.

    • NO wonder no lender can trust these fooools as they are one of the most reckless govts ever…to date we are still waiting from Ministry of Health to tell us how much was misappropriated to cholera eradication.

    • @ wanzelu. I was also wondering the same. Why should he make such a statement when the primary purpose of the toll fees were for road maintenance and construction. Sometimes I dont understand my president. He speaks like he has just awaken from slumber.

    • Roads in Zambia have been damaged for a long time. Toll gates were introduced just few years how do you expect all the roads to be repaired in two years?

    • The President is right and he’s the best in the history of Zambia and the best African President. I am telling you because I have a PhD.
      Thanks ( written on behalf of Mushota who’s sleeping because she was working at a home for the elderly people and she’s very tired, she apologizes for not blogging herself but she sends her love to the LT fraternity).

    • Imwe I thought the toll gates are to collect money to pay back the loans. So what money are we going to use to pay back loans borrowed for roads?

  2. Is this a joke or what ???? Obviously the toll fees must be ploughed back into the roads – that is why the citizens of this country are paying toll fees !!!!!!!!!!!! What did the PF think they can line their pockets with toll fees as well !!!!!


  3. Well done Mr P, development at last. This financial model will be replicated across Sub-Saharan Africa. Your insightfulness will give you a place in history

  4. And Zambian voters want your attention ploughed into serious nation building full time .Less foreign travelling and less politicking Bwana Lungu.

    • Where do you think toll fees are used for ? You think its also good thinking when someone says flash your toilet after you relieve yourself.

  5. Stating the obvious. Where were they taking that money if not for road maintenance? Now that our suspicion has been raised, we’ll demand that we see monthly reports of amounts collected and where the money is being applied.

  6. Its a no-brainer bwana president,funds generated from the roads must go back to maintain the same roads. The question is, is it happening or will it happen with your broke coffers??
    My suggestion to ensure compliance to your ‘directive’ is offer maintenance contracts so that each specific road has a named contractor responsible for maintaining it. And that maintenance must include street lighting,trimming of grass / planting and maintaining trees along the road etc… We should aim at lighting up the Kitwe – Lusaka – Livingstone and the Kapiri – Nakonde routes, not forgetting Solwezi – Kitwe. You can use the money from the toll gates to pay maintenance contractors.

    • FDD the statement is simply to assure people. …if he keeps quiet some people complain hence the reiterating

  7. where else are they taking it? a national road fund is for road maintenance obviously. just like a pension fund serves a specific purpose. is this an indication that road toll fees are being spent elsewhere?

  8. All Talk no Action.
    Toll gates still under construction for more than two years yet toll fees are being collected! useless!

  9. Really? Can’t believe what I’m reading…wasn’t that the same purpose tollgates were introduced?

    • Thought some form of gvt ATM. Those funds can be used for anything……cholera, party mobilisation. Name it. Kaili ni mwibala……anything goes

  10. Was is not the purpose of establishing Tollgate system? He has forgotten? That SDA mother was indeed right, we don’t want Chakolwa.

  11. RDA or whoever is supposed to supervise maintenance is toothless. There are contractors like AVIC who cannot be reprimanded for unknown reasons. We always complain about local contractors but most the Chinese roads are falling apart. Zambia, can we get serious!

  12. Just look at Manyumbi toll gate, that area was the first one which RDA started with nad fro the time the toll gate was introduced how much has been raised, yet to date we are subjected to that detour which is never maintained why, and their is an entire minister in charge of that sector.

  13. Duh! Is this supposed to even be news? It seems we are so taken up in “raising funds” that we forget the reason for a lot of things being where they are and why we should take care of them…

  14. First of all we did not welcome your idea. You people just forced the idea on us and because we have no freedom of speech in this country, we had no choice but to agree. Secondly, Mr Chitotela must be truthful. That man is just lying to the president. I wish ECL could go round the country and inspect whether indeed the money is being put to use.

  15. Thank you Mr lungu for mentioning Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) 

    We still want to know how you corruptly brought the Lebanese of lamise to be the 3rd party into the RATSA deal….why did you not include a consortium of Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) , the universities and Zambian bussiness leaders to lead the 3rd slot ?

    We know lamise have bribed you.
    We are almost certain the company created by lamise to oversee traffic management in Zambia you lungu are a main beneficiary ……


  17. What are you doing about the Manyumbi toll plaza, it has remained in a bad state for a long time. This was one of the first two toll plazas and it’s very frustrating to pass through such a place. Either repair that stretch immediately or abolish the toll gate. Further, can you work on some stretches of the Lusaka-Ndola road as they can’t wait for the Dual carriageway project, they’ve become a danger to motorists

  18. The word maintenand explains it all , the question to you doubting toma which roads being tolled still with potholes

  19. The announcement is meant to forewarn you, that Chitotela and Crew will soon sign reckless road maintenance deals that will be a conduit for pilfering Toll fees. They want to use a “semi-transparent” method; so when you start seeing road maintenance contracts at US$ 90 million per kilometre, at least you had been told. There is strategy in how the pilfer, make no mistake.

  20. Duh ,Lungu now thinks he’s a genius.Toll fees are always used for road maintenance and for repayment of loans especially where the road was built using PPP system.

  21. What should determine where money is used for are systems that we have in place and the motivation we had for puting up tollgates. We cant put up tollgates thentwo years down the line we announce what the money collected must be used for. The question then is where has the money that has been collected from the tollgates been going? Has any body been using this money for something else and why?

  22. Wow…..lungu is a genius president , who would of thought of doing that…..??
    I am humbled by his strategic thinking…

  23. I’m sure this was just a strong reminder to the treasury. It could just be another case of poor reporting.

  24. This can’t be debated upon since is expected but one chief fu from the delusional tribal party is shouting at this the most! Tribal-fu!

  25. Toll gates must be handed over to the private sector or jointly managed with the private sector to ensure transparency, accountability, high standard of works and for continuity. GRZ cannot hold itself accountable. There are many endless examples of how GRZ has failed to successfully manage a project. With the amounts of revenues at stake, its a wait and see game. The toll gate project is a good initiative if managed well.

  26. He is feeling the heat with the impeachment and wants to stop ploughing it in his pockets. What a bunch of criminals! Anyway the blame must be shared equally with the blind followers and the hopeless voters who vote for such hopeless criminals. How on earth Lungu got there really baffles me. How hopeless a people can we be to have this kaminamisa as a president. Are we that stup1d?

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