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Botswana’s new president expected in Zambia


Botswana’s new president, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi
Botswana’s new president, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi

Botswana’s new president, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi is today expected to pay a courtesy call on Zambia’s President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

President Masisi will be accompanied by the Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Vincent T. Seretse, Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology & Energy Security, Eric Mothibi Molale and Minister of Transport and Communications, Onkokame Kitso Mokaila. The delegation will return home the same day.


  1. Botswana, small , land-locked, mainly arid and one resource-dependent for foreign exchange but doing relatively well regardless. The secret is they have not allowed drop-outs to be presidents starting with the founding president Sir Seretse Khama. Zambian professionals from teachers, architects, accountants ,university dons, engineers and medical doctors have made a real contribution to the success in Botswana. Here not even members of our intelligentsia can be relied on to serve their country well. In most cases corruption starts with them. Welcome President Masisi to a country that is even refusing to grow up.

    • Ecl was best law student at unza. Check your under5 clinic card. HH if qualifies to stand and win also graduate from unza except you can’t trace his records because he was using different names then and he cleared with a silent.

    • Zambians were teachers and doctors to the Tswanas in the 80s and 90s just like Indians were to Zambians in the 70s and 80s.

      It’s time to pay homage … welcome home Mr. President

    • If ECL was the best law student at Unza, I shudder to think just how bad the worst student was. The point being ECL’s articulation of the law is pretty pedestrian at best (Examples, misreading of the constitution, threatening of Judges, advising his ministers to hold office during elections etc. And lest we forget, chewing a widows money.

    • The secret lies in unity. Do you know that Botswana has been ruled by one party since independence ? And do you know that Botswana kept the colonial civil servants for more than five years before giving top positions to the locals? Don’t blame the current government because Botswana has always done better than Zambia.

    • The struggle Zambians have been having is that, our president, Edgar Changwa Lungu, used the back door to the presidency. There is no decency in what he did. So even when foreign dignitaries come to visit him, it is as though they are visiting a mercenary among us.

  2. Is he going to visit the under five clinic also? If he does not, the babies will cry the loudest and accuse him of how Botswana helped Lungu to steal their vote and how corrupt Botswana his. They will threaten to write a letter to the UN.

    • One Zambian: Very insulting to the Tswanas. Are you telling me that countries with bigger populations than Zambia are doing worse than us? There is no strong relationship between the size of the population and how well or how badly you do. Why aren’t we better than say Malaysia? Here are more people in Malaysia than Zambia.

    • Very silly. Lesotho has a smaller population than Botswana-half Botswana’s I think. They have had three coups in that tiny country

  3. Botswana has been blessed with great patriotic presidents since independence.
    A couple of interesting things to learn
    1. All the presidents voluntarily stepped down after two or three terms(except Seretse who died in power)
    2. The sitting president starts grooming his successor early on(usually the vice president)
    3. All the presidents have been very well qualified leaders
    4. Transition of power always peaceful and no silly disputes.

    In Zambia all presidents are forced from power against their will, except the two who died in power
    KK was forced out after 27yrs. KK Wamuyayaya
    FTJ was forced out. Third term bid failed
    RB was forced out. He cried when ceding power
    ECL will clearly have to be forced out.

    And you wonder why we are so behind….

    • And those Presidents you are citing were not FORCED out. They were removed DEMOCRATICALLY from the Presidency. That is a very difficult thing to do. In the whole of Africa with 53 countries only Zambia Malawi and Ghana did it. Nigeria just joined recently

  4. HH Oval head you are so dull. HH has a MBA from the University of Birmingham and is a sound businessman. ECL on the other hand took client money for his own use.

    • Because Mmembe didn’t want Edgar to become president he came up with the story of stealing a clients money. When Sata gave several portfolios to Edgar, Mmembe never mentioned this, why?

  5. Our chaotic approach to life, is it in our leaders or in ourselves? Why, for God’s sake, can’t we learn even from our neighbors such as Botswana? It’s a desert country – yes, very true. But they have running water in their homes. It is largely a very dry country, but it has abundant pasture for its animals. Botswana exports beef to the EU.

  6. In terms of natural resources, Zambia is more abundantly endowed than Botswana. It would not have called for rocket science to harness Zambia’s economic potential. That has, however, eluded us. We are, by any definition, a poor country.

  7. Zambia has a lot to learn from the little Republic of Botswana.
    First of all democracy is very alive and you do not hear of any instances of resistance when it comes to change and handover of power. It’s all done in a civilised and democratic manner unlike in Zambia like what happened at Mulungushi when Lungu used thugs and violence to assume the presidency.
    Secondly, Botswana does not elect Malawian foreigners as presidents.
    I wonder what President Masisi is going to discuss with the Zambian dictator (muyayaya). They have nothing in common.
    Congratulations to our new president. Modimo a go segofatshe tau tona le lefatshe la rona, PULA!

    • “Democratic” is a big lie but then who says Democracy is the best system of rule? Botswana doesn’t have freedom of speech and most Zambians like Fred Mmembe and Pilato wouldnt survive there. They would be incarcerated

  8. The London Eye stop displaying ignorance in public. You shud be THE LONDON BLIND do you know what it is to be 15million, 73 tribes, one commodity dependent, in the tropics and not getting any support from a customs union for supporting aparthied? Enjoy your fortunes but respect others people’s tribulations and shut up.

  9. Welcome to a country that is full of talkers and jokers.A country that is full of people who talk from sunrise to sunset.A country with people who are less pragmatic but very good at gibberish talks.A country cannot develop in an environment of mediocrity and character assassination.A country that trashes others owing to tribalism and nepotism cannot achieve anything in terms of development.No tribe will ever develop this nation.This nation will develop by Zambians who are progressive in thinking.

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