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Jean kapata explains why she never took Kambwili to court

General News Jean kapata explains why she never took Kambwili to court

Jean kapata, MP, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources
Jean kapata, MP, Minister of Lands and Natural Resources

I did not take Chishimba Kambwili to court for lying when he claimed that I was involved in the illegal sell of mukula timber because he apologised and we reconciled, says Lands and Natural Resources Minister Jean Kapata.

Ms Kapata who is Mandevu constituency PF Member of Parliament (MP) told the Daily Nation that the church intervened and prevailed over their case and subsequently reconciled the duo.

Late last year, Ms Kapata threatened PF Roan constituency MP, with legal action for allegedly defaming her character.

But when asked yesterday how far the case had gone, Ms Kapata said it was water under bridge as the two had reconciled after Mr Kambwili apologized.

“For me and Mr. Kambwili we have come a long way, we are colleagues and our children are friends. He is Catholic and I’m Catholic, and the church prevailed over us. He apologized to me and I also apologized to him, so that case is water under the bridge,

“He (Kambwili) is actually my young brother and I know he respects me as his older sister,” Ms Kapata said.

Ms Kapata however said the corruption allegations were unfounded and false aimed at depicting the PF government with a corruption tag.

Mr Kambwili accused Ms Kapata of being involved in the illegal selling of mukula timber to Chinese nationals without any kind of evidence at all.

The allegation then prompted Ms Kapata to seek legal redress against Mr Kambwili.

Ms Kapata told a press briefing in Lusaka late last year that she had asked her Lawyers to write to Mr Kambwili to ask him to retract and apologize to her within seven days failure to which he would be taken to court. She also demanded for K10 million from Mr Kambwili for defaming her.

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    • Jean wanted the SDA woman arrested last week, for “defaming” someone else.
      But she forgive Kambwili for defamation.
      I also don’t like when people accuse Jean of Mukula stuff.
      And why bring it up again when PF is experiencing best week ever with 2 good presidents visiting?
      But these PF???

    • Aba Nabo bwafya …….. what is to be reconciled if you are accused of theft? When you poured water on Kambwili and you reconciled and the speaker let u off the hook it did not mean you did not pour water on him …..We have not heard it from Kambwili himself that he retracted his accussations instead it is coming from you Madam. You remain a Mukula smuggler until proven otherwise the reconciliation is not an exoneration of guilt

  1. So BUFFOON CK apologized for dropping in your name? These chaps are all morally bankrupt in their mindsets ….how did we end up with a govt full to the rafters of shameless thieves. Who really cares about you thieves continue helping yourselves from the docile masses.

  2. But madam Minister when do you attend to your core duties?Last week it was Dorcas mothers today you have opened a pandora’s box on Kambwili and your alleged corruption.A lot of people complain about the performance of your Ministry madam Minister.Or maybe in your nursing mind you are there just to campaign for 2021?The people you are failing are in the meantime are feeling the economic unnecessary pressures you have placed on them while you and your friends even refuse to obey a final order of concourt to reimburse the monies you unlawfully gifted yourselves when you remained working as Ministers after dissolution of parly.You people are decampaining our humble leader for your incompetence and lack of direction.

  3. Hmmmm what happened to the Mukula that was shipped to china intercepted by PF cadres in the middle of the night. Up to now no one knows where and who benefited from the proceeds. There is no smoke without fire. A thief will never acknowledge I am a thief

  4. My Fellow Zambians: You may conceal anything on earth but you will not conceal anything in the eyes of our God the creator in Heaven. God is watching every one and the day of Judgment is near. Ba Lusaka times if ba Jean Kapata has forgiven Kambwili, why are you bringing this story to the public. Please we need peace in this Country and we are all brothers and sisters.

  5. This woman jean k she not trusted.. We know she talks too much by that time she wanted to covers all the hidden

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