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Zambia is in good standing in the region-Siliya


Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says Zambia is in good standing in the region and at International level.

Speaking at a Press Briefing in Lusaka today, Ms. Siliya said this can be evidenced by the number of Presidents that have been visiting the country.

Ms. Siliya said the media should play its role in ensuring that the good standing that Zambia has with other countries is highlighted.

She said government is disappointed that Bloomberg has reported that Zambia has accrued more debt than what the Minister of Finance had announced.

Ms. Siliya who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said the Minister of Finance recently announced that Zambia has a total debt of US $ 8.7Billion as at December 2017.

She said there is no reason as to why government should not give a true reflection of how much debt the country has accrued so far.

Ms. Siliya said it is important that people are patriotic and learn to be truthful in the reporting of issues that affect people’s lives.

Meanwhile, Ms. Siliya said it is disappointing that the Opposition Political parties have snubbed the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) to lead dialogue the process.

Ms. Siliya said it is important that ZCID be allowed to do the dialogue process because it is created to promote peace and dialogue.

The Minister has also announced that government will next week release K 200 million to pay the small and medium road contractors.

She said government will continue to plough back the money raised from toll fees to the Road sector so that it is improved.

Ms. Siliya said there is need to ensure that these resources are put to good use for sustainable road maintenance.

She has also disclosed that government spent about K 129 million in the fight against Cholera since it broke out.

Ms. Siliya said Cholera cases have reduced from 15 cases per day to about three or no cases due to the interventions that have been put in place.

She has since called on the general public to invest in water and sanitation because this is discovered to be the major cause of the disease.

Ms. Siliya said Millennium Challenge is also one of such organisations that is supplementing government’s efforts in ensuring that people have safe clean water.

She said the Millennium Challenge has increased water production from 90 million cubic litres to 120 million Cubic litres.


    • How such a notably intelligent and would-be a nice woman be ruined in such a manner remains a mistry and most of all a waste of an excellent resource.I rest my case.

    • Our one and only super blonde Minister ..,… So all the Chinese contracted loans are in this debt plus the euro bonds? Why has the IMF and investors for the first time doubted Zambia’s debt position? Plus the fact that there have been different figures given since October last year?

    • Yes Zambia is in good standing with everybody, except PF government.
      Zambia is NOT in good standing with PF and MMD ministers.

    • Wgat the so called opposition should realise is that once you turnish the image of Zambia it will forever remain like that even after you come in power. Look at Zimbabwe, the gliry has already departed them even after changing the president. Moreover if you allow people to start migrating only dunderheads will remain and no country can develop with such people. Maybe opposition wants to come and lead the dunderheads. Not pretty sure what their strategy is. Only an under5 can understand them.

    • Oval head

      Mansa police stop Kambwili from holding radio programmes…..


      It is such policies that tarnish your image…..after oppressing them you want them to sing praise for you ??

    • What do you expect when you have a brainwashed black woman who admires blonde white women…where is the fooolish Godrey minister of religious BS

    • The debt contracted through military equipment has not even been added. The money for the chinese helicopters which have been crashing, the slow chinese jets which can be shot even with an AK-47. All those loans will be paid by Zambians alone while the THIEVES who got cuts will be enjoying in their mansions.

      Dora Siliti has multi-million rand mansions in Midstream Estate in Johannesburg East. Just check the type of houses by searching midstream on property24DOTcoDOTza.

  1. Only foooool would believe Zambia’s total debt is that figure by these empty tins…please go and cheat PF dingbats

    • HH OVAL HEAD – we have been down this road before ….even you know deep down that you can not swallow this drivel, I know you are thick as roller meal porridge and don’t know the difference between hectares and acres but you know these are the last people on earth to give reassurances about figures I mean even the IMF computer in Washington refused to swallow Mutati the sly accountant’s figures…really laughable.

  2. Mansa police stop Kambwili from holding radio programmes


    LT why are you not covering news of PF violence and intimidation ??

  3. First of all countries in good standing dont go around assuring citizens that they are in good standing.secondly last time it was usd 7 bn now only 8 bn,after all these loans you have been proudly announcing

    • Only someone who is not in good standing reassures people ….if it was a listed company shareholders would start selling stock remember Enron Corporation!!

  4. Dora they say silence is golden, especially if you do not have a proper subject to talk about, because from the responses I can see that you have just managed to open a Pandora box, let at times talk about the truth and not to just politic all the time.
    You are talking about the Indian President?. because the Tswana president knows more about Zambia than you do he is not dull, The new South African president Knows more about this country than ou do and he is very intelligent, The new Guy in Zimbabwe??? , I am yet to make an opinion on him but I know he will treat the relationship he is yet to create with the Zambian leadership (current) with care. yes kabila is within the Current Zambian leadership league, so is Museveni, so is Kagame. The guy from India was hear for milking…

  5. Maybe it’s the chemicals in the hair dye causing Dora’s dementia, not that she was ever renowned for her brains anyway. I mean, tell me, what is the correlation between the number of Presidents that visit and our standing in the region. For all I know, the Vic Falls is now at its most impressive & that’s what they are here to see.

  6. Take it from your own, Zambians.. not from the Bloombergs, Moodys and co. with their hidden agendas and ulterior motives.

    • Nine Chale – is definitely a soft woman who is so docile ..this is why I always give that example of that wife who is battered by the hubby and when relatives and neighbours ask why she dont report him to Police she says “he beats me because he loves me very much” !!

    • It works this way. When you borrow money from capital markets via Eurobonds as Zambia has done,you do it publicly with roadshows and all that. Once they trust you with their money, you are subject to regular monitoring by credit rating agencies and the financial press which Bloomberg is. And the people who lent you the money are subscribers to Bloomberg and the credit rating agencies. This is the brief ecosystem here. Bloomberg reporters have e-mail addresses and phone numbers of Zambia officials and when they contact them they want clear answers to questions. That is what it means to be a public company or a borrower from the bond markets. That is how it works and Zambia is too weak to change the rules of the game.

    • Chanchima – these people do not know, they have a cavalier approach to such things and how it works, a typical example is FQM immediately ZRA announced that FQM owed $7Billion in tax there was pandemonium in Canada and in Markets …the CEO was running around shareholders putting out fires.

    • Ba Nine Chale, I think your statement would be credible if you mentioned the ulterior motives. Momentarily, it’s missing the meat, totally presumptuous and unsubstantiated.

  7. Jay Jay: We ought to know that the people working for the World Bank, Bloomberg, Financial Times, IMF, BBC Business news, CNN Business news etc belong to the same social circles and clubs. They hang out together and information flows freely both formally and informally. That is how it works. Zambia is too weak to change that. They wrote the rules and therefore determine the culture.

  8. …Thoughts from DR CM. Whether imaginary or real , this is what , Eleanor Roosevelt had to say ;” A woman like is a tea bag – you can`t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water …” perhaps hon S… fits the description…

  9. Bloomberg News is more credible than both Mwanakatwe and Dora unfortunately for Government. Its surprising that Government wants to cover up the true debt position forgetting that global financial system is linked and that the same people they borrow from are interlinked. Just in the past one month President Lungu through IDC has bought 3 loss making companies namely Intermarket Bank US$50 million, Zampalm US$16 million and Superior Milling US$10 million, therefore why does GRZ dispute its runaway debt when it is clearly not managing its finances well. IDC and every parastatal is contracting loans to invest in dubious deals. Bloomberg has tracked all the debt going through Zambia’s financial system and is therefore more informed.

  10. Zambia is in good standing in the region and at International level. What is international level? And what is the difference between the two?
    Don’t report crap

  11. Wow, government is disappointed with Bloomberg for telling the truth. Misplaced emotions ba Zambia. You should be disappointed with Lungu and PF for putting the country in such debt. Bloomberg did not borrow for you. Neither do they need to lie on behalf of PF and Lungu. Heck no. Zambia must blame Lungu for the debt that he and his team stole millions of dollars from. Zambia has been left with potholes only and a huge debt. Enjoy both.

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