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Bishop Alick Banda installed as Archbishop of Lusaka


Archdiocese  of Lusaka Archbishop Dr Alick Banda
Archdiocese of Lusaka Archbishop Dr Alick Banda

Bishop Rev. Dr. Alick Banda has been installed as the sixth Archbishop of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lusaka following the retirement of Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu.

Archbishop Banda was installed at a colorful installation ceremony held at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus in Lusaka and attended by Republican President Edgar Lungu and hundreds of the Catholics from within and outside the city of Lusaka.

Rev. Dr. Alick Banda who was until his appointment, the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ndola has taken over from Archbishop Mpundu who has taken an early retirement at age 71.

Retired Archbishop Mpundu, now called Emeritus, has followed the route taken by Pope Benedict XVI who retired to pave way for an energetic pope to take over.

The apostolic letter of appointment from the Catholic Church Holy Father, Pope Francis, was shown to all bishops and read out to the congregants to authenticate the appointment.

The outgoing Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu handed over the Crossal, a symbol of taking over the metropolitan archdiocese of Lusaka to the new Archbishop to symbolize the official handover of authority before he took over the seat of the Cathedral.

And in his farewell homily, Archbishop Mpundu urged religious and political leaders to show love and respect to the people they serve like Jesus did to his disciples when he washed their feet.

The Archbishop urged the leaders to be shepherds of the people and not masters of the people.

He stated that religious leaders should not seek political power but can speak for the voiceless without being partisan.

Archbishop Mpundu noted that one does not need to belong to a political part to express a political opinion in the country.

Addressing the congregants, President Lungu reaffirmed his government’s commitment to working with the church in governing the nation.

President Lungu noted that the church has an important role to play in politics to ensure that people receive all the services that they need.

The Head of State said the church should allow its members to join politics in the ruling and opposition political parties in order to clean the political landscape.

He said Zambia being a Christian nation requires that its people including politicians conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Conference of the Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) said Archbishop Mpundu will still remain the fountain of wisdom for the young in church and community despite his retirement.

ZCCB President, George Lungu thanked Archbishop Emeritus Mpundu for his contributions towards the advancement of the Catholic Church in Zambia and the establishment of the Catholic University.


  1. Watch that fake Bishop please. He must not allowed to introduce his funny liturgy in Lusaka and he must not allowed to divide priests. He believes in the divide and rule principle please watch him.

    He should remember that he can also be chased as a Bishop too. He is too funny and don’t call him Doctor and Bishop at the same time. In Catholic church man people are educated but are not called Doctor Bishop no. He should decide either to be called Bishop or Doctor but not two titles at once. It’s like that Bishop is from Malawi too

    • Alick Banda, George Lungu, Edgar Lungu…hmmmmm, is it only me smelling a rat….but they eat rats in Eastern province

    • If you are a real Catholic, you know that it doesn’t matter if Arch-Bishop Alick Banda is from Malawi. Have you really forgotten about Paul Duffy and many others? And who is founding Bishop of Lusaka, Monze etc? Look this Church was not founded here; it was introduced if I need to say it, from Europe. And when these European pioneers arrived they learned the local language of the area and never marginalized it as today’s Catholic priests are doing. If they have not told you the pioneer priest for the Lusaka area was Fr Jules Torrend from France who set up Kasisi Mission near KK Airport. He learned the Lenje language and became fluent in it and from then onwards it was used during Mass and in early education till about 1967.

  2. #1 DJ7, so you are one of those upndeez who subscribe to h.h’s doctrine that Zambia’s boundary with Malawi should be Luangwa river because he hates easterners?

    Read again bwana upndeez cadre, the title is Archbishop Dr Alick Banda, not Dr Archbishop Alick Banda. But is the titke allowed by the Holy See? If it is then shut up tribal cadre, go and spear yourself for all I care.

    • How does HH come in there. I am also catholic from CB and know this Alick Banda thing is not good for the church. Just wait a few months before you start hearing contravenes in Lusaka. People on the CB are happy that he left. ooh, he also have issues with his celibate vails.

    • HH has never commented on someone being a Malawian and stuff like that. Mike Mulungoti campaigned for Edgar Lungu and is the one, together with Fresher Siwale a former PF member, pushing the ECL is a foreigner agenda. You will not talk about these two because they are not Tongas. Do you know how much this discrimination is damaging the country? Anyway, it has long been clear that the one Zambia one nation slogan means nothing to very people who stand on rooftops parroting it.

  3. By the way did h.h attend the ceremony? Oh no, what is wrong with me to ask such a si.lly question!! Of course h.h cannot attend, he hates easterners with a passion, how could he bring himself to congratulate the new Archbishop? And there was President Lungu and First Lady Esther in attendance!!

    • don’t burry your head in the sand; not everyone who opposes something is UPND. Alick Banda has a bad record on the CB. just ask you catholic colleagues on the CB about AB

  4. And he was appointed by the Pope, does the Pope rig elections, is the Pope a tribalist? Only in the fertile minds of upndeez and h.h.

    • The pope is just an individual human being, not God. He too can make mistakes ….Wait and see Alick Banda’s true colors abena Lusaka. I am not UPND, just a simple catholic who is worried about the image of my church in Zambia because of such characters like Alick Banda. How I wish they could be allowed to marry than cheating God about celibacy when they cant handle staying away from the fruit between the legs…

  5. @1.1 Obata, if your priests were not all in SDA, maybe the Pope would have promoted one of them as Archbishop. Unfortunately you guys do not work with others, you see tribe in them instead of seeing colleahues and felollow Zambians.

  6. ….carry on dreaming that some day in the future, Simon Peter might come back with his mudzungu boss Jesus to pay you for your biblical ignorance

  7. HH was invited for both ceremonies. But the thought of being treated less than ECL as Republican Present makes the man sick. The presidential motorcade and the rest accorded to ECL as Republican President really gives him nightmares.

  8. The sad thing of all this is that some priests are now confused they don’t know what to do…they were picking crumbs from the master’s table by reporting others….are they going to follow him? Some of them were offered scholarships for merely smearing others and making themselves as clean people. Some were awarded rich parishes for the same reasons? Shame on you! We will see what will happen to you now…you have participated in crucifying the Lord …betrayers. You know yourself you will soon be disoriented….be authentic priests mwalisebana Ba Judas

  9. The problem with our brothers and sisters in our beloved country Zambia want to take part in almost everything…. politics, cholera, Mukula, now it’s who should be the Archbishop of Lusaka???
    In the Catholic Church, we don’t have politics….. and we do not request for your opinions on who should be the Archbishop of Lusaka??? Therefore, The Pope made his appointment and all other bishops in Zambia made secondments and the appointment letter was read in the entire country in all the churches. Therefore brethren, if it pains you that Bishop. Dr. Alice Banda is presiding Bishop of Lusaka Archdiocese make your own church or mind the business of your own congregations. He earned both his Bishop and Doctorate therefore if he wants to use both why should you cry as if one was stolen from…

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