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Former First lady Christine Kaseba-Sata appointed as Ambassador to France


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu receives an affidavit of Oath from Newly appointed Zambia’s Ambassador to France Dr Christine Kaseba -Sata during the Swearing-In-Ceremony at State House in Lusaka on Monday, April 16,2018-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

Former First lady Dr Christine Kaseba has been appointed as Zambia’s new Ambassador to France by President Edgar Lungu.

Dr. Kaseba will take over from Ambassador Humphrey Chibanda who was recalled in January,2018.

During the swearing ceremony at State House, President Edgar Lungu congratulated Dr Kaseba for the appointment.

“May I congratulate you on your appointment as ambassador extra-ordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Zambia to the Republic of France. You have vast experience as a health practitioner for over 30 years; you have worked as a consultant as well as lecturer. Your skills have seen you do a lot of work for the United Nations and other agencies in Zambia and abroad,” President Lungu said.

“Zambia has a lot to benefit from France in various areas of human endeavour. I have no doubt that you are the right person to facilitate this and further enhance the bilateral relations between Zambia and France,” said President Lungu.

And President Lungu has appointed Mr Gabriel Munshya as Public Policy Specialist in the Policy Analysis and Coordination division at Cabinet Office.

“You will join a team a team which is responsible for coordinating the policy process aimed at enhancing government’s capacity to design and implement policies for sustainable and inclusive development. I am aware that you have risen through the ranks in the civil service having joined in 1988 as a detective Constance in the Zambia Police where, prior to your training, you attested and and solemnly pledged to be faithful, loyal and defend the Zambian Constitution. As such, considering the sensitivity of the position you have been appointed to, I urge you to take this oath very seriously, President Lungu said.


    • It is good appointment.
      But Kaseba should have just renewed her doctor certification and continue working at UTH.

    • Mushota not called up to now! Perhaps she is on the high streets of Glasgow trying to “nick” a suit from one of her favourite Debenhams latest sale! Anyway, now Mrs Nick has a big task – to match a real doctor!

    • Njebele Gud! Finally Dr. has done well to accept the appointment. Working together as one. UPND aloba Iyauma!!!!

    • Thats Lazy Lungu for you…instead of recalling the cowboy Anthony in Germany…i guess hunger has got up with madame Kaseba to reporting to your husbands appointee…very convenient for Lazy Lungu as she doesnt know how powerful she can be.

    • Dr. Kaseba is a highly qualified doctor, now a diplomat … I am very proud of her accomplishments. No better place to represent the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise than France.

      When KK embarked on nationalization, the entire West condemned him, except the French and when François Mitterrand in 1981, he made sure we could actually assemble Peugeot 504s in Ndola.

      At independence all our Ministers cars were Citroëns, courtesy of the French. Former President Holland even offered ECL the backing of Airbus in the quest to restart Zambia Airways.

      The French are actually our best friends in Europe followed by the Germans … I know Dr. Kaseba will make us proud.

      Congratulations Your Excellence!!! Your husband is one of the best patriots our nation ever made.

      God speed …

    • Incredibly wise appointment by HE President Lungu. She is an accomplished intellectual, a communicator with finest people skills to successfully pitch Zambia’s worth to the outside world. Congrats and best wishes mama all the way! Nothing wrong with this appointment. Medical Doctor are also worth professionals for public offices. Look at Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson a Neuro Surgeon now successfully serving as US Secretary Housing and Urban Development.

    • Am sure Lazy Lungu was glad when she accepted this appointment like most PF cadres on this thread as this woman is a threat to Lazy Lungu’s Presidency but she is very ignorant to that fact just her name sends a chilly down their spines…so it better for him to have her where he can keep an eye on her.
      Our foreign embassies are now a dumping ground for frustrated PF cadres, failures, unemployed…what a shame!!

    • This appointment is meant to be a appeasement while crooked Eddie positions himself 2021. He sees people like Dr. Kaseba having a potential to come back to join forces with the all the disaffected real PF, when the chips are down. THIS IS AN ISOLATIONIST PLOY by Eddie. Total abuse of authority, Kaseba you will be recalled as soon as Eddie leaves, even before 2021.
      @ MB: As for Mushota being called, ha ha ha ha ha! Mushota works in a home for the Edged in Scotland and spend her time blogging. That does no account for much experience. I think even IRIS KAINGU would be a better option!

    • I hate ‘F’ ing bootlicker, this chap B R Mumba, Sr of some sort. I have been following his nonsensical oratory and I don’t like the sound of any of it!

    • @Analyser … on your best day you can never match the intelligence and level headedness of B R Mumba. Leave him alone, some of us actually look forward to his blogs, not useless ones like yours. I actually hate you, just so you know

    • @Analyser … Actually it is your posts that are vile and repugnant! B R Mumba Sr is what LT needs to have a broader readership much intelligence and level headedness. I am sure your are part of the reason he and many intelligent people keep their brilliant ideas to themselves. I also look forward to his blogs, not useless ones like yours.

    • @pep talk. Vile and repugnant is how you describe me, and that I am less intelligent. You don’t even know me. Kabiyenifye uko. You are also just a bootlicker of Mumba Sr or whatever he calls himself, who you do not even know. Fusekeni bonse babili.

  1. I’m not sure what the criteria is for appointing people into diplomatic service,but so far we have seen selection of relatives,journalists and political Dr.Kaseba certainly is better qualified than the rest and intellectually will not disappoint.She also has a winning personality and smile.However,she is a great doctor and it’s unfortunate we can use her vast skill and knowledge in Zambia’s health sector. Wishing her the best!

  2. This is long overdue. She should have been appointed immediately after the death of the husband. She suffered with Sata for PF and why leave it out while outsiders are eating.

  3. What a waste of talent and human resource in this able professional who could have served the motherland better saving lives if she practiced medicine than spend time at unending diplomatic functions dining on wine at the mission in Paris!! Maybe she can revive a national airline discussions that Lungu was so upbeat about when he returned from his last visit to Paris. How did we end up going to bed with Ethiopian Airlines when the impression given was that those talk were advanced?

    • In Zambia professionals are not respected hence not rewarded accordingly ..look at that crook Dr Chilufya in Ministry Of Health where he has become wealthy as a we have madame Kaseba when she was first lady she was receiving all those donations to her charity and even volunteering in the operating theater at UTH, look at her now…this is another example why first ladies should be banned from creating such things as they are a cover for corruption.

  4. Congratulans mama Dr Christin Kaseba. You deserve it as your sweated for PF than those enjoying the great works of the late beloved president Sata.

    • ECL wabomba mbuya. You remind me of ba shikulu Katongo. You remind me of his famous song ‘Muletemwana’. How I wish Dr Kaseba was not confused by greedy politicians. This woman would have been highly respected. But all the same Congrats to Dr for accepting the appointment. This is your country mama, forget about all the politicking and save your people once again.

    • “This woman would have been highly respected.”!!!
      She is highly respected and more professional than most. The new role sounds abit demeaning and humiliating. Maybe if it came ealier! Guess better than nothing.

  5. Nga ba recalled Ambassador? Where has he been deployed? No plan by PF – all recalled chaps must be given something to do on the ground, seeing as they’ve learned something abroad?

  6. I actually don’t mind this appointment at all. She is not a cadre, definitely not dull like the majority PF and as long as she stays away from the majority PF she will continue being intelligent.

  7. Watch this space.

    Intelligence is that Lungu is about to appoint THANDIWE CHILONGO BAND’S brother as ambassador to Japan.

    His name is JACK CHILONGO. He is a former UK Investment Banker.

    RB is the president. Nepotism is at work.

    • Chisha@ # 13.

      I know this guy. ##### Jack Chilongo ##### He was at Libala Boys with me in the 80’s. He worked as some Executive or Director in Information Technology at Barclays Capital Investment Bank in london or something like that. Oh my word. So those are RBs inlaws

    • What …????

      Jack Chilongo as Diplomat to Japan.
      Geeeee. . He is an intelligent and smart guy though. A guy like him you appoint him to lead Zambia in Information Technology.

  8. # Monze Everything has time, as she mourn you leave to mourn, this is the good time for her now to enjoy life. Congratulation Mom

    • If this is anything near truth my bet is spearheading ICTs as a planning tool by Ministry of Planning.

      PS level will do, embassies can best be run by Economists and Lawyers; or chaps who have demonstrated appetite for Development Planning and/or Negotiations. Career Diplomats from the OP are also suitable.

  9. There you are!!. Finally we can have the rights of the likes of Zodwa Wa Bantu protected. This landmark appointment should have come two months earlier. She is an all-round woman who sees beyond many things and I am sure Zodwa has taken note of this important appointment.

    Congratulations Madam Kaseba. Please use your position to fight for the down-trodden women such as the example given above.

  10. What is it with our women lacking ambition…women all over the world are stepping up in Zambia; its another story look at madame Kaseba from first lady silenced to an Ambassador…I bet she had a say where to be sent as Paris will be very convenient for her to do her shopping.

  11. Why should such people ‘waste’ their doctorate papers by being given such positions? Let her practice her medical qualification. That’s where she belongs

    • let me break it down for “em – power” or “am power” – make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

  12. ‘”ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. Congratulations madam Kaseba for this opportune appointment. Go and make us proud and enhance the national reputation that has been dented abroad by HH and his tribal cult UPND. HH A TICKING TIME BOMB TO ZAMBIA’S PEACE & SECURITY

  13. So this is the end of ba Christine Kaseba’s medical career? Shame too bad. Why couldn’t she continue with the good medical works the medical camps she was conducting whilst she was first lady but this time she could do so in her capacity as a medical doctor? Take an example of Professor Chifumbe Chintu MHSRIP). The man worked in the medical field to reach the apex of the profession and died with so many accolades to his name. Madam Kaseba could have pursued her medical career to the end. Being and Ambassador is really just being a cadre for the ruling party.should there be change in govt, she will be recalled….then what..anyway, just my thoughts. She is too respectable to be messed up. I leave it here

    • Ambassador – being a doctor in Zambia is not easy …if you are not moonlighting or don’t have a cosy MOH position its just a title.
      Look at our Nkandu Luo a Professor in microbiology and immunology and worked as Head of Pathology and Microbiology at the UTH… She has published numerous journal articles on HIV/AIDS. she glad to be insulted by students a Minister of Education. Why?

  14. QEC. Wise move sir. Bring in Dr. Canicious Banda as well. I believe he can serve this great country from our end. Thanks sir.

  15. The problem is that we have a gullible opposition in Zambia. This has the potential to become a big story only that they don’t see opportunity. Honestly how do you give the wife of the party founder a junior position of Ambasador while Dora, Maxwell Mwale, Felix Mutati and the new Foreign Affairs Ministers are serving as ministers? So Kaseba is junior to all those MMD ministers and she will be answerable to the PS Foreign Affairs, just imagine

  16. Everyone but a few individuals are not happy! They will never be happy even in heaven they will protest !!! Shame

  17. Wow she has been reduced to a cadre from First Lady look how humiliating it looks. Bowing down to Lungu like if not for her husband’ sacrifices he wouldn’t be where he is now.Lungu must have listened to Malema’s speech on Winnie

  18. This is the lady who was finishing tax payers money globetrotting when her husband was president. So now she will be busy being extravagant in France trying to stimulate her lifestyle as a former first lady and leaving the zambian mission in France in perpetual debt again to be paid for by the zambian taxpayer.

  19. Let us look beyond politics. France has high-tech medical facilities. Dr. Kaseba will facilitate training of our medical personnel in france. Congrats Doc.

  20. Congrats Dr.Kaseba Sata!!PF is your late hubby’s baby so you deserve to enjoy within PF Govnt!!!
    The biggest loser here is Kainde as usual because team ECL is getting bigger by day!!
    Once more congrats Dr.Kaseba Sata!!

  21. The appointment is okay but the timing is very poor. She favoured H.H. over ECL just one year ago. We are left wandering as to what has changed for ECL to take her as favorite for the job. This is one of the reasons l don’t trust Zambian politicians because they are not able to maintain their public reputation. One day you hear them condemning the next day you will hear them pleasing what they were condemning. People go into politics in Zambia not to provide service but as a means of enriching themselves. This why l don’t accept to be used by anyone in politics. I have stopped voting based on political lines but based on individual personality.

  22. This is demotion from being first lady to a cadre, from being a PF presidential hopeful after the Late MCS (MHSRIP) to a cadre, from being a well articulated medical doctor to being a cadre , All ambassadors are cadres and have to seek permision from lusaka before issuing any statement, even before doing twenukanu has to ask lusaka whether she can be allowed to open her legs to white people or not ah very boring Job , i wish u went back to medicine and strive to become a professor whilst lecturing and being a consultant. That would give u more dignity than this so called appointment

  23. Dr. Kaseba, Zambians will always remember you. You were probably the best First Lady there has ever been! So educated yet so down to earth like your late husband. You are definitely presidential material. You should be the first woman president of Zambia one day. Nawakwi is tired and fed up with politics so Doc, you have all the potential to make it! Just don’t be too comfortable as ambassador. God bless you abundantly.

  24. Nothing ‘exciting’ about this appointment. It’s all appeasement, ‘rent seeking’ and who was who, when, connections and how they should be ‘rewarded’. Nothing much happens at Zambian diplomatic missions anyway, in terms of concrete work that benefits the country or dealing with individual issues of Zambians in the diaspora.

  25. Upndeez just be patient, tomorrow it will be Mrs Mutinta Hichilema. That would be a befitting appointment given that h.h has no less than five times failed to fulfill his promise to make Mutinta First Lady of Zambia. I am brilliant not so?

  26. Well deserved appointment, coz the husband, worked hard for the formation of PF . No these who have high jacked the positions as ministers from mmd . I think changwa, wants 2021, kaseba, to campaign for him, and not only that, even running mate/veep, since GOGO, is retiring . People wake up. This is Koswe’s gimmick. Next will be Sampa to reward him. Watch this space.

  27. If president. Ecl is standing in 2021,its likely that he wl apoint dr kaseba as his runing mate.congrats Dr kaseba,at least an appeasement to the sata family.forgive mulenga sata and give him a position as wel.

  28. @1.6 Mumba,
    Do you sometime stop and reflect back on the disjointed excrement you’re smearing on this site? Just what the hell is in common between Kaseba, Peogeot assembling in Zambia, Airbus etc. I urge you to see a doctor, yours could be the onset of something more sinister “in the head”. Anyway, ba Tubulu ubulwele mu tulukobo bwafulisha!

  29. I don’t like politics, Dr Christine Kaseba, a Zambian physician and surgeon reduced to the level of Anthony Mukwita.

  30. Mr. President ECL it is time H.H. is recognized and appointed as DC of Luanshya. His appointment is long over due considering that he lost Presidential elections five times now.

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