Lusaka Water and Sewerage company supplies half of current water demand in Lusaka

Children collecting water at a hand drawn pump
File:Some residents of Chinyunyu drawing water from a hand drawn pump in Chinyunyu. This is one of the few sources of clean and adequate water for the rural area, which is about 70 kilometres from Lusaka.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Jonathan Kampata says his company remains resolute to increase water supply in the city.

Mr. Kampata said the demand for water in Lusaka stands at 411,000 cubic metres per day but his company only supplies 250,000 cubic metres per day.He stated that the ongoing rehabilitation and expansion works of the water plant in Kafue will help cushion the deficit.

The Managing Director said this at the Steward Park water reservoir site in Lusaka during a tour of different water sites by a parliamentary committee on Energy, Water and Tourism.

Mr. Kampata also bemoaned the encroachment into the company’s reservoirs by some Lusaka residents.

“We are finding it difficult to carry out rehabilitation and expansion works due to massive encroachments. Other people put up plots and other structures on our sites,” he said.

And Parliamentary Committee Chairperson Ephraim Mbelemu asked what the company is doing to curtail the encroachments.

In response, Mr. Kampata said his company is working with Lusaka City Council to carry out inspections as well as demolish structures built on the company property.


    • These guys are useless!!!!

      Hw can they behave like that????

      Water in Rhodes Park is a problem and people are resorting to boreholes.
      Iam UPSET with this poor MANAGEMENT of water Company!!!!

  1. Encroachments, encroachments, encroachments everywhere as if there’s no government in place. Ba PF please be warned that when ‘Kashimba Chimbwili’ becomes a popular elected President in 2021 don’t say we never warned you; kuya bebele, back to Lilongwe in Nyasaland.

    • Chishimba Kambwili is a congolese. I was his parents neighbours in Luanshya when they were working for the mines. They moved from Congo to now Northern Zambia before coming to the cooperbelt to look for work. be careful what you wish for as evidence is there.

    • It disgusts me how people are so religious about the borders that were imposed on them by the colonialists.So what if Kambwili comes from Congo? Aren’t Congolese people also? We all came from somewhere.The oldest tribe in Zambia are the Tonga ,but they also came from somewhere.The rest of us all came from the Luba Lunda Kingdom or were chased by Shaka. So get over yourself. #abashborders

  2. What surprises me is how a country with so much water fails to supply its citizens with water. South Africa is a dry country but the majority of the residents in a dry city like Johannesburg have access to water that is ‘imported’ from Lesotho. Lusaka has been growing but the infrastructural capacity has been outstripped by the growth in population and human settlements. It is precisely we there are cholera outbreaks every year. Residents don’t have access to clean water.

  3. Other people put up plots and other structures on our sites,” he said. THIS IS A STATEMENT FROM AN MD of LWSC can such people improve the companies operations anyway niwachikukumila mnyamata so i forgive him

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