Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Court sentences a Zambia and 3 Congolese to 25 years in Jail for Human Trafficking


The Mongu High Court has sentenced three Congolese and one Zambian to twenty five years imprisonment with hard labour for the offence of human trafficking. Nicole Nyassa, Ikyengelo Abwe Samuel, Hussein Zulu, all Congolese nationals and Justine Mutafela, a Zambian, were on 18th February, 2017 arrested in Sesheke for trafficking five female and nine male Congolese juveniles. The four were on 24th January, 2018 convicted for human trafficking by the Sesheke Magistrate Court and committed to the High Court for sentencing.

Meanwhile, the Department of Immigration between Friday, 13th April, 2018 and Sunday, 15th April, 2018 arrested thirty three persons for various immigration offences countrywide. Those arrested are four Ugandans and one Somali in Lusaka, five (05) Congolese in Kaputa, four Congolese in Chingola and two Tanzanians and one Namibian in Kaoma, all for the offence of unlawful entry. Others are one Malawian in Chipata, one Tanzanian in Mbala, one Namibian in Senanga and one Malawian in Mpika.

Those arrested for unlawful stay are one Congolese at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and one Tanzanian in Mpika. Meanwhile, in Kitwe, ten (10) Tanzanians were arrested for trading without permits.

During this period the Department also secured seven convictions. The convicts received fines ranging from K700 to K15, 000 or in default 6 months to 12 months simple imprisonment. Those convicted are one Congolese in Chingola and one (01) Malawian in Lundazi, both for the offence of unlawful entry, two Rwandese in Kafue and two Congolese in Kitwe, for the offence of unlawful stay. One South African in Kitwe was also convicted for the offence of offence of failing to observe conditions of an Employment Permit.

The Department of Immigration between Friday, 13th April, 2018 and Sunday, 15th April, 2018 also removed twenty two foreign nationals from the country and deported one . Those removed are six Congolese in Kazembe, four Congolese in Kasumbalesa, three Congolese and one Burundian in Katete. Others are three Congolese in Chipata, three Congolese in Chingola, one Tanzanian in Ndola and one Congolese in Kashiba. Meanwhile, in Kabwe, one Somali was deported upon completion of prison sentence for an immigration offence.

Traffickers are constantly coming up with new ways to lure their victims. They prey on desperation, curiosity and naivety and as such, children are an easy target. In this regard, we wish to appeal to parents and guardians to monitor their children’s activities, who they are talking to, applications on their phones and websites they visit. We also wish to appeal to members of the public to continue reporting suspected cases of human trafficking, smuggling and illegal migration to the Department.


  1. The immigration boses are being bribed the Indian mafia.
    How come we have thousands of Indians over running our cities and not one is deported ?

    How come we have thousands of Indians who can not even speak English or any Zambian but have reg and all other documents ?

    We know you are being bribed by these Indians….

  2. …ati the lndians can’t even speak English? What about the English, can they speak Indian or let alone any Zambian lingo? Please be real and STOP being mentally colonised. These same English destroyed your ancestral beliefs and even taught them only mudzungu history and geography yet, they themselves don’t know ours. For God’s sake please let’s be real, let’s get together and organised. Let’s also attempt to teach Lozi in China like the Chinese are doing in mother Zambia today

  3. Please leave OUR AFRICAN BROTHERS ALONE, GO FOR CHINESE , INDIANS,LEBANESE , AND PHILIPINOS. african bothers are genuine peple trying to survive in a legal manner and u disturb them atase

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