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Parliamentary committee to sanction non-performing parastatals


The Parliamentary Committee on Parastatal bodies
The Parliamentary Committee on Parastatal bodies

Parliamentary Committee on Parastatal bodies says it will enforce sanctions on parastatals and other state owned enterprises that are performing poorly.

Committee chairperson Peter Daka, who is also Msanzala Member of Parliament, says parastatals and state owned enterprise should be successful in implementing their mandates without government’s help.

He said the parastatals were created to help improve the local economy and create job opportunities for many Zambians.

Mr. Daka said his committee has legal powers to recommend for sanctions against parastatals and state owned enterprises that were failing to bring benefits to government and the people of Zambia

He urged the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to play a proactive role in sourcing for funding and recapitalisation of parastatals to ensure that they were successfully performing according to their mandates.

Mr. Daka was speaking in Pretoria South Africa when he led a team of committee members on an in-depth study tour of the management and operation of the South African Industrial Development Corporation and other State Owned Enterprises.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba says State owned enterprises still play vital role in improving domestic economies.

He said the South African model of managing parastatals demonstrated a good example that Zambia needed to maintain the idea of having functioning state owned enterprises.

Mr. Mwamba noted that the Parliamentary Committee’s study to South Africa was timely as the country was running some of the world’s largest and successful parastatals that have helped to prop-up that country’s economy.

The full Committee on Parastatal Bodies comprises; Hon PETER Daka(Msanzala), Patricia Mwashingwele(Katuba), Mulowa Mukumbuta(Senanga), Brian Kambita(Zambezi East), Mumbi Phiri(nominated), Anthony Kasandwe (Bangweulu), Gift Chiyalika(Lufubu),Mutotwe Kafwayaya(Lunte), and Moono Lubezhi(Namwala), Douglas Siakalima(Chirundu).


    • Mumbi Phiri was fired by PF for “embarrassing” their president at a fundraiser.
      What is she doing in South Africa, hope she is boozing.

    • What a committee. Peter Daka, a failure who failed to run his own nightclub in Ndola called “Avalanche” to chair a committee on Transformation? This is interesting. We should TRANSFORM THIS same Committee first to have intelligent able and high performing Zambians

    • # the prince you are right even when he was employed to sell cars he failed, at ROP he was only good at getting kick backs

  1. Learning from SA? My foot, these are people whose parastatals were “captured” by the Guptas. What’s there to learn there? The shopping is great though and I’m sure they have stocked up on some good to have things. Singapore would have been a better destination, yes, thy still run parastatals. Bit when you come to think of it business success is difficult if the operating environment is unsupportive.

  2. SA IDC is run very differently from the Zambian IDC. The SA one is more of a catalyst and often sells companies to private interests after the state has borne the initial risks and then moves on to something new. There is far less politics in the SA IDC compared to the Zambian one which is a bastardisation of the idea of state-backed industrial development corporation. Zambian IDC is well , Zambian, and reflects all the weaknesses of the state that sponsors it.

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