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Zambia to host the World Bank’s International Development Association meeting


Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe
Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe

Zambia has been picked as the host of the World bank’s International Development Association [IDA] 18 high-level mid-term review. The event will be held in november, 2018.
The announcement was made, Sunday 22nd April, 2018, by World Bank Vice President Axel Van Trotsenburg during the IDA 18 Implementation Update at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC.
Speaking at the event, Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe expressed gratitude to the World Bank for the opportunity to host the Mid – Term Review for IDA18 in November 2018.
“This presents a great opportunity to showcase the long history of IDA’s work in Zambia,” she said, and added that, “in support of the all – important special theme on “Jobs and Economic Transformation”, we have a project on agribusiness and trade for which I am very keen.”
“We are the land of scaling solar, with the program going into its next phase, we are a transparent Government and would like to showcase this as well, we would  also  like  you  to  visit  our  projects  and  enjoy  the  warm  hospitality  of  the Zambian people under the embrace of the African sun,” stated Mrs. Mwanakatwe.
And Head of International Financial Institutions at the United Kingdom Department for International Development Richard Teuten backed Zambia and said the United Kingdom was happy that the country becomes the first in the Southern African Region to host the High-Level IDA Mid-Term Review Meeting and further stated that the choice of Livingstone as the host City was a great one.
And Africa Group 2 Constituency Alternate Executive Director at the World Bank Group Jean-Claude Tchatchouang of Cameroon, said Zambia deserved to host the High-Level event because of her good credentials in implementing World Bank Programmes, adding that, “many countries have a lot to learn from Zambia, especially in handling energy reforms and in the implementation of scaling-up solar projects.”

Mrs. Mwanakatwe was accompanied to Washington by her National Development Planning counterpart Alexander Chiteme, MP, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Finance and Economic Development) Christopher Mvunga, Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba, Special Assistant to the President for (Economic Affairs) Hibeene Mwiinga, Bank of Zambia Governor Dr. Denny Kalyalya, Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary for Economic Management Mukuli Chikuba, Permanent Secretary for National Development Planning Chola Chabala, ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda, and Deputy Governor Administration Bank of Zambia, Dr. Tukiya Mabula Kankasa.


  1. Mixed feelings about this.

    Why host anything in zambia. A poor third world country with 37% living with Aids.

    Lusaka is terrible compared to here in Glasgow.

    I wouldn’t attend if I came from first world country.

    Expect most to shun this event.



    • Why is PF so obsessed with IMF & World Bank?
      They are working so hard to shackle us, our children, grand-children & great grand-children in unsustainable DEBT/KALOBA/NKONGOLE.

      In a single day in 2022, Zambia must repay $750 million Eurobond, another $1.5Billion in 2024. The 3rd Eurobond ($1.25 Billion) is to be repaid in 3 equal installments between 2025 & 2027. During that time, Chinese loans will also require to be serviced

      PF regime is so bankrupt that it can’t even pay $25 million Medical Stores debt, LapGreen’s $300-million or pay for farmer’s inputs. Even crude-oil suppliers are owed.

      Yet this PF00Lish regime sees it fit to contract more debt from ruthless IMF & World bank. There’s no country in the world that has developed using debts.

    • Hopefully the IMF will straighten Margaret the drunk’s deviated mouth. The country’s debt is unsustainable and someone who the corporate got rid of (Margaret) has not got the credentials to stir the ship. The only qualification she brings to the table is a fake accent.

    • Lungu was banking on us in disaporal to invest back home but all in the drain because it’s the duty of the Government to take care of the economy.

    • This woman is all over the place and yet she should not even be a minister let alone a MP. Is there a shade of truth in the fact that she was fired in East Africa before making her way back to Zambia where she now finds herself as an illegal Minister in a foreigner’s government? Margaret GO AWAY!

  2. A good decoy for beggars to save their faces! Make them feel nice for a little season! But debt is debt! We must come with clean hands if help is what we seek! There is no dignity in begging and being heavily indebted!

    • Imagine they are excited about a meeting at the end of the year yet its April…to them its an opportunity to beg, beg beg and beg….she will not tell you about how her visit to Washington was about and if it was a success instead she is announcing pointless issues!!

  3. Mushota ulitole. You are the same as HH. You pride in putting ZAMBIA as a dark country and backward just because you are mushota in Glasgow. For us Zambia is our pride. We were born here and we woll remain so. If God wanted me to be a Scottish i could have been born there with white skin possibly. Mushota something went wrong when you were conceived.

    • Really laughable…amazing that people still get angry with that blogger; do you not know that the named blogger is an LT multi admin user account hence the multi personalities. I guess LT attracts new readers every week.

  4. Mscheew ,nonsense event I wish Lusaka was hosting multinational company headquarters like Nairobi or Johannesburg have.That would be more consequential.




  6. Please let World Bank set up a retail outlet or Branch in Zambia. This will make it easy for Zambia to withdraw directly from World Bank ATMs.

  7. Everyone would like to come to Zambia and visit our Vic falls via any conference; so not something to brag about mwaiche Mwanakatwe; but Zambia’s debt is what they are really coming for review closer;

  8. Akushungulukeni Ichalo Ba Margie. Icnhibemba Chitila ati “Umwana Ushinaya atasha nyina Ukwenda”.

    Good Bemba proverb.

  9. And Africa Group 2 Constituency Alternate Executive Director at the World Bank Group Jean-Claude Tchatchouang of Cameroon, said…“many countries have a lot to learn from Zambia, especially in handling energy reforms and in the implementation of scaling-up solar projects.” – WHAT IS THERE TO LEARN ON SOLAR WHEN WE HAVE NOT INCREASED SOLAR’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE ELECTRIC ENERGY and the CHAPS ARE ALREADY THINKING OF INSTALLING RUSSIAN NUCLEAR REACTORS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE VERY SOLAR and WIND WHICH ARE CHEAPER!!

  10. With these abena Malawi in power, we are in trouble in Zambia. With Lungu in Angola, where are the Constance Chiwengas of the Zambia army? Please act and remove these pfools from office.

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