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PF alleged that UPND National Chairperson was caught buying votes today


United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango
United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango

LUAPULA Province PF Chairperson Nickson Chilangwa has alleged that United Party for National Development (UPND) National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango was this morning caught at one of the polling stations  buying votes in Kawambwa.

According to PF repoprts, voting started peacefully in Kawambwa’s Ntumbacushi Ward with a very impressive turn out at all polling stations until Nalumango who in the company of UPND youths stopped at Matende polling station.

According to eyewitnesses, Nalumango was seen dispensing cash to voters on their way to the polling station.

Kawambwa district Returning Officer Ken Mulumbwa approached Nalumango and asked her to leave as what she was doing was against the electoral code of conduct but Mulumbwa’s advice fell on deaf ears, as Ms Nalumango  verbally abused Mulumbwa for  telling her to leave the polling station area.

“You are an idiot! You are PF why are you telling me to leave this area. Stop being stupid. PF is going in 2021 and you will all be sorted out,” a visibly annoyed Nalumango was heard screaming at the Returning Officer.

It was at this point that some alert PF youths went to chase Nalumango from the polling station to stop her from buying votes, but she refused to leave until Police was called in to take her away from the scene.

Luapula Province PF Chairperson Nickson Chilangwa who is currently in Kawambwa, his constituency rushed to the scene to see for himself what Nalumango was doing.

The Kawambwa lawmaker who described Nalumango’s behaviour as foolishness warned the UPND National Chairperson to stay from polling stations as she was being provocative.

Mr. Chilangwa wondered why Nalumango who had served as Minister and Deputy Speaker in the MMD government was taking anarchy to the area.


  1. Why is she dressed in red? Looks like a Nigerian movie witch. Has she got a family…..why can’t they tell her that she looks satanic in that gear.

    • I would be surprised if this is a lie.

      Pretty sure this is gospel

      UPND should be de- registered now.

      Like all of you I’m sure you agree with me.

      Just had ice cream at McDonald’s this is life. In Zambia I was wouldn’t be getting such an Ice cream so cheap.



    • Another FAT person just like DORA who was seen in LT today. IS TODAY A DAY FOR FAT PEOPLE? I miss SATA. He did not like fat people. I have been wondering why. Maybe because he thought they were not good for politics, they are likely to be greedy. Only Sata himself knew why. MHSRIP.

    • If HH had picked Nalumango as running mate, this time GBM would have been minister of defense again in UPND government.
      But they messed up as usual.

    • Mudala Chilangwa alishupa, and every-time you disagree with him, even mu pub, he uses his handicap tro his defense … “bushe kanshi fwe filema tatwakwata mano, tatuli bantu?”

    • Zambian politicians whether UPND or PF not inspiring at all….Nulumango,Kapata,Dora all useless plus too thick and oily definitely not my taste

    • Teka umutima ba UPND, take it easy always concentrate on the bigger picture! Failure to do so you will remain political under 5’s who might even be denied in 2021!

      Don’t give the Govt an excuse come 2021 to bar you from contesting, take it easy! Don’t jump the gun because its very easy to ban a political party from contesting, a thousand excuses number one being violence and disorderly conduct! Take it easy and play by the book! Don’t shoot yourselves you dull cretins!

    • Yesterday, Toronto was hit by senseless tragedy.
      There are still a lot of unknowns about the van attack that took 10 people’s lives, but what we do know is that how Toronto and the rest of the country responded offers a lot to be proud of:
      The police did not shoot the attacker – even during a harrowing standoff. Instead, the officer used his training to responsibly apprehend the attacker and prevent further violence.
      Politicians did not feed the politics of fear and division, or use this tragedy for crass partisan gain.
      The media demonstrated professionalism, allowing facts to come in without offering up damaging, click-baity speculation about the attacker or his motive.
      And everyday people came together in an incredible demonstration of unity in the face of tragedy.

    • @Mushota what has happened today? You seem to be on heat or is it that time of the month! Akale you wouldn’t even touch a pot in those day! Nowadays, anything goes! Anyway this PF chap should have just recorded the events as proof of payment! Even Mushota should have advised so.

    • I wonder why you call it Lusaka Times
      It’s more like PF times same cadres commenting under different sudonyms
      Who can believe this hog wash

    • The EFF red ligalia in South Africa looks nice. Surely I wouldn’t allow my mother to go around the country looking like a Nigerian sangoma the way this woman is dressed. I wonder if she is not a sorcerer.

  2. Where is mwaiteleka so that he can be arrested by the foreigner Edgar again for armed robbery? LUNGU is a sick man indeed.

    • I don’t like you. The only person sick is Your and Your kind. Shut up now!

      I’m starting to dislike you – You should be afraid.



    • You have a PhD (you forgot to write this down) and you are only in your 20’s and you live in Glasgow. You have achieved so much including having a white Scottish boy friend among your other fictitious accolades. You also have things to do with Zambia. You do not know who Fredson Yamba is and most celebrated Zambians but surprising you are fond of LT which is a Zambian online news media. You had 26 points and chose not to go to UNZA. WHO IS SICK NOW. GO AWAY!

  3. Her remarks “PF is going in 2021” are uncalled for. Our democracy allows any party to form government. PF like any party will never be in power forever. And I hope you won’t cry “RIGGING ” when you’re trounced again. Good luck madame sango ma

    • You are right by saying PF will not be in power forever but you needed to qualify that statement that UPND will
      Never form government either.

      UPND will be like Zadeco, Lima party etal.

      Here in Scotland we have the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s, Scottish Green Party, Scottish Christian parties, national Front.

      I’m Correct. I hold a PhD.



    • By the way the PhD has come back! Today is the day the bipolar is severe! I wonder what rant will come next!

  4. If this really happen, then it is indeed sad (especially from such a person) and every Zambian must condemn it, regardless of political affiliation. Electoral misconduct must be exposed at all cost, by all peace loving Zambians. I hope the case comes up and treated with the firmness it deserves. Those with evidence please come forth.

    • I doubt a person with her experience in elections would do this. I am inclined to believe the blogger who said PF is already crying. They are already coming up with excuses if they lose. If they win, this story will die.

    • If it’s proved that she did actually pay voters money according to our law regarding election fraud she faces a lengthy jail sentence. I only hope it’s not true because it is only going to bring political accusations.

    • There you are typing with wisdom
      In your last chair. As if anyone will take note of your comment.

      Just go and find a better job and stop living at your fathers expense.

      You are not clever at all.



    • Desperation can lead a person to do anything, like the impeachment and nationality nonsense. This is characteristic of UPND.

  5. @Mushota ”In Zambia I was wouldn’t be getting such an Ice cream so cheap.” What kind of a sentence is this? PHD holder Ulichipuba, You and Chomba aka waaataa have something in common. You are nincompoops devoid of any shame at all. Leave PHDs issue to real professors you morons.

    • Agreed. Next time I need single check what I typed like you do.

      You probably have more time than I do you see.

      I’m 27 and have PhD – what do you have ?



    • GBM earlier in the day said Nalumango was badly beaten by PF thugs and that the pictures will follow in the course of the day; where are these pictures?

    • He has two cows back home in Namwala which are starving because his ka god has taken up all the grazing land. He dare not speak. Wapia iwe if you dare challenge you ka god. So just suffer in silence.

  6. Anxiously waiting for comments from my friends jay jay and spaka . I would very surprised, nay shocked, if this duo does not spring to nalumando’s defence!

    • You are both sad and have nothing in life to offer if you are waiting for those nonentities.



  7. Zambian politics also! How does a big person like that walk around angry enough to insult people without reason? I don’t understand.

    • There was a reason. They confronted her without substantied proof she was in the wrong.

      If I stop you after you visit a shop and suspect you of having stolen – will you be smiling about it ?

      You are not clever really are you ?



    • Grow up. Classless comment you are probably mentally a midget.

      I bet you thought you made sense in your comment?



    • On what basis. You are a tool. A nonentity really. Why lie to the masses of people on here ?

      Some will believe you, you see

      Apology accepted from you time me



  8. The heat is on PF. NDC and UPND are squeezing them and hence all these stories. Ms Nalumango is not that stupid. Time is up for PF is they resorting to violence in mere ward elections. These are not good on the ground.
    It is parties like that of Rainbow and other smaller parties the need to deregistered as they are there only on paper and through the media but are no where on the ground.

    • Why are you believing this story ?

      I thought you are better than that honestly.

      Your analysis is flawed.



  9. Mutale Nalumango is not cheap, never has been and never will be. Chilangwa is lying through his unbrushed foul smelling teeth!!!!

    • Politics can make one cheap. Have you seen Dr Maureen Mwanawasa involving herself in politics of late? No because she’s doesn’t want to demean her status.

  10. Do not belive anything from PF …..if they are not committing violence or stealing they are telling lies ……..

  11. Vote buying can’t work now! There is donchi kubeba. Let them spend what they stole from the Zambians by 2021 some people will be very broke to campaign effectively. BY tried it!

  12. Mushota you are on a roll – I remember back when you used to condemn PF and when I used to support them wow! Things do change indeed! However I still don’t support UPND! Not impressed with their conduct, their style and complete lack of sincerity- they will peddle lies and use whatever deceitful tactics to get into plot one… I mean why stoop so low, come 2021 as long as they play it cool provide proper checks and balances as Sata did when he was in opposition they will most likely get the vote, but if they mess up on such issues which is very likely-it will be very easy for them to be barred from contesting- this is a real possibility! Go for Green Party! Sinkamba a leader who cares for all Zambians!

  13. Stop trying to find excuses now. We know the signs …..the last kicks of a dying hose. PF, just level the playing field and people might just forgive your mess. PF his been the worst party in power because it has in its ‘Wisdom Shrine’ the remnants of UNIP which had a lot of Malawians as spies for KK. Why is KK not talking? Am sure he is happy to see his boys in the saddle.
    Change at this point in time is eminent.

    • Please let’s not disrespect KK. And please don’t be filled with revenge. The game of democracy is ever unpredictable so just wait for your time.

    • Who’s panicking? Just look at the results. …your leaders should not campaign with so much hatred, campaign should be full of substance not acrimony and lies.

  14. If it was was from another source maybe! not the red lipped viper chilangwa.
    Mule fwika ba mayo ba nalumango amala yambushi.

  15. Am just wondering why we don’t have the side of nalumango’s story? I don’t think she is that naive to start buying voters at the polling station…..what kind of reporting is this. Chilangwa who was not at the site managed to rush there and gave a speech. Why not asking nalumango to give her side…..reporter wa pa zed awe sure…

  16. So far PF has won 13 out of 16 wards where by elections were held today.PF has won two wards in N/Western,one ward in Western and all 10 wards in its strongholds.UPND has only won two wards so far.THEN WE HEAR DREAMERS IN UPND SAYING PF GOING IN 2021,GOING WHERE?elections are not won by dreaming!!THIS IS A CLEAR SIGNAL FOR PF IN 2021!!

    • Upnd got 9,900 votes against 3 for PF in Monze Mwanza ward. You can see how determined these people are on the motto A TONGA MUST RULE.

    • PF is going nowhere. We don’t intend to. There is too much at stake in the development of this nation to entrust it to juvenile politicians.

  17. Nalumango from deputy speaker to Satanism! Messed up indeed! Awe sure! Go back to kaputa it’s a new district. You could be a DC.

  18. WALLOPED! who are they going to blame now? the Pope? didnt 3000 people defect in kalulushi kikikikiki yet still loses kekekekeke! Edgar ni ndoshi etc…where did that get you? f00lish

  19. The fear of intra party democracy by H H has costed him votes, go the convention or else 2021 you will be crying again.

  20. Nalumango the pay mistress who Moves with cash to distribute to voters! Where did she get that money she was dishing out?

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