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Police raid Mulongoti’s offices, pick up Siwale


People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti
People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti

Several heavily armed police officers in riot gear on Tuesday afternoon raided offices belonging to People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti along Reedbuck road in Lusaka’s Kabulonga suburb.
Police have also picked up New Labour Party President Fresher Siwale and detained him at Police Headquarters where he was to be questioned over a National Registration Card (NRC) which is said to be of President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Mulongoti and Mr. Siwale sensationally claimed that they have evidence that point to the fact that President Edgar Lungu is not Zambian and that the current Edgar Lungu in State House is an imposter.

Around 15:00 Hours on Tuesday, heavily armed Police officers stormed Mr. Mulongoti’s office demanding to search the premises for the said NRC and some undisclosed documents.

They however could not proceed as Mr. Mulongoti was out of town and police only found a care taker, a Mr. Kasongo.

Police later proceeded to pick up Mr. Siwale and dragged him to his house where a search was conducted.

Mr. Siwale was then taken to police Headquarters for further interrogations.

Mr. Mulongoti who disclosed the development in an interview said the whole search episode was unfortunate but that the duo is not shaken.

“We are not shaken, its them who are shaken. Why should they come to my office to look for Mr. Lungu’s NRC as if I am his guardian? I don’t keep Mr. Lungu’s NRC, he knows where his NRC is,” Mr. Mulongoti said.

He added, “Us we are on the streets, we have nothing to lose, it’s them that stay in offices that have something to lose.”

And Lusaka Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri said he was not aware of the search as he was out of the office attending a family matter.

Meanwhile, Mr. Siwale maintained in an interview hours before he was picked up by police that he has evidence to show that President Lungu stole someone else’s identity.

Mr. Siwale also challenged those swearing that President Lungu was “what he says he is to swear an affidavit”.

He stressed that he is not a mad person to make such kind of allegations against someone holding a high post without evidence.

“I am not a mad person to say he is not the one. I know what I am talking about and he himself knows what I am talking about, we both know what we are talking about, this one is Jonathan Mutawale,” Mr. Siwale said.

He maintained that President Lungu lived at House number 1487 in Kwacha, Kitwe.

“The house up to now is known as kwa make Jona Mutawale. This one is Jonathan. 14001, Chimwemwe, that’s where Edgar Chagwa Lungu grew up. I know what I am talking about, these are two different people.”

He advised President Lungu not to take the matter of his identity lightly because he had evidence.

“President Lungu has already admitted. The past two months we have been calling him an identity fraud, he has not said he is not Jonathan Mutawale because he is supposed to say ‘no, I am not Jonathan Mutawale’. The answer must come from himself and he must state that he is not Jonathan Mutawale and that he never went to Kaloko Primary School and that he never attended Masala Secondary School where he failed in form three. But he must know that we know that this one is not Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” he said.

“He cannot play games, it’s a dead end. If they think this is a laughing matter, they are dead wrong. He is an imposter he must just own up,” said Mr. Siwale.

The New Labour Party President also urged Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima to explain what she knew about President Lungu’s identity since she employed him at Legal Aid Board when she was heading the institution.

An image of an NRC purportedly belonging to the 'real' Edgar Lungu
An image of an NRC purportedly belonging to the ‘real’ Edgar Lungu
NRC purported to belong to the 'real' Edgar Lungu
NRC purported to belong to the ‘real’ Edgar Lungu


  1. hahaha its getting hot…. arrest the Malawian fraudster ….

    No wander the Chief Justice refused to swear him in as President. The dots are starting to connect. Kaseba has been rewarded as ambassador to shut her up of what she knows about the fraudster …

    No lie can live forever

    • Lungus Guardian hehehehe!!! Abena Mulongoti. Most of these stories don’t sound plausible and logical from Mulongoti and Siwale but goodness me it is good one someone plays the PF at their own game 🙂

    • Humbly Dumbly meanwhile is happy enough to keep this going as a topical issue in Zambia so that more serious issues are not quizzed in public like Ministers repaying, misuse of funds 42 for 42 and the USD 288K, Zambia debt, political violence, disunity in his own party, terrible AG report etc. ….he can easily close this debate but noooo not Humbly

    • First you call him a mad man …then the coward send his scouts raids the madman’s office..another reason why Lazy Lungu has to respond with evidence!!

    • Watching Nigerian movies too much has condemned these chaps to such mindless yet dangerous mercenary errands. Their obsession to throw Zambia on fire has only delivered a doom fate. Its has all but been sealed before the courts of public opinion. President Lungu is bonafide Zambian patriot with an indelible life story and lineage. Zambian democracy under Chagwa has overstretched its tolerance for such lunatics. President Lungu owes them no attention or favors but the wise General populace.

    • Stop saying he is Malawian. Jonathan might be from Luapula.
      These Edgar on NRC looks like Edgar PF, but if you look closely they are different.

    • LT Editor, so how does this chap above get 150 thumbs up in a space of 5 mins yet page views doesn’t match it? You need to tighten up your security…

    • Jay Jay, Write something sensible, we will thumbs you up too. The voting manifest that Zambians are not buying into the criminal world of Mulongoti and his dry expeditions. This article has received over 2000 views. Security at LT is rock solid.

    • Sensationalist statements with no backing will lead to a reaction. These two chaps Mulongoti and Siwale must be the first ones to prove that what they are saying is true, the burden is now on them. Had they been the first to go either to court or to the police then the burden would have been on ECL, it shows they just wanted to make headlines and start the gossip fever going. They themselves know they are spreading lies. But what will be will be the damage is done they have set the ball in motion.

    • What a banana republic! Someone with evidence for acfraud case is harassed when it should be the other way round! Is the President so sacrosanct we have to harass any one arraigning charges against him? What kind of a democracy is this? Police must be taken to school to learn both law and politics. Otherwise Zambia police are Lungu’s security guards

    = = = = = = = = = = =
    – ONLY A MALAWIAN can sell ZNBC to Chinese. DeadNBC is part of our heritage, no matter how horrible it is.
    – ONLY A MALAWIAN can sell Luburma Market to tu ma Chinese. It ‘s one of the oldest pre-independence markets. Luburma Market traders are in history books & fought during the independence struggle.
    – ONLY A MALAWIAN can sell RATSA to Lebanese. RATSA contains sensitive information like addresses of anyone who owns a car in Zambia including generals, intelligence officers, president, ministers
    – ONLY A MALAWIAN can sell prime land to tu ma Chinese at expense of locals
    – ONLY A MALAWIAN can fan tribalism to hold on to power
    – ONLY A MALAWIAN can indebt the country with $$$-Billions soon after the sacrifices Zambians made in the 90s to attain…

    • CONT’D..
      – Only a Malawian can indebt the country with $$$-Billions soon after the sacrifices Zambians made in the 90s to attain HIPC & become debt-free. Many Zambians died due to IMF induced structural adjustment plans.
      – Only a Malawian can fan youth violence just to hold on to power.
      – Only a Malawian can disrespect the constitution & disregard all the democratic achievements Zambia attained, just so that you can hold on to power & continue your stealing spree.
      – ONLY A MALAWIAN can befriend dictators & praise despots like Kabila, Museveni, Mugabe, Mswati, Kagame.
      – ONLY A MALAWIAN arrests anyone who asks you a simple question like “who are you“?

    • My reading of history of nation-building around the world reveals that nations have been made and un-made , sometimes peacefully, sometimes violently, but mostly violently due to hatred. This hatred is present in Zambia now. The other lesson is that there is nothing permanent about nations although clauses like “this nation is indivisible” are inserted in constitutions. Hardly surprising there; they are man-made after all. How can they be permanent when the makers aren’t? The other common feature is that clergy have always been there praying for God’s blessings. Even Hitler had clergymen saying it was all very Godly to send people to gas chambers, USA civil war same; clergy were there saying slavery was Godly. I am not reading these things to take an exam but just to understand. I…

  3. How come these two are the only ones to come up with a story like this?

    Unless more people come forth testifying against the stolen identity, I will continue to assume the two have just been reading “The Bourne Identity” or took the wrong medicine.

    • Because the rest of the nation don’t have evidence (do you want all of the people to have the same evidence?) and did not leave either in Kwacha or Chimwemwe and the biggest reason is that all of you are sheep and cowards. Do you have other reasons for your skepticism?

    • Nine Chale,

      The majority of the bloggers here are simply malicious, ignorant, and deluded. I share two schools with ECL – Mutende Primary School in Kwacha Township and Mukuba Secondary School. Anyone from Kitwe who has attended these schools and others ECL attended like Ishuko and Chimwemwe A will confirm that ECL has been known by these names and couldn’t have magically changed his identity from someone else to ECL. What I find most shocking is that even the so-called educated people have swallowed the Mulongoti nonsense line, hooker, and sinker! Those of us who know ECL’s background are now victims of insults from these morons!

    • FACTS – Did you ever visit your friends house …Did you ever see Lazy Lungu’s parents? I mean if its so straight forward why let people suffer, simply produce evidence and shut the so called “mad men”…up. This man is a president for crying out loud…does he need you to defend him!!

    • Jay Jay,

      Is it too complicated to understand the simple facts presented to you? I see no reason why ECL should dignify these the so-called “mad men” by responding to them when he has more important national duties to attend to. For your own information, Mulongoti is a personal friend who, in my own view, seems to have lost his marbles. I met him at Crossroads Shopping Centre with his friend from Prime TV, Kasebamashila Kaseba, about one and half weeks ago and confronted him with my facts which he completely failed to rebut. He appeared completely disoriented when I told him I shared two schools with ECL! Let him just appear in court with his friend, Fresher Siwale, to present his evidence.

    • FACTS, Jay Jay asked you a very simple question. Even a kindergarten child would answer. “Did you ever visit your friend’s house”? “Did you ever see lazy Lungu’s parents”?

      I will give you another rope. You can use it as a lifeline or to hang. Tell us what’s complicated about these two questions. Stop this nonsense of going Mutende Primary School or Ishuko. No one who went to those schools were born at those schools you pinhead. Do you freakin know how many foreigners went to those freakin schools. I went to one of those Kwacha schools, we had even foreigners teaching in those schools. Even the secondary schools. Stop the nonsense dimwit!

    • It is so surprising to see someone who has risen in ranks through all these years, someone who has contested elections twice and only to be labeled today as a Malawian. Where was his true identity all these years?. Mulongoti has been in politics since the time of KK and why coming out now with an NRC for ECL alleged to have been forged?. He knew the police are coming to search his premises and decided to run away. If ECL is Malawian, what development has he taken to Malawi his home country?. These guys are noise makers trying to make headlines by attracting the attention of the people. ECL has already stated that he wont respond these finished mad polititians because if he does, then he is equally mad. PERIOD!

    • Kalos2020,

      I never said that one who attended Mutende or Ishuko was born at these schools. Nor did I say there were no foreigners attending these schools – and I know a lot of them – but ECL was not one of them. It is you making these ridiculous statements. As for me being a pinhead or dimwit, I think more intelligent bloggers here can tell who, between you and me, qualifies for that appellation. I will not reciprocate your insults. Let me just advise you to read the sections on citizenship (PART IV: 12 – 18) and the qualifications for the presidency (PART VII: 97) in the current constitution carefully in order to make an informed judgment on ECL’s citizenship status.

    • FACTS
      There you go referencing a document that has no bearing on the argument at hand. The issue is not the constitution, again, please try to remove wax, this time from your brain. It is where Lungu was born or where his parents are from. Accordingly, Mulongoti says from Malawi and he says they have some of the evidence. If you want to debate the constitution, sir, you are on a wrong forum. The constitution and those parts you cited have nothing about Lungu’s birthplace or about his parents. Abachawa, was he umuchawa in your classes? Probably you just heard someone claim that he attended those schools, while you did not even know him, and here we go arguing with you on things you have no evidence on. Show us that Lungu he is a Zambian or shut up.

    • Kalos2020,

      I will not persist in arguing with you. You can continue deluding yourself in the false belief that I don’t know what I am talking about. It is also abundantly clear to me, going by your insolent and rude language, that your upbringing was certainly not up to scratch. At no time have I directed insulting language towards you, and yet you keep on belittling, vilifying, and using derogatory language towards me – asking me to “remove wax from my brain” and telling me to “shut up”. What a brilliant mind you have!

  4. If these two- Mr Mulongoti and Mr Siwale who are making these unsubstantial claims or allegations have some substantial evidence that can prove that our current president stole somebody’s identity, then they should not be afraid of been questioned by the police, instead they should provide such substantial evidence to the police and if it turns out to be true, then president Lungu should be prosecuted since identity theft is such a serious crime. Otherwise if they are just making noise and making false allegations then the two should be ready to face Edgar Lungu in court and pay him handsomely.

    • @Mwiponta mukabwela
      Mate where are you hiding….you used to be very active on LT a long time ago together with Nine Chale…am talking about almost 12 yrs ago.
      Now we have a new set of bloggers who doesn’t fully understand the script…just full of insults.

    • There are afraid of the PF police. Our National Police and Security Wings have facts on this matter. The professional Zambia Police don’t use the Flying Squad to arrest harmless Citizens. They send Police Callouts ( whatever that is )

  5. Very funny indeed. My name is Gilbert Sichalwe and there is many with such names. Foolishness indeed. In school we were three of us with the same names and in different grades and different ages. The other GS died in 1999 so someone will now come and say that I faked. Foolishness

  6. Ala ba mulongoti bandepula ati !
    Why should they come to my office to look for Mr. Lungu’s NRC as if I am his guardian? I don’t keep Mr. Lungu’s NRC, he knows where his NRC is,”.
    Yaba kikikiki

  7. A simple matter has been made to generate international headlines. Late LPM faced this sort of thing and Zambia remembers how he handled it so that it was over in a matter of days and the nation moved on. We saw even pictures of his father’s grave in Chief Chamuka’s in Chisamba. Impeachment the same. Why is ECL so scared? Nason Msoni has said something instructive. ECL never took the campaign party in Eastern Province to the village his parents originated from, that is his mother and father’s villages. No one has come forward to refute that. What does a disinterested by-stander make of this? This a personal matter for ECL to answer, not the PF, not govt, not his former classmates, not Nsenga chiefs,not anybody other than ECL.

    • That’s the shambolic handling of PF media team and Lazy Lungu…first they laugh then in sinks in after a a couple of days when the wear off the hang over and reality hits home!!

    • Why hate somebody who sells country to Chinese, locks innocent opponents and keeps at felthy Mukobeko wishing them to rot. A father who thinks tribalism is a hobby, turn a blind eye to violence.

    • Graves of yesteryear are not easy to identify. Today we put permanent structures from which we can identify any grave. Having said that I am not happy that the nicompoop’s was raided. ..they should just leave him alone with his madness.

    • DJ7: I have challenged you to check out another African who led a research team at Ohio State University following your stupid comments on Kelly Chibale’s recognition. The research team is even named after him as a mark of respect. He is Dr Abraham Badu-Tawiah. Please do it if you ever put your beliefs to any test.

    • DJ7: I’m not finished with you. Check the Badu Research Group at Ohio State University and see what a young Ghanaian bio-chemist has achieved. He was not raised in USA but his country and studied chemistry up to masters’ level in Ghana. He has six patents and more are on the way. You perhaps believe that lab reagents behave differently depending on the race of the scientist working with them.

  8. That NRC could not have been issued at the time it says it was issued. in 1973 zambia had a different NRC to this one. This NRC is photshopped and is fake.

    • And it’s a criminal offense to be in possession of another person’s National Registration Card. Mulongoti and Siwale are just bringing unnecessary problems on themselves.

    • @Shebele: Spot on!! I remember my mother’s NRC from the 70s. It was predominantly pink, the green ones came in later. I think these twits have exposed themselves to fraudulent and criminal activities and are genuinely at risk of facing the law. Ubu puba bwafulisha mu Zambia!!!

    • ***BREAKING NEWS***
      PF scoops Lealui local by-election in western province as well as most other by-elections according to latest results!!!!!!!!!

    • 8.4 Nalumango didn’t pay or buy enough votes. I’m not surprised because the NDC and Upnd didn’t logically market themselves apart from insulting the president.

    • I got mine in 1982. There were no lines then But every time one replaced an old card the date of first issue does not change but the remains the same. My new card has lines.

    • I got my NRC in 1974 and it was green. I don’t think Zambians have ever had pink NRCs. Give the man a break please.

  9. Lungus fear of facing open questions is indeed alarming and suspect…..all this was not going to go this far if lungu showed some integrity and honesty to face the press…..he only faces DEADNBC jurnos at the airport where he can quickly run into an airplane incase any journo becomes brave…..

    • Imagine if Lazy went to London last week and Stephen Sackur invited him on HardTalk…really laughable.. he would have got cholera, Ebola and diarrhea !!

  10. Politics have indeed gone to the underdogs. My concern is the reputation of Zambian Universities that produce the calibre of Lawyers like Mike Mulongoti and the rest. In the same vein CBU may be agonising for having awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree to Mr. Mwaanga.

    Zambians who viewed Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, being interviewed on BBC, could have been thrilled with pride on the calibre of a Great and globally respected African Diplomat. The integrity of Ba Vernon Mwaanga was reduced to a level of childish gossiper. CBU, Unza, UNILUS, Cavendish must seriously review their degree curricula to restore sanity in our academic institutions.

  11. It is very unfortunate that our President (probably not mine or yours) has chosen to take the intimidation route instead of just being candid and respond like a mature democratic leader. Why send riot police to ask evidence? Why not ask the two to show at any police station with evidence rather than wanting a fight? Is this the only way Lungu knows to resolve issues? The people involved did not need to be hauled in police vehicles like criminals but treated like Zambians that they are, and with the respect that they deserve. Lungu should not be allowed to rule with a whip or cowering everyone in the country. He is a President, CEO of the Zambian republic. He does not own the country and its people. It is very unfortunate that there are even a bunch of some of you pinheads who line up to…

    • That’s the best way to handle criminals like Mongoti etal .Lies for breakfast, lies for lunch,lies for supper; lies lies lies as KK would say in those days!

  12. support Lungu. What if Mulongoti and Siwale are right? What will Zambians do to Lungu? Definitely, something very very very big must happen to him and those he used to scam Zambians.

  13. Where is BR MUMBA to tell us what the clever people of the Zambian enterprise need to know ? Who should we belive ?

  14. Honestly this is rubish were did siwale got this copy because everyone know NRC is a personal identity this propaganda soon will land someone in trouble and how did he qualified to stand we all know that opposition especially upnd they are deadly scared of chagwa which your efforts are in vain

  15. Why should I respond to made people. How will people differentiate between the made person and i. if I respond to made people..excellent response….ala kabili futi mad people been arrested by a sofisticated battalion…aim I missing something here

  16. This same Edgar of Mulongoti, where are his relatives(wife, brothers, children)?
    Someone will end up in Jail over this dirty campaign.

  17. I concerned by the silence from the upnd PVT. What is the national picture of the just ended local Government by-election . Any one with imfo?

  18. When someone has no following and no purpose in politics all they do is talk rubbish or follow other people and claim they are party please Mike Mulongoti please go and do some farming or find something to do .stop making senseless headlines.my registration card was obtained in Isoka but with place of birth Nakonde But I was born in Kitwe and my dad is from katete .What proof is there that Iam Zambian when anyone can obtain a registration card anywhere in Zambia.There is no data base with record of anyone.who is father to HH .Can Mike Mulongoti tell the nation who the father to HH is ,he seems to have time for such research.

    • What prompted Mulongoti and Siwale to claim that Lungu is not a Zambian now when he has been President for almost two years? If all along they were concerned citizens as they claim, why didnt they bring out such sensitive information at the time Lungu was vying for Presidency in 2016? The problem in Zambia is that we only bring out issues when we have failed to excel in our individual lives. Both Mulongoti and Siwale are political failures who dont deserve the attention being accorded to them. The chaps belong to the dustbin. Next please!

  19. Just like mulongoti is saying Ecl has never known attended any family gathering but again if that identity was stolen why the legitimate family have never claimed that identity

    • Good question and I thing the nationality expert mulongoti must produce the relatives of the other chsgwa lungu. Atleast GBM can’t buy into this no sense and he is always clear when compaignIN
      he talks about removing Pf in 2031 through an election . He us very clever to be a pay master for lazy mulongoti. Who have failed at his age to grow his party from nashala neka party as Hon Kabwili recently referee to him I wonder if he has kids umukulu ukuipufyafye. Asalapo bu Joni sa ulye ubwali. I senior iye. is their any true relatives who should call this lazy nan to order. It’s sad that the same people that paid him to say the same things again RB and sata Ard still wasting their money on non issue.

  20. So the fake Edgar Lungu at a tender age went to look for a look-alike to take his identity?? The fake Edgar Lungu failed his Form 3 exams and suddenly became a brilliant student able to excel through University and even became a lawyer passing though ZIALE, and was more intelligent than h.h and later became President?? What utter nonsense, from h.h’s Matero Fake Printers!! And Mulongoti has swallowed it hook,line and sinker!! He is even faking a hallucination!!

  21. I thought he said he wouldn’t respond. Under what legal authority of justification were these raids carried out? Many a time we miss the gist of issues. The issue of whether someone is Lungu or Mutaware has nothing to do with due process and the use of the state apparatus to intimidate the opposition wantonly. ‘Let one who alleges, prove’. I thought that’s what was meant by ‘not responding’. So why this response and under what law?

  22. Catholic Church apologizes to Galileo. Oct. 31, 1991. Catholic Church apologizes to Galileo, who died in 1642. Some people thought Galileo was mad for speaking out on things he knew






  25. Mulongoti and siwale shud produce tangible evidence,if their claims are true which is very unlikey.at stage was the nrc stolen?why?let siwale produce the evidence to the police,otherwise mulongoti and siwale are playing a very dangerous game.bloger no 25 above or upnd cadre has some good reasoning.

  26. Jay Jay,

    Is it too complicated to understand the simple facts presented to you? I see no reason why ECL should dignify these the so-called “mad men” by responding to them when he has more important national duties to attend to. For your own information, Mulongoti is a personal friend who, in my own view, seems to have lost his marbles. I met him at Crossroads Shopping Centre with his friend from Prime TV, Kasebamashila Kaseba, about one and half weeks ago and confronted him with my facts which he completely failed to rebut. He appeared completely disoriented when I told him I shared two schools with ECL! Let him just appear in court with his friend, Fresher Siwale, to present his evidence.

  27. Big mistake by Jona and his ZP!
    Your actions have just raised more suspicions!
    Why can’t Mutawale answer for himself? ZP should not even come in on this one! When did it become a criminal offense to ask someone to prove their nationality? By your actions, you have confirmed there is something Zambians deserve to know! Release Siwale or his continued detention will work against you! Be smart on this one if you have everything to hide!

  28. HH was with ECL at the university let him chip in. Those two I doubt their mental capabilities especially Mulongoti who openly cried for being left out of employment.

  29. Thought the question has been if or not ECL’s parentange qualifies him to be head of state.. Were he went for primary, secondary skools or University is not the issue. Visiting his village is not an issue either, the issue here is were he was born and what nationality were his parents.. Some people were born outside Zambia but are pure Zambians.. If the allegations are true why cant Mulongoti and Siwale produce all the evidence without waiting for the president to respond.. ?? maybe ECL is waiting for them to bring out all the evidence then he responds, don’t you think so??

  30. They have finally got the rat, he’s been a liar the whole of his life. Austin Chewe was expelled from the MMD and almost assassinated because of his lies. Thank God Mwanawasa realized and brought Austin back to the MMD. Now it’s his turn to dance chikokoshi

    • I got threats from an MMD official after challenging Mulongoti on radio phoenix over the hounding of certain members of the party.

  31. This issue of NRC please we are just wasting our time. Instead of debating about something which can develop the country. Lets wait for 2021 are you afraid of Lungu. Mr. Mulongoti if you remember very well you even campaigned for Lungu but you were not give job you change the goal post.

    Please God help this country Zambia

  32. Why can’t the President prove to the Zambians that he’s indeed a bonafide Zambian citizen and put this matter to rest once and for all? All he needs to do is tell us where his mother and father hail from.Is it all that difficult?

  33. The pligh of “Luapula Premier” is understandable. It is a tragic experience for the world, especially the USA Zambia to have been infested with illiterates such as Donald Trump, Mulongoti, Siwale, HH, Chief Mukuni and HH (their local sponsor of evil motives), who thrive on racial and tribal doctrines. This crop of POLITICIANS are simply in illiterate in the most vital human discipline of HISTORY.

  34. That NRC was changed. obviously you can not expect a registration card issued in 1973 and actively used to remain in good shape. It can change even 3 times. to think that that is sign of being foreigner is utter rubbish.

  35. One thing i need to understand,where are the relatives to the ”Original” said Edger Chagwa Lungu? Why have they not reported to police of the Identity Thiefty by the accused.We will believe this story if we see relatives to both parties coming forward to clear the air on this matter.

  36. That is what Lungu always does when ever he is cornered. He sends his ruthless dogs. Why not simply take such a one to court and settle issues in a civilized manner? Why harrass and intimidate if innocent? The guilt are always afraid. Lungu is a foreigner and he knows it. He should just honourably leave State because he is illegally ruling us when he fully knows he is a foreigner.

  37. @Technocrat, President Lungu proved that he’s Zambian when he offered himself for leadership. Scrutiny was done by all scurity wings including OP, and to take the oath before the CJ is a serious matter. The provision in our constitution also take the investigation of your origin to chiefs and village heads so that all loopholes and leakages are sealed concerning one’s identity and origin. So Mulongoti and Siwale must prove the security wings wrong by proving otherwise the identity and origin of ECL. With technology of clonning and photo shop of faces in place, it’s possible to do what the two rubble rousers have done. Sadly even the educated have been hoodwinked in this episode.

  38. Let them continue with their enuendos! They have lost the bye elections because of their hate for ecl.njala izakunyokola anso!

  39. Why are people so hateful of ECL that they want him out of the way at all cost? I see, he is unbeatable and the prospect of a 6th time loss by one opposition leader sends shivers down his spine. These people have now started a campaign to remove Edgar before 2021 to avert the embarrassment. To support the impeachment motion which has lost impetus, mercenary Mulongoti is being paid to fire it up by his wild nationality claims. All these evil schemes are so transparent that they serve to discredit the originators. It is something called “back to the sender”. Shame on them. Putrid brains.

  40. I have come to know of many with the same first and last name but different parentage. Only foolish thinking can make one conclude they are the same person or one is imposing. Of those am giving as example one is from Feira, the other Petauke and the last Chipata and all have the same first and last name. This is the reason why most public figures add a middle name to reduce mistaken identity and to emphasize which one is in question. No President shall spoon feed all. If you cannot accommodate a few villagers on God’s land I do not therefor look to you sharing the national cake with the same villagers.

  41. What moderation are we talking about when insults are allowed to float for everyone to see and I have only used adverb to qualify the kind of thinking and NOT that the person is.

  42. I love HH for who he is, a human being like myself. But politically he is foolish to use minions like ka Mulongoti. Mulongoti knows nothing more than farting all the way to the toilet. Utubulungwa tubi.

  43. Why are people from southern being xenophobic?
    Today,the people of Eastern province feel insulted by the UPND tribal agenda.
    ECL has served in several capacities as a bonafide Zambian.However,today there is a section of Zambians that suddenly feel more Zambian and are breaking the law while at it.
    What should we do with such desperate lawlessness as exhibited by Mulongoti and Siwale?
    Should we watch or put an end to their shameless acts?

  44. Let’s home from former pupils of kaloko primary and masala secondary schools also those were in Chimwemwe township.

  45. Let’s hear from former pupils of kaloko primary and masala secondary schools also those were in Chimwemwe township.

  46. 1. The current Republican President is a former UPND member and founder member
    2. The current Republican President was a Member of Parliament in Chawama
    3. The current Republican President was at same University with HH
    4. The current Republican President once was a full member of LAZ
    5. The current President has held several ministerial positions
    List could be endless…with all this, could it be that the Intelligence Wings are docile and could not have picked any impersonation?
    My ingenuity and intellect tells me that both Mulongoti and Siwale need to have their marbles checked! We could be dealing with serious mentals issues.
    Let us focus on more serious issues that will develop Zambia. If for any reason you are in disagreement with ECL’s leadership, you have all the right to…

  47. Has someone factored in the issue of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in the equation? Those born during federation, which nationality were they? Lawyers and Historians, please educate us on the matter.

  48. And why is the police raiding the offices of citizens that have asked a simple question? Obama was asked same question and the CIA did not raid the person that asked. As citizens, does it mean we can’t ask questions?

  49. It happened to KK, it happened to FTJ Chiluba, it happened to Levy, it happened to RB, it happened to Micheal Sata Chilufya and now it ECL? why this trend? I can conclude that we are all foreigners then. Mulongoti is Lamba and Lamba`s came from Congo DR – Luba empire and Siwale comes from Vwaya in Tanzania.

    • Each one of us did, at some point in time, come from somewhere. But why would one person steal another’s identity? Kenneth Kaunda never stole someone else’s identity, neither did all the other people you have mentioned. Edgar Changwa Lungu did. That is the exception.

  50. You all doubting the president’s origins munama che. Mulibabufi ba fikala because ask us from Kitwe. Ask Simataa who was his junior. Wish my late sister and elder brother, his classmate would have lived to defend him nga balefwembela ifimuti fya mango in Nkana west. The man is who he is from Chimwemwe. Stop lying imwe ba makakam

  51. You all doubting the president’s origins munama che. Mulibabufi ba fikala because ask us from Kitwe. Ask Simataa who was his junior. Wish my late sister and elder brother, his classmate would have lived to defend him nga balefwembela ifimuti fya mango in Nkana west. The man is who he is from Chimwemwe. Stop lying imwe ba makaka.

    • Mayanda Mulenga,

      My first cousin was ECL’s classmate from Form to Form V at Mukuba and they still remain the best of friends. But every time I try to defend ECL’s nationality, I am showered with insults. You have bloggers here who would rather believe in falsehoods than the truth. Simataa who was ECL’s junior at Mukuba has also defended ECL’s nationality but would these detractors listen? No! Just forgot about them.

    • I meant to say: “My first cousin was ECL’s classmate from Form I to Form V at Mukuba and they still remain the best of friends”.

  52. HH attends family reunions in Chief Mukuni’s area, in Namwala, in Monze, in ….! That is what you want the president to do also? The president attends his family reunion in Kitwe! Tribals!

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