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Speaker Matibini bemoans high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the country’s correctional facilities

Health Speaker Matibini bemoans high HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the country’s correctional facilities

National Assembly of Zambia speaker Patrick Matibini delivering his speech.
National Assembly of Zambia speaker Patrick Matibini delivering his speech.

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has bemoaned the high health risk in the Zambian correctional facilities, due to overcrowding.

Dr. Matibini noted that as Zambia is currently ranked as having the highest HIV prevalence rate worldwide, 27.4 percent of in-mates in the country’s correctional facilities are testing positive for HIV against the national prevalence rate.

Dr.Matibini added that it was saddening to note that the limitations experienced in most correctional facilities pose a serious challenge to disease control efforts in prison settings.

The Speaker made his sentiments in a speech read on his behalf by Chairperson of the committee on National Security and foreign Affairs Dr Martin Malama during the official opening of a two day sensitisation meeting held at the 360 conventional center in Lusaka.

The meeting’s objective was on Sexual Reproductive health and rights for selected parliamentary committees in the SADC region.

The four year project on sexual reproductive health in correctional facilities is aimed at ensuring that health issues are addressed in correctional facilities in the SADC region with the help of members of parliament who are representative of their various constituencies.

And Dr Matibini further noted that inmates are generally a link for the transmission of certain infectious diseases because of the poor sanitary conditions among other health hazards.

He has since called on various stakeholders to ensure that advocacy for a better environment in correctional facilities is upheld.

And Vice Chairperson of the National Working Group Johanes Mtonga expressed hope that challenges faced by inmates in various correctional facilities, especially the female prisons, will be addressed.

The group of Parliamentarians is tomorrow expected to visit the female maximum prison in Kabwe, on a familiarization tour in the quest to improve conditions in the correctional facilities.

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  1. See how few comment on such important issues! When we say most Africans are selfish people we know what we are talking about! Meanwhile useless za yellow Lubinda has not changed a single thing in the legal system- we are still having juveniles sent to cells with adults, we are still having custodial sentences for minor misdemeanours and then Kamyongo has done nothing at all to improve all the prisons in Zambia only a few are getting a coat of new paint but below this the poor conditions remain- Zambia Correctional Services make millions of kwacha from the agriculture produce yet are failing to build good toilets for their inmates! The sodomy causing HIV Kampyongo wants to stop is rampant in the cells yet what is he doing to stop it. May God Judge those sadists in govt for not improving…

  2. Ctn… May God Judge those sadists in govt for not improving things and may they feel the same stench and disgust of these concentration camps they are sending their own brothers and sisters to! A rate of 27% HIV infection is too high, this is why criminal lawyers are making so much money in Zambia- no one wants to risk contracting HIV/ TB in these concentration camps so they will sale their houses, their cars become bankrupt just to keep out of the cells! Karma put KK in prison back in 97 and his fellow “inmates asked why didn’t you KK improve conditions when you were President?” KK’s response.. Zeee…

  3. Politics and Chiefdoms are the biggest curse on Zambians.
    Zambia needs a revolution, all thieving politicians shall be sent to gallows, without exception.
    Politics shall be for the good of masses. A true political leader shall not go gallivanting when the masses have no food and water in their homes, he shall not go for treatment overseas when there are no medicines in hospitals, he shall not get tax free salaries, free food, drinks at state house when everybody has to pay for the same.
    He shall not live at state house without paying for rent or notional rent shall be added to his salary and he shall pay tax on the same.

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