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University of Pretoria distances itself from Prof Hansangule’s letter to the UN on Recalling Janet Rogan

Headlines University of Pretoria distances itself from Prof Hansangule's letter...

Prof Michelo Hansangule
Prof Michelo Hansangule

The University of Pretoria in South Africa has distanced itself from a media statement issued by Michelo Hansangule, who is Chairman, Africa Centre for Good Governance and Professor of Law at the institution calling on the United Nations Secretary General to recall United Nations Resident Coordinator in Zambia Janet Rogan.

In a letter dated 24th April, 2018 University’s Registrar Professor Caroline Nicholson says Professor Hansungule did not follow procedure or seek clearance from the Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University when he commented on governance issues in Zambia.

According to a statement released to the media by Mrs Naomi Nyawali, First Secretary Press and Public Relations at Zambia’s High Commission in South Africa, the University of Pretoria says it is concerned that Professor Hansungule expressed his personal opinion using the name of the university by using its letterhead to issue a statement without being authorised by the institution.

The Registrar has since assured the Zambian Mission in Pretoria that the University will take steps to ensure that the error of judgement of Professor Hansungule in using an official letterhead for his statement of opinion will not be repeated.

The University’s reaction follows a letter written to the Institution by Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba on the 19th of April ,2018 who sought clarification from the University whether frequent statements issued by Professor Hansungule concerning local Zambian political issues using the University’s letterhead stationery, were a reflection of the institution’s views.

The Registrar disclosed that Professor Hansungule has since been made to revoke his statement and has apologised to management for the use of the Centre’s letterhead to express his personal opinions.

Professor Nicholson stressed that the opinion expressed in the particular statement dated 14th April 2018 on UN Resident Coordinator in Zambia, were an expression of personal opinion of Professor Hansungule and did not represent the official opinion of either the Centre for Human Rights or the University of Pretoria.

Mr. Mwamba expressed concern that most of the issues that Professor Hansungule raised particularly in his letter to the Administrator of the United Nations Development Program in New York regarding the recall of Janet Rogan who is the UN Resident Coordinator for Zambia appeared to represent the official position of the University of Pretoria.

Mr. Mwamba has since thanked the University for its prompt response to the High Commission’s concerns.

He also expressed gratitude that the University management had shown it’s determination to correct or rectify the misrepresentations made by Prof. Hansungule.

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    • You must be as dull as the professor – do you understand the implications of using a letterhead when expressing personal opinions. Very silly of your professor – reflects very badly on his intellect.

    • Not a surprise indeed he is UPND Zombie remotely controlled by HH. That’s the problem of being a boot licker. No matter how educated you may be your god (HH) will control you. It can clearly be seen that he is encrypted with UPND DNA. Shame ignorant professor.

    • Why you resign from the University and join politics in your home country? Some of tongas are the ones making the tonga people look bad. What kind of prof are you?

    • How on earth would Hansungule do a thing like that. My goodness, he is a professor and yet he does not understand the seriousness of using company’s headed paper when dealing with personal issues. I used to rate him highly, I am afraid not anymore. It’s a mistake not even my son cannot make. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear he has been fired.

    • UPND is slowly losing momentum…Kambwili and Mmembe have overtaken HH
      Let me go my weekend begins today..off tomorrow off weekend…adios..its NBA playoffs time let me rush home

    • bantu truth,

      Clearly you have zero knowledge on the rules and procedures in a bureaucratic institution like a university. You cannot use the university logo when you are expressing personal opinions to another organization without the approval or knowledge of the University Vice Chancellor. If the University of Pretoria feels seriously aggrieved, Professor Hansungule can even be fired for what he did. I know of a similar case like this at UNZA where a lecturer was suspended. This is the crisis we have currently with our brothers and sisters from Southern Province. Even where one of them is clearly culpable and wrong they gang up in support. Has HH put them under such a powerful spell?

    • @Bantu, no wonder even people like Kambwili are heroes in Zambia. Surely you can’t see the implication in the action of your member Hansungule? I don’t need to say more except that now I can confirm that your party will use anything, anyone regardless.

    • As usual what do you expect from Tongas. A Tonga will always remain one no matter how educated one is. Shame..!

    • If he used the University letter head, then it is wrong? He is a professor you mean he can be that dull? Or is it Mwamba’s propaganda because the man is very childish.


    • So, where is the letter from MH to UN; and therefore the audio as well from Nicholson. Or we have very dull reporters who cant check for facts independently.

    • God forbid if such people and their like mindedness should ever be given chance to rule Zambia. That would be the end of Zambia. They seem to stop at nothing to get to State house. If indeed your propaganda was good it should have reflected in the just ended by election.

  1. Humpty Hansengula! We know what he stands for! Run the demons are coming from the Tribal Party masquerading as a political party! Run!

  2. These guys are very dull! You can take tribalist from the bantustan but you can’t take the bantustan in him! Writing to the UN with a letterhead of a university! How dull! You now understand my posting about Childish writing to the UN about soccer and not to FIFA? “It is now LAUGHABLE after the Laughable disease called HaGay!

  3. Childish talking to the former Ivory Coast coach: “Coach, you could have won this game, you were robbed!”
    Coach, “We created a lot of chances but we lost. Who robbed us?”
    Childish, “By the referee!” Coach, “How?” Childish, “He should have sent out one or two players who roughed up Gervinho but only gave you a penalty! You must report the referee to the UN!”
    Coach, “To FIFA, you mean?” Childish, “No! to the UN! As a soccer fun and future Zambian president I will write the UN on your behalf!”
    Coach, “Childish, that is childish!”

    • Ati “….As a soccer fun..”

      Even the English is failing because of sexual frustrations in wanting only and but only a Tonga bull……

    • all those helping these bantustans to go to state house should know that they will always be treated as third class citizens, the most important thing to these people is one of their kind and secondly its their cattle leaving you in the third position. you may be lozi , kaonde etc you don’t matter to these people. i feel pity for the three stooges from the north GBV , MucheleSalt and NaluBeast the UPND flower boys and flower girl because these stooges will be fourth class citizens because of their tribes. ISULA ICHIPALAKASA MUMBWE

  4. Thank you professor , we are on record saying only international ochistrastion of lungu might to a stop to his brutality and thuggish kaponya rule.

    Lungu loves international travel and basking in the recognition as a leader of a democratic progressive Zambia…PF and lungu can not survive without international aid…..the more his thuggish rule and brutality is internationalised the better…..without the international attention generated thus far…HH , CK and chishimba would still be jail.


  6. ..”.professor has since revoked his statement (meaning the 1d10t was forced to write back to the UN to revoke) and has apologized to university management (meaning the swine was made to apologize to a group of people a lot of whom am sure we’re younger than him and made to look like a prize testicle complete with scrotum dandruff).
    Nice one mwamba, thats how you treat tribalist who are now attacking an innocent woman and painting our nation black. Alokwa nga pushing chikamba!!

  7. All this Tonga’s have been positioned themselves for positions known to them its sad to see foolish and dull supporters who think upnd will bring bread and mill meal on there tables malambishi hh and his Tonga’s they have an hiden agender which shall not work



  9. Tongas are taking tribalism to a very high level!!Even learned tongas to a level of a Prof.consider HH as their god!!These dull tribal creatures are the ones who make HH lose election after election!!
    Anyway,continue destroying your tonga party UPND which is good for Mighty PF!!

    • Why ? So learned tongs must accept and be supportive of lungus corruption, moral decay and thuggish kaponya rule ??

      Are you for real ?

  10. He is just another Tonga. All Tongas are spokes persons for the bantustan. They should just fire him so he can learn that his bantustan head does not pay, he just wants to privitise for himself

  11. Professor, because you are Tonga and do not support the corruption and moral bankruptcy of lungu and PF , you see the dirty tribalists trying to paint you all sorts…….pay them no mind……mother zambia needs internationalists like your self….pleas write some more to who ever will listen, they will judge for themselves if we are telling lies…

    • Typical of the likes of Spaka like lilo in UPND!
      So you do not get the genesis of the prof.’s condemnation, its the use of the university’s letterhead to express his own personal views. No one is suggesting even remotely the prof. cant express himself but doing it on a wrong letterhead all together thats the issue here!
      If you and your party start comprehending matters maybe you can come up with the correct strategy to dislodge this PF that is by the way more than ripe to be plucked out of power! making noise everywhere except where it matters and that it identifying with the NEEDS of the people and speaking for them. That UN lady does not in any way affect the marketeer in Chipulukusu!

  12. Another disgruntled fella. HH promised him position in his imaginary govt and fortunes are running low hence venting of frustration on UN. Shameful prof to be hired by a cult HH.

  13. Uyu mutonga Uyu nimbwa sana, all he does is UPNDead everything, he would ever offer his wife to HH, abatonga it’s had to just think of them as normal people in Zambia, coz their brains have been UPNDead.
    U will lose ur job n at ur age u’ll just be a grandpa telling stories near the fire.

  14. We are here to stop stoolpidity and bullying in Zambia coming from a tribal grouping nothing less! Sadly, you never target the stoool mentality of a people as you see even in a professor! This is a coordinated attack on Zambia meant to discredit the government and Zambia and destroy the peace and good name that Zambia has had in Africa and the world. I will not stop to attack and call out low thinking that is threatening our land! Hazaluza Hagain because of being tribal!

    • Continue writing to who ever will listen, let the recipients make their own minds up if lungu is a corrupt their eroding democratic freedoms and unleashing his pf attack dogs on the opposition…..what are you afraid of ?

  15. Just the other day we had a real Zambia Professor who is respected in South Africa and the whole world. Among top 50 leaders in the world. In trying to outdo the real Zambian professor and get international recognition Hansungule uses his tribal brain to think and not his scanty academic brain, writes to UN using institution’s letterhead for personal use. Result? The whole Professor has been made to apologise to and take instructions from youthful South African professors half his age. Now he fears for his job but the other agony is being laughed everyday by those young professors.

  16. The only mistake was to use the University letterhead. Nothing to do with the content of the letter. People on this forum that are reacting purely on negative disgusting tribal assumptions about why the Professor takes the stance that he does, are worse for humanity. Why not take him on purely his premise without referring to irrelevancies about his person?

    • Ba Harold Muna,

      You come across to me as a very mature, intelligent, wise, and sober minded person. But surely, do you also subscribe to this hero worshiping of HH as well? This is what baffles a number of us who find nothing of value in HH compared to people like you who seemingly pay unquestioning loyalty to HH.

    • A Tonga brain tefintu using a University letter head to air personal views am sure next u will blame God

    • I agree with @28.1 that he is mature, intelligent, wise, and sober minded person. I haste to add that he is also a neutral person.

  17. He was stupid to use the letter head but lets face it the UN is a waste of world tax payers money and Rogan has a good life but really never does anything except get a tax free salary, car, house ect. so close her position and get rid of the UN, they have no teeth or back bone and they support dictators worldwide.

  18. bantu truth,

    Clearly you have zero knowledge on the rules and procedures in a bureaucratic institution like a university. You cannot use the university logo when you are expressing personal opinions to another organization without the approval or knowledge of the University Vice Chancellor. If the University of Pretoria feels seriously aggrieved, Professor Hansungule can even be fired for what he did. I know of a similar case like this at UNZA where a lecturer was suspended. This is the crisis we have currently with our brothers and sisters from Southern Province. Even where one of them is clearly culpable and wrong they gang up in support. Has HH put them under such a powerful spell?

  19. Integrity, very true the professor errored on this one and an apology was a better thing as he did. Politics…..

  20. Some UPND UNZA Dons went as far as Making fund donations in run-up to 2015/16 elections. It is ok to be political but clearly declare which side you are on.

  21. So when HH said that he had officially written to the UN, the letter was actually written by this wrongly qualified nicompoop?

  22. A mentally questionable professor. Making such a mistake. He has sunk too low for his title. That is the problem of bootlicking. I think this is beyond what Bowman does. It least bowman does it intelligently

  23. Differentiate Tonga tribe from Hansungule. Him he is just a UPND cadre, not every Tonga is UPND. He is a disgruntled intellectual..

  24. @Cosmos anything that does not favour UPND is a waste of tax payers money. Tax is only effective if it favours UPND. wrong my guy.

  25. And these are the chaps that have been trying so hard to tarnish the name great of our great country at the expense of being slaves in the foreign land, we are pissed off by UPND AND HH and they should expect nothing but total rejection once and for all in 2021.

  26. I am also writing to the UN about their pf cader rep in Zambia.

    I will be using Zambian UK community letter head.

    Let also the PF supporters write in support , that will generate more interest in Zambia.

  27. Headed paper sure????
    This HH infestation is causing some learned persons to do f00lish things!
    Removing HH from the political arena can bring sanity to the Zambian politics! A normal person can contest up to three times and if unsuccessful must allow others to try! What HH and his bunch are doing by calling on the international community to harm Zambia with sanctions is irresponsible! What HH and his bunch must understand is true change is indigenously driven! You don’t differ with your spouse and then start broadcasting to the whole neighborhood for help! Such spouses need Alangizi! I support the motion to bar Mr HH from ever contesting the presidency of Zambia! He can easily bring civil strife with his sponsors if not stopped! Bad loser!

    • COMMANDER CHIWENGA you are right, deleting the small god from the political arena will definately stabilize the political environment in the country. these people will bing civil strife for real. where on earth have the ruling government received 3 votes against 9956 votes mwebantu? only in moooonze , southen province, tongaland

    • When I say even the civil service has been infiltrated by Upnd sympathizers people say nde sabaila fye. This not fiction it’s real.

  28. ProfessorHangula on Tonga enhancement…
    Typical of Tongas..always think they are ‘smarter’ than other. Ukucha icisaka…

  29. This remind me when i was in grade 4 we used to cover our text books with Times of Zambia newspaper, in front of the paper were pictures of KK Kapwepwe Nalumina Mundia Kebbby Musokotwane and then i add spectacles on their faces boy i was punished. So Professor please don’t take your job for granted use wisdom politicians will dump you ask Professor Chirwa. Pearls wisdom.

  30. One person from NWP was asked why they voted different this time around. He simply said people chose between matuka (insulting ) and development. He said all the other people did was to insult others instead of talking about developmental issues.

  31. No need to be surprised. That is how upnd do their politics, they want everyone to join their fight, if you don’t join they insult you. Just look at their small god hh’s behavior. The prof used the university headed paper on purpose. He must have planned this with hh to make people think that the university was supporting them. They have been bewitched by mukuni and hh. They even defend the undefendable.

  32. By the way how did this unfortunate woman influence the election? Personally I could have voted for Nawakwi or Miyanda but I knew they could not garner enough votes so I chose Lungu. HH? Icikwanka bachimwena kumampalanya….that’s all I can about Mr Hichilema.

  33. UPND will cry and not even the UN will entertain them for insubordination come 2021 and that’s when hh will die of extreme bitterness and Zambia will be safe again

  34. This is a SAD day for Zambia. How can the whole lot of a professor (Zambian) stoop so low as to misuse his privileges in quest to malign his own country. There is simply no excuse for such a terrible misjudgement from one supposedly ‘very educated’ man who is also well versed in law. Simply unbelievable.

  35. It has never amazed me how some people on account of tribe, race, height, position, tradition think themselves to be unique and others less. That is how slavery, genocide, apartheid and other such vices evolve/d. What is shocking for me is how that exposure and great learning seem not to have effect to deter such negative inclination but in fact reinforce it.

  36. In view of this professors’ giant misdemeanor it is clear that hardwork is not equal to intelligence worse still being educated must not equal to wisdom.

  37. @Facts .. Nowhere in my post do I mention HH. Those are the very assumptions I was alluding to and the responses bloggers make that are not based on what one has put across, but tribal and petty personal insults. I did acknowledge his mistake of using the University letterhead. My ‘thrust’ as in my other posts, was to discourage subjective non-premised assumptions and as much as possible for people to be objective and respond to actual issues. You may say you don’t like someone, but tell us why – without merely attacking the person and attributing evidence-less characteristics to them.
    By the way, any loyalty I may have will be to what one stands for and not personal loyalty based on selfish gains or ‘rent seeking’ maneuvers.

    • Ba Muna,

      I have followed all your previous blogs in which your pro-HH bias is evident. This is what I was referring to and disturbs people like me. I get so baffled that an undoubted intellect like you should pay such unquestioning loyalty to a character (HH) some of us regard as a con man who wants to capitalize on the tribal loyalties of Tongas who some of us regard as a very decent and respectable ethnic group.

  38. Ndengamambo, no I don’t think he erorred what I suspect is he thot by using institutional logo it would carry more wait. But how can a Prof of Law think so low.

  39. He is just a fake individual was education has not him to think out of the box. His financiers are just losers and will continue to lose because they have no real agenda for Zambia.

  40. Ba Muna,

    I have followed all your previous blogs in which your pro-HH bias is evident. This is what I was referring to and disturbs people like me. I get so baffled that an undoubted intellect like you should pay such unquestioning loyalty to a character (HH) some of us regard as a con man who wants to capitalize on the tribal loyalties of Tongas who some of us regard as a very decent and respectable ethnic group.

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