Thursday, February 29, 2024

Professional Tennis player Roger Federer in Zambia


Roger Federer at one of the schools he supports
Roger Federer in one of the classrooms
Roger Federer kicks a ball with children during his visit to Lundazi
Roger Federer learning the dance and moves in Lundazi while visiting community schools there
Roger Federer on his way to Eastern Province in Zambia visiting his Foundation’s community school programmes
Roger Federer Visits Zambia For Work With The Roger Federer Foundation
Roger the Teacher-Roger Federer took the children in a lesson in English




    • Federer is NOT as good as Nadal

      Nadal has a better head to head and has won more French Open

      Because of this I think whatever Federer does, Rafa can do better

      SO I am NOT impressed



    • The great spirit of the great country has the power to ‘pull’ anyone to its door step and those that feel and experience it will never view the world the same again. Thanks Roger.

  2. Well done Roger. Your humility, love and compassion are demonstrated through your works. It’s not any wonder that you have achieved so much in your life. When you lift others, God will lift you up beyond your imagination. Thanks, Roger, we will see you soon again.

  3. Why do we have very few African philanthropists? 90% of global Philanthropists are white! In Africa, we have very few of them: Dangote, Tony O. Elumelu, Patrice Motsepe and other Nigerians and South Africans. In Zambia, wee have some called rich people who are only concentrated on ruling us, why? Do we even have philanthropists amongst the Rich Zambians? Mark O’Donnel, HH, Lawrence Sikutwa, David Nama, Charles Milupi, Hanson Sindowe etc have done little with regards to philanthropist work! Why?

  4. Good responsible boy. If only others had hearts of gold like him, this world would have been a good place to live in. Mushota as usual talks off – key.

    • Roger Federer is an African as well. He has dual Swiss and South African citizenship. His mother is a white South African

  5. Ba LT, I am glad that you have at last highlighted and shown respect to Roger Federer’s generosity by showing actual pictures of his Projects which he came for. You should have done this in the FIRST place, first and foremost, and then show pictures of courtesy calls to any politicians SECOND, be they in power or in opposition. Politicians come and go, so learn to put Country first.

  6. Manje the projects they don’t seem to be doing any better than state run schools, surely founded in 2011 the children are sitting pa mpasa and no windows mmh, someone is pocketing the donations

  7. The best ever tennis player with more grand slams than any player ever. Rafa is king of clay. Roger is king of tennis kings.

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