Sunday, March 3, 2024

Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Msiska tours Chipata District Hospital and Mwami border


Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, explains something to Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska
Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska (right) addresses health personnel
Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska (far left), is led by Eastern Province Medical Director, Dr. Kennedy Kabuswe (second left) and Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Dr. Maximillian Bweupe, when he toured Chipata District Hospital
Chipata District Hospital Information Officer, Kuwani Banda, explains the electronic data entry of patients’ information through e-service
Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska ( c ) being shown information about the construction of the new one stop border at Mwami and Mchinji border posts
A Nurse at Chipata District Hospital explains about how patients’ data is entered in a computer through e-service
Secretary to Cabinet, Dr. Roland Msiska, interacts with medical staff
A Patient presents a personal data electronic card to an information officer at Chipata District Hospital.


  1. Stop wasting hard earned money of Zambian workers on useless expensive trips. Mr. Msiska , stop this rotten attitude of unnecessary trips just to get per diem, free food, free ride and running away from demanding work at office.

    • I can accept Ronald Msisika as a president if a miracle happened as it happened to Edgar.
      I feel sad that Guy Scott was a white man.

    • @Nostradamus Unfortunately, the constitution will not allow him to stand being of both Malawian parents! However, other people have been before so what the heck!

  2. Iwe Msiska, tell us how you allowed Ed Chomba to be PS with fake academic qualifications. That scandal is an indictment on your leadership of the civil service Bwana

  3. Why do you let PC cables go around decks and not into desks by simply drilling a hole saves cables and hides away the pc in a safe and secure place under the desk.
    What data are the collecting and how does in help?

    • Jay Jay surely about time! Im impressed by having the PC’s- They should do the same at police stations, I’m sure they will catch more thieves by recognising the culprits- Iwe wa bwelanso! And this should extend to NRC which should have been micro-chipped a long time ago! Even info such a tribe would be there but would not be read by naked eye but by approved decoding machines or password encrypted!

  4. @MB. Agreed. On NRC, GRZ with support from UNDP, has been working on digitalization project. I am sure it is in pipeline just that a combination of GRZ and UN is not the most efficient one when it comes to speed.

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