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Zambia’s Justina Mutale to be part of Roundtable discussion on UK’s Race Disparity Audit


Justina Mutale, Founder of the Justina Mutale Foundation has been invited to a Roundtable on the UK’s Race Disparity Audit, which will be held at No.10 Downing Street, the Official residence and Office of the British Prime Minister, on Monday 30th April 2018.

The Roundtable will review the Race Disparity Audit with a focus on Ethnicity Facts and Figures across the UK, and the challenges faced by Black African and other Ethnic Minority (BAME) Women in Business when starting and growing a Business in the UK, with the aim of proposing suitable solutions.

“It is a great honour to be invited to participate at this important Roundtable to chart a way forward for the UK Diaspora Black African Women in Business” says Justina Mutale

Justina Mutale
Justina Mutale

Ms Mutale, who is listed in the 2018 Powerlist of the Most Influential Black People in Britain and the Powerlist of the top 100 Most Reputable Africans, will attend the Roundtable in her capacity as Founding Partner of WINRADE WEEK LONDON, an annual signature global convention of Women in Trade, Business and Enterprise, which brings together top women entrepreneurs from all over the world to converge in London for a 5-Day event.

“WINTRADE WEEK goes beyond networking to provide practical advice and insight on Trading Strategies; How to do business internationally; How to pitch for contracts; etc, with a special focus on the Digital Age; Future-Proofing Business; as well as the impact of BREXIT on international trade”. Says Ms Mutale

During the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit (CHOGM2018) Ms Mutale was invited as one of the Judges at PITCH@PALACE, an initiative by the Duke of York, His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, held at St James Palace in London to showcase entrepreneurs from Commonwealth countries with the aim of connecting them to potential partners, venture capitalists, investors and business networks around the world.

Last month, Ms Mutale was invited as a Special Guest at the Zimbabwe Trade and Investment Expo, which was officiated by the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, His Excellency Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, to review what was on the horizon for the new Zimbabwe, and how investors and development partners can collaborate with Zimbabwe to develop its resurging economy.

Ms Mutale recently shared a platform with former US Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Andrew Young and US Black Presidential Aspirant Jesse Jackson in Atlanta, Georgia in the USA as a Speaker at the Globe Hope Forums, the largest gathering in the world focused on empowering poor and under-served communities. Previous speakers at the Forum include US 42nd President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton.


  1. Yaba, kanshi epowaba mwaiche wandi? Last met you at the Zambian High commission in London in 2003. Before that, we were together in “Broken Hill”…

    • @Mushota has won more accolades than Justina and yet she has never received a single award except for BB2014 – even that was ages ago!
      LT please hand the vacant BB2017 title to Mushota so that she can flaunt it!

  2. Justina Mutale, Founder of the Justina Mutale Foundation has been invited to a Roundtable on the UK’s Race Disparity Audit.Justina Mutale, and and the challenges faced by Black African and other Ethnic Minority .

    What race disparities and challenges? This is just a talking shop and a waste of time. We all know white people or anybody with some light skin has ahead start in life than chifita. This is a fact even in Zambia, whites and Indians3 have an advantage over indigenous. If you did not know , the Indian or Asian society, if you like ,is the richest in Zambia.

    • This is what Black people like doing talking and being patronized no wonder you have that Windrush debacle….it would never happened to Asians as they place people in power not these people like Justina, by power I mean calling the shots not bootlickers who are simply glad to sit on a round table and take a selfie for their Facebook page or ego.

  3. Great news, Congratulations Justna! Haters will hate and critics will quitisize – quit and then size you up… and it’s not hard to tell when they start.

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