Friday, February 23, 2024

President Lungu at KK’s 94th Birthday



  1. Very touching and very good gesture. The Bible says honour your mother and father and then the LORD will Bless you. God Bless Zambia

  2. Happy Birthday super Ken; saw the video; KK is a Zambian icon; why did PF not invite the opposition to KK’s birthday? Lungu behaved childish; there was no need to blame the opposition in front of KK & the people for his desire to send KK out to other countries; KK is old; needs rest; Let those who want KK come and visit him at his home; Lusambo did not know how to hold the microphone; why was not a trained ZNBC holding it? Lungu loves eating when others were singing; Lungu was childish imitating Trump and mentioning what Trump did;

    • @ KK Airport Cabinet. I agree with you in most respects but I thought Lungu did pretty well in leading the event in a very light hearted and very humourous way. I didn’t know he had a lighter side but he left me giggling with his jokes. The downside was him eating cake when everyone was singing and his appeal to use KK on political errands. It was nevertheless a very befitting event and I would score it 80 out of 100.

  3. Why are all these ministers standing in a line as if they are still at high school waiting to see the Headmaster LOL ? Show me ministers in the west that apply the same protocols ? Same thing happens when he is travelling in & out of the country? These Ministers are supposed to be working not wasting tax payers money !!

  4. Is that a 2017 BMW 7 Series!!!? That costs about $100000! and its a BAF, Personal Registration. How does no one else see a problem here…

    • Honestly, yes. The fact that he is president of a country of which at least 70% is poor and illiterate , I would rather he rides in a $10,000 car and put $90,000 into research and development. Its a long struggle to
      ‘Wakanda’ Mr. Vubwi, but we must start by even making those same corollas ourselves my friend. So, YOU should get it.

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