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Indian businessman to put a hotel in Central Province

General News Indian businessman to put a hotel in Central Province

Central Province Minister, Sydney Mushanga says a leading hotel and beach resort in the Indian tourism capital Goa State is expected to invest in the country.

Mr. Mushanga said having the leading hotel investor in Zambia will boost tourism and trade because he receives over 50 chartered flights from other parts of the world that go to the hotel.

He stated that such flights that are full of tourists can make a difference in Zambia.

Mr. Mushanga said Central Province is in need of quality hotel facilities in order to start hosting international conferences.

The Minister said the Provincial Administration has secured vast land for investment in mining, tourism, construction, education, agriculture, health and Information and Communications Technology.

And Mr. Mushanga said he is also looking forward to hosting several Indian business people during the Central Province Investment Expo that will be held from October 16 to 20, 2018.

He noted that Central Province in particular, is attractive for any investment because it is centrally located especially lying between Zambia’s Administration capital, Lusaka Province and the commercial hub, Copperbelt Province.

Mr. Mushanga said the recent state visit by the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, which was the first time in three decades, has opened doors to get maximum benefits from the sub continent’s economic giant.

And Joecons Resorts Chairman, Miguel Rodriguez said he will travel to Zambia soon to select the best site for investment.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to India, Judith Kapijimpanga has assured Mr. Rodriguez that Zambia is the safest place where his investment will be secured.

She said Zambia has a deficit of 250 bed spaces in the Kafue National Park

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi, India Bangwe Naviley.

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  1. ‘A deficit of 250 beds in the Kafue national park’? How hollow can a statement get and lacking in detail and context!!?

    • This is not the kind of investment we want..locals can do this very easy..You are just giving away land to foreigners imwe ba pompwe

    • What will make people want to go to Central Province? Just to go and sleep in the hotel owned by an Indian businessman? Las Vegas ,Nevada has other attractions such as casinos, etc. After seeing those attractions, people retire to the hospitality businesses dotted around there.

  2. Awe naimwe. Leave the hotel industry to the locals.

    Is that the kind of investiment you are getting. These people pay K900 per month. With a lot of deductions.

    No No No No please.

  3. The PF must stop the stupid notion that Indians, Chinese and all scum from wherever can develop this country. People of Chingola are languishing with another stupid Indian. South African boers are still capturing live wild animals from national parks and making a killing while these dimwits are looking. Cry my beloved country. Who’ll redeem this country, Hichilema is another thief?

  4. No one can come and put up a five star hotel in central province. What tourist attractions are there in that area where even the local people are not even managing two meals a day. They would rather put up infrastructure in the capital Lusaka or copperbelt where there are chances of recouping their investment or even in tourist areas like game parks or Livingstone.

    • Las Vegas in the United States is in the middle of a desert. No coast/beaches or significant natural tourist attractions, yet it is one of the most popular and visited cities (in terms of tourism) in the Country, if not the world. People come from all over the Country and world to see Las Vegas. Why? Well, great immagination of the people of the State of Nevada. So, people of Central Province should not shy away from thinking big and immagining big things for their Province.

  5. It really pains me when ever I see our land being given to foreigners(investors) in the name of developing our great nation Zambia.Yes I fully agree,development is vital for all of us Zambians but then we can’t we stop leasing Land to foreigners but then we just tell them to use it for a certain period of time.

  6. She said Zambia has a deficit of 250 bed spaces in the Kafue National Park???? what is the meaning of this statement coming from an ambassador of a country?

  7. Has anyone STOPPED a Zambian from opening a hotel ? Is there a law against it ? Are Zambians not in their own sovereign independent country for 54 years

    Do you know any Zambian that has ever put up and run, and kept running, any 5 star hotel ?

    If Zambians can’t do it and haven’t yet done it, should we blame a foreigner for doing what we are too lazy to do ourselves ?

    Good luck to the developer ! I am sick of s-hole lodges that are dirty and infested with cockroaches in our smaller towns. You are most welcome sir, bring your money to Zambia !

  8. Its a hotel to bring Indian workers. This a scheme to bring Indian workers when the pretext of tourism and they take Zambian jobs. This is not a good investment you should be happy about or even praise useless investors about

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