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Nalumango appeals to UPND Members to support Mukata’s lover for Chilanga seat

Headlines Nalumango appeals to UPND Members to support Mukata’s lover for Chilanga...

HAPPIER TIMES: Charmaine Mehl Musonda and Keith Mukata

UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango has made a passionate appeal to members of the opposition party to support its adopted candidate for the Chilanga by election Charmaine Mehl Musonda, the woman who was recently acquitted of jointly killing a security guard with lover Keith Mukata.

The UPND on Monday unveiled Mrs. Musonda as its candidate for the Chilanga seat which fell vacant after the nullification of the seat by Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini following Mr Mukata’s conviction and sentencing for murder.

During the court hearing, Mrs. Musonda opted to remain silent and was later acquitted due to lack of evidence although witness testimony delivered in court say that she was present on the scene of the crime.

The decision to adopt her has however displeased a number of UPND members with some taking to Facebook to question the party leadership over the decision.

Some believe that the adoption of a person who just came back from prison and was known to be sleeping with Mr Mukata, a married man has effectively handed the seat to the PF.Some have even vowed to go ahead and vote for the PF as a protest over the adoption of Mrs Musonda.

Others believe that the adoption was a miscalculation on the part of the National Management Committee saying the party could have settled for other members who had shown interest in contesting the seat.

But Mrs. Nalumango has assured the members that Mrs. Musonda’s adoption was arrived at after she beat all the other applicants during the primaries.

She said the party in Chilanga and across the country should rally behind her and support her during the campaigns.
Mrs. Nalumango clarified that the party leadership at national level had nothing to do with the adoption process as it was left purely in the hands of the local structures in Chilanga.

The UPND National Chairperson has since urged the party members in Chilanga to come forward in party regalia on Thursday and support Mrs. Musonda as she files in her adoption papers on Thursday.

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    • So UPND thinks Zambians vote according to emotions kikikiki iyi yeve mwailasha. Ati bazanvela luse and vote for her.

    • I think it is an issue of money- who can campaign without the need for the party to dip into its pocket. In the end, indeed, she is a strong contender because the UPND is a strong brand. The PF is strong as well in Chilanga and seeing how close it was in 2016, I see the PF edging this one out. Charmaine is a ‘girlfriend’ and was party to a murder, this is easy campaign rhetoric.

    • Like I have always said, UPND has invested in satanising wverything and will reap the Demons.

      Its Leadership has lost marbles and balls


    • I am so dissapointed, even Iris Kaingu is better than Chamaine Mel.
      My heart is bleeding. The mourners are still gathered at shot dead poor lozi watchman, and you are out promoting the actual thing which brought about his death.

    • Imagine the likes of Davis Mwila, Mumbi Phiri and Jean Kapata spewing raw insults, vulgarity on stage in Chilanga about this woman on News and social media makes unpalatable utterly sickening viewing for children who are watching news with their parents…putting another nail into that coffin that keeps decent woman entering politics also bad for people from mixed race background.
      Shame on you silly foools…we seriously need a new generation of young savvy honest politicians !!!!

    • Yaba Political Blunder. And wait for the wife of Mukata who will openly support the PF candidate. These concubines

    • Under5 politics…now UPND are trying to dare the devil….UPND no longer has credible leadership…should go for a convention and choose new leaders before its too late…HaHa and fatty Joe are not taking you anywhere!

    • Am sure now you tribalists especially from southern who support this un.pd under 5 five regional party now have some idea of how use.less this tribal grouping is. If they can make such use.less decision to adopt such a questionable character as their candidate, whatmore if they were in power (God forbid) just imagine the kind of decisions this grouping would be making.It would be far worse that the PF. Plz pipo of Zambia, never allow this un.pd tribal characters to come near plot 1. Dont say you were never warned.

    • I don’t even know why this should surprise anyone here. The highest levels of immortality are found in UPND. From Hakalusa banging the widow at Garden Motel 3 days a week until we told him to seek a different venue, to Catherine herself giving it freely to wife panel beaters, to Rigger In Chief making Southern Province the rigging capital of the world to plunderers of national assets to illicit dealings, to frivolous lawyers and law suits, to fake and emotional sensationalism … the list is endless

  1. UPND has made it easy for PF to take this seat. This lady will not win the election with a very bad history hanging over her head. It is a sham! Please HH, over rule this backwardness!

    • If UPND won’t impeach Nalumango then they have no balls. She just insulted Zambian women that amauule can have room in leadership.
      Boycott this by-elections, or you will witness mass exodus of MPs before 2021.

    • HH is in J’burg, campaigning for sanctions against Zambia after depriving his tribesmen land…Bembas be warned, once HH becomes president of Zambia he will give himself the title deed for the whole of the Northern region…he will chase you into Congo, Tanzania and Malawi

  2. What has suddenly gone wrong in UPND this year?
    Now I start to think that indeed party need new leaders.

    • I am sure she earned that nomination …I wonder how many committee members did a one to one intense interview before deciding their decision!!

    • My point too (see 21 below) UPND should have declared that they had no candidate, shift support to NDC candidate. The lady in question didn’t have time to clean up the skeletons in her closet.

  3. When I say Zambia is a morally bankrupt and full of hypocrisy this is what I mean it has darker shadows than those you allude to…Charmaine Mehl Musonda was having an affair with a married man who was area MP and a life was lost as they were at it and this party adopts her as their candidate…its sickening…what do you think Mrs Mukata is going to make of this nonsense.
    Just give that seat to PF as they have a stronger candidate who is a longtime businesswoman in Chilanga unless NDC pull a surprise out of the hat.

  4. Whichever way one looks at this, UPND have made a serious error of judgement! How do you pick some one straight from prison for the same crime to represent you in parliament! In effect Charmane will be a beneficiary of her own crime.
    They should have just promoted her to be Deputy Party Secretary General for Administration if they wanted but not as MP so soon after prison.
    It’s too late now so as the UPND chair has advised, we should all campaign for our candidate. She is not bad after all since she is the choice of grassroots!

    • UPND is losing its relevance very quickly. How can you settle for someone connected to murder even if she was acquitted? Are you mentally sound to make such a decision? There is something very wrong somewhere. It is not too late to change if you are serious with what you are doing.

  5. This is why politics in Zambia is a joke. What are UPND thinking? Here is an opportunity to show that they are offering something better than PF. And they go and better someone who is possibly implicated in murder? I can’t….

    • Its really laughable ..this is why I say they are “busy foooools”…they have a young lady councilor as well in the area ….they should have propped her up but they go for a woman with no morals. This is why I say adultery in Zambia is the norm…in Europe this woman would not make it to the nomination pot!!

    • UPND is simply trying to appreciate someone who was involved in sacrificial murder…So many deaths have taken place in UPND and around (HH)/UPND…

  6. My party UPND is clearly demonstrating that it has abandoned its grassroots. I’m 110% sure the structures would have opted for someone else.
    Just because they people voted for Mukata does not mean that they will vote for the girlfriend.I would have asked Buumba Malambo to resign as Counsellor and contest for the Chilanga seat.

  7. Poor me, how can you pick someone who’s been implicated in a murder case and probably a marriage breaker? Hope if and when she looses there won’t court cases citing calling her murderer or hule’ as reason she will have lost. Wishing her the best.

  8. UPND leadership is not yet in power and yet they are showing such stubbornness, what more when they have the instruments of power with them? They will definitely be worse than the PF. Please people in Chilanga don’t vote for this lady who is morally bankrupt. Lets Namulango and HH vote for her themselves.

    • Let the people of Chilanga decide. Some of you are just making loud noise without the knowledge of the area.

    • There is nothing like knowledge of the area, this is totally unacceptable. How can a girl friend to a married man be adopted due to the knowledge of the area. Are you all morally bankrupt in this party? When PF wins, don’t start telling us your usual stories, you have given them the seat

    • Mutuloba. …she’s a sitting duck. …people will just tell everybody about her morals. ..simple.

  9. I have always known that UPND has no morals. They have demonstrated this in the way the walk away from parliament and still want to be paid. But this one is another.

  10. Bu MP ni Sexually transmitted? Just asking…suppose Charmaine had been convicted? was Nalumango going to go to jail to tell them that she came out second to Keith bal bla bla. No morals in UPND. Anyway just looking at the leadership tells it all.

  11. This under 5 party for you. No morals at all. How do you adopt a girlfriend to a convict and hope to get votes?

  12. The UPND should realize that in life we have two main courts the Legal court and Public Court. It is clear that Musonda was acquitted by the legal court but in the peoples mind (public court) she is still guilty and people needs to be given time to come to terms with the fact that she is innocent. If i were HH, i would overturn this decision, reserve Musonda for future elections when people will have healed and meanwhile settle for another candidate.

    • In fact HH has everything to do with the picking of this candidate. I can’t imagine other leaders in the picking process agreed that this was the best candidate but that she was imposed on them by the almighty HH. I am not judging her but I will wait and see what the people of Chilanga will decide

  13. The UPND is being duped by the people that put this woman there. How do they know that maybe the selectors were paid by PF? Please leadership in UPND rescind this deceision and field Mwaliteta instead. Charmaine is a PF plant.


  15. I was following this nomination issue for some time now and the finality was not because she knows the area, no, its because she put in so much money that those who were to choose felt guilty not to say yes this is the person we want. Nalumango was also in a questionable stance at one of the ended election and I cannot call her morally upright. UPND always sings CORRUPTION and VIOLENCE songs which in my own view they are the writers and singers of songs themselves.

  16. So when Zambians tell the country that this party thrives on sacrificing lives you think they are lying. Now you can see it for yourselves. This woman & the former MP were given an assignment to bring a sacrifice – and the woman is being rewarded.

  17. I think the PF will edge this one out. For some reason, PF seems to have some unexplained momentum- am not sure if the Zambian people are finally embracing the fact that they are an inherently corrupt people or what. Yes, under the UPND ticket, she is a strong contender- but remember that she was a ‘girlfriend’ and she was a witness to a murder. This is likely an issue of money.

  18. How the UPND Party settled for this lady beats all logic. So the people who say UPND is full of useless people are right after all. Who are the people in the NMC team? The so called UPND NMC team is moribund and it is for this reason that UPND should go for National Convention.

  19. Hope if she looses she won’t say people called me this and that, that’s why I lost. And is Nalumango appealing to the members to accept her…..does it mean the National Management Committee is aware that it’s made a mistake?

  20. She opted to remain silent in court. Supposing fresh evidenice emerges that may implicate her and she is then convicted for that, then another by election?
    Anyway, what do you expect from a bull’s political party, that is all they do everyday, when they are not eating grass……why they want to pretend to be politicians beats me!!

    • Good observation. But what do you expect from a party whose leader is always contradicting himself and going back on his word.

  21. So are upndeez suggesting that the relationship between Mukata and his wife was that bad to do such an abominable thing to her?

  22. Also I would like to find out why Kambwili is contesting his expulsion from the PF because there he was on TVZ announcing the name of the NDC Chilanga candidate. ….or was TVZ ” gathering ” evidence to present to the court. …because normally TVZ doesn’t show the opposition activities. Or Kambwili has fallen into a trap. A clever person would have left the announcement to Mwenya Musenge. He didn’t show any signs of Hypertension or diabetes.

  23. “Mrs. Nalumango clarified that the party leadership at national level had nothing to do with the adoption process as it was left purely in the hands of the local structures in Chilanga.”

    Nalumango, you mean h.h has reduced you to that level of a door mat? Who will buy that story? So even h.h is morally bankrupt as I have stated countless times?

  24. That women was at the scene of the crime. By opting to remain silent she also opted not to side with or help the law, or abetted crime, she withheld vital evidence, today h.h rewards her with a nomination as his preferred MP?

    • You maybe right, I hear Charmaine Musonda (UPND) and Webster Katongo (NDC) have both withdrawn their candidatures from the Chilanga bye -election.

    • Which ever way, the damage is already done…it is already in the public domain…certain fuc..kups cant be reversed.

  25. When we tell you our country is corrupt and morally bankrupt, you think its only about PF.
    Zambia is going nowhere for as long as we continue to keep this crop of leadership in power.
    Zambia wake up.

  26. @ 31. They have surprised themselves, yes they will change due to pressure not that it was a strategy.Changing will also make them look highly dis – organized.They have messed up big time. I cannot trust them to rule this country.

  27. Janet Rogan’s spirits at work. You don’t insult the UN and get away with it. Ubulwele wa Chiselema waingila mu UPND.

  28. News! Nalumango says she was misquoted. She did not ask anyone to rally behind Musonda for election. What she said is that as we campaign in Chilanga, please lets pass by Musoda’s home and say sorry. She says its not her job to announce candidates.

    • Why say sorry to a concubine and not to the wife of Mukupa? Under5 politics!!!!

    • Beauty contest. But even that, Musonda would not come first. Unless the only other candidate was Kambwili

  29. What do you expect from a party which has never held any convention? These people are heading for political doom. One wonders why they couldn’t adopt the actual wife to mukata in preference to the girl friend.awe sure kawayawafye!

  30. This is serious. What do you expect if you have leaders such as GBM in the Party, who is a wife beater and HH who can grab land from poor villages, then the capacity of reasoning is doomed. I feel for the supporters who have been so brave all these years supporting the Party, they feel let down.

  31. This is sad where is Mweene. I don’t think HH is interested in politics any more. Munthu ulafwa kuchintu chaabweni.

  32. UPND this is total rubbish. If you don’t have people to adopt as candidates then just pull out of the race and liquidate your part. This is political comedy. You have scored your own goal indeed. Should we send you to the archives? No sense.

  33. Maybe the members don’t want HH but can’t tell him openly so they have resorted to all the abnormalities we’re witnessing.

  34. She is hh’s side chic. hh will be doing her while Keith is gnashing his teeth in prison. Mutinta hichilema, watch out.

  35. Bye bye Chilanga seat. If this woman had any morals at all she would withdraw her candidature. She should have been disqualified from contesting it in the first place. Can never support her at all.

  36. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. Some of us are not shocked that this tribal grouping resolved to adopt this bitch for Chilanga bye elections because we know UPND has no code of ETHICS. ETHICS should have guided them to choose a credible a candidate. This is so a big blessing in disguise to PF that they will find it easy to scoop this seat. UPND claim to be so educated that they feel they are super humans than the rest of Zambians but look at their decisions; very pathetic and leaves much to be desired. Are these the type of leadership that we need to rule over us? NO NO NO. It is now written on the wall for every one to see that the political fortunes of UPND are diminishing at the faster rate that I wonder what will remain of UPND come 2021.

  37. This is stupidity of the Highest Order on Party of HH and UPND.

    If not mistaken, even the name sounds Bemba and looks like she likes money.
    So definitely, even if she wins, she will be a PF spy wearing UPND regalia.
    With these kinds of stupid decisions – no way PF can win in 2021.

  38. his is stupidity of the Highest Order on Party of HH and UPND.

    If not mistaken, even the name sounds Bemba and looks like she likes money.
    So definitely, even if she wins on UPND ticket, she will be a PF spy wearing UPND regalia.
    With these kinds of stupid decisions – no way UPND can win in 2021.

    Also, in Zambia, does it mean anybody can wake one day and become an MP candidate??
    How about party loyalist or being an “ACTIVE” member for a certain period before you could be adopted for any election??

  39. Kikikikikiki…..when it matters to them Zambians can speak their minds democratically, yes? The disgusted comments above are from all parties, in fact more upndeez than PF if you look at the tone.

  40. ” ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND ” says Sejani. Some of us are not shocked that this tribal grouping resolved to adopt this woman for the Chilanga bye election because we know UPND has no code of ETHICS. ETHICS should have guided them to settle for a better candidate than this one. This is so a big blessing in disguise that PF will find it easy to scoop this seat. UPND claim to be a party of intellectuals but look at their decisions; so pathetic that every one is shocked to the bones. It is now written on the wall for every one to see that UPND political fortunes are now diminishing at the faster rate that I wonder what will remain of UPND come 2021. BYE bye UPND.

  41. Well, I suppose it is incumbent upon the party to respect the primaries. See Donald Trump was overwhelmingly unpopular in the mainstream but he kept beating his competitors at primaries and right through to the candidacy. Now he is President. Sometimes it is wise to let things take their course according to what you have laid out. Don’t play the system just because someone you dislike is surging ahead!


  43. Ati ku Chilanga in kwa maHule (side chick in English) maningi: they will vote for her, the way ise bakawalala tivotela bakawalala bazanthu

  44. In national interest i wish to thank the UPND for handing over the Chilanga seat to PF



  45. I had to check on UPND watchdog just to confirm. Iris Kaingu can beat that Musonda lady in this erection! An obvious own goal. Not good where ‘death’ is involved.

  46. Losing Chilanga won’t be good for UPND in light of poor performance in local by-elections. What exactly will HH tell the electorate? That she was acquitted of murder? Public court vs judicial court! Everything is wrong about her adoption.

  47. UPND have taken a disastrous route to a destination of its own self inflicted extinction. How many Zambians would dare to vote for a person who was directly linked to the slaying of a poor Security Guard? The dead Security Guard has relatives originating from a well known ethnic group in Western Province most of whom are residents of Chilanga. I have come to the conclusion that HH and the entire UPND leadership did NOT CARE for the murder of a Security Guard who was the Family’s bread-winner even from his meager salary. What on Earth do people like GBM, Prof. Lungwangwa, Bo Musokotwane and all UPND MPs in Southern and Western Province think about this political blunder? Would a UPND Govt ever care on the lives of Zambians? This is the final nail on UPND’s coffin.

  48. What has gotten into the UPND leadership kanshi?What is it that has attracted them about this Charmaine Musonda?When did she join politics? What’s her track record? Listen when the majority speaks

  49. @Mwansa Kabinga. You are spot on! These guys are out of touch with reality. You cannot win an election when you are not united. Controversial as the Adoption of GBM was, this blunder is at another level.

  50. In UPND, leadership is sexually transmitted. I would have understood if UPND supported Mrs Mukata by adopting her not a prostitute. Lack of leadership and when HH talks about Zambia having critical leadership crisis, this is what he means.

  51. Nominations are tomorrow, 3rd May 2018 according to ECZ. Maybe UPND will have changed their minds by then. Otherwise, you will have to blame something or someone else for your impending loss.

  52. To say under 5 is an insult. To say thief is also an insult. You monkeys use sober language instead of this street language as if you were born from animals.

  53. Comment:
    We honestly don’t have a strong serious opposition in Zambia, UPND is slowly becoming irrelevant.., by 2021,it will be no factor…! Empty brains, they have overstayed in the “Losing Mode”

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