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UPND will not be distracted by few individuals over its candidate for Chilanga Elections-Katuka


Gary Nkombo with Charmaine Mehl Musonda
Gary Nkombo with Charmaine Mehl Musonda

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has said that party will not be distracted by a few individuals from within and outside the party that are against the adoption of Charmaine Musonda as the party’s candidate in the upcoming by elections for the Chilanga seat slated for June 5th 2018.

Confirming the development to ZNBC News in a telephone interview today, UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka said Ms. Musonda beat other 10 candidates who expressed interest in the seat, adding that UPND top leadership has not imposed the candidate on the people of Chilanga but that they chose her for themselves. Mr Katuka said that Ms Musonda is a popular candidate and that the party will support her candidature.

Mr. Katuka further said that in a democratic dispensation, not everyone can be happy with any given decision hence people have the right to complain as long as it does not bring conflicts within the party.

The decision to adopt her has displeased a number of UPND members with some taking to Facebook to question the party leadership over the decision.

Some believe that the adoption of a person who just came back from prison and was known to be sleeping with Mr Mukata, a married man has effectively handed the seat to the PF.Some have even vowed to go ahead and vote for the PF as a protest over the adoption of Mrs Musonda.

Others believe that the adoption was a miscalculation on the part of the National Management Committee saying the party could have settled for other members who had shown interest in contesting the seat.


    • Every girl in Zambia wants to be a coloured. With long European (or Brazilian) hair.

      Ah yes, and a blesser to pay for their bleaching creams, hair, rent, car, talk time…(everything).

      There are simply too many slay queens in Zambia.

      How do you explain all these light skinned mothers have very dark (extra black) babies?

      Too many problems!!

    • Simply nonsense from the UPND given the circumstances and especially coming from such a defeat from the ward seats…they should learn from what happened with the PF in some parley seats in the last gen election

    • Not every girl kapena balongosi bako. Stop displaying inferiorities. Even black mixed people wear weaves. Kaya kwanu kikikiki. UPND is a disaster kikikikikiki.

    • The hotty deadly Charmaine is one to show respect to society by withdrawing. I don’t know why we should insult Ba Katuka.
      Iwe gelo, tafikosa kubili, close your legs and say “thank you for opportunity…”.

    • Am die hard UPND and i dont support this candidate.We have just giving this seat to no charge

      ” the adoption of a person who just came back from prison and was known to be sleeping with Mr Mukata, a married man has effectively handed the seat to the PF.”
      Kindly promote intra-party democracy, pilizi.

    • Whatever! I initially was pissed off as I analyzed everything from my hearts’ standpoint. Now I hold back my opinion on the matter for whichever way not everybody will be pleased as even the so much exalted “democratic process” is just numbers it doesn’t please everyone! Moral standards are either low or high dependent on whose view as though everyones’ closet is to be devoid of skeletons! To Ms Charmaine Musonda all I can say is “Good luck” as missiles fly at you from all quarters left or right! The electorate will decide on their best representative.

    • And you think these charlatans are going to change their minds! These guys don’t think using what’s above their shoulders.

      They only think with what’s between their legs … the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise deserve something better because Life Is A Serious Enterprise!!!

      Howbeit, the cretins no longer represent their constituents; they are hell bent on personal aggrandizement and embroidery of the highest gratification.

      Heaven help us all …

  1. UPND is simply moribund. This internal fighting is a good sign of their imminent demise.
    Well done (HH) you have fought the bad fight and lost. You will forever stand in the wrong side of history. Pr!ck

    • UPND is acting like estate administrator. Mukata is not dead yet. Did they give Mutaka’s bed to Charmaine too?
      Garry eupyene. What is ukupyanika in English you the educated?

    • These guys should have attended my Scripture Union sermons at Secondary School and listened to Brother J preach about fornicators and fornication.

      This lady is nothing but a fornicator and an accomplice to a murder. What a combination!!! What happens when and if new evidence comes out and they have to reopen the case.

      She will be dragged back to court if she won and the Speaker would have to declare the seat vacant again.

      What kind of standards are we setting up for ourselves??? How about a Civics class for the kids in Chilanga when they have to learn about their Member of Partliament???

      Heaven help us all …

    • Kashimba Chimbwili was dead right about some people when he said ‘ even Jesus Christ can not win an election in there stronghold’ . meaning they would rather vote for a murderer/adulterer than Jesus Christ because no one can go against their small god/ the masonic giant.

  2. (HH) has failed to fulfil Bo Kambela’s Legacy. He has killed the party and now Andy is spinning in his grave.

  3. She doesnt seem to know what she wants in life! I will be surprised if to learn that anyone sane can waste his or vote on this experiment. UPND is gone, dead and buried.

    • She is HH’s screw!mate and what HaHa says goes…not even fatty joe can say no! UPND is HH and HH is UPND

  4. She doesn’t seem to know whats she is doing and will be surprised to learn even Katuka himself to vote for her. She has been imposed on the people by chief loser Ichilema. Anyway recent utterances by HH confirm that the is now a mental case.

  5. He says few individuals both inside and outside the party? That’s why you lost a “few” wards in the just ended by elections.

  6. UPND are losing the little sympathy I had for them. What is blinding this party, corruption? I will support Sharon whatever she has for you.

  7. Ba Katuka you are the one who is distracted. Instead of campaigning, you will spend half the time defending the indefensible! There is a difference between controversy and blunder. These are not general but specific elections where trust is key. Your candidate is not trustworthy!

  8. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. Arrogance is what characterizes this tribal party derived from their Holy Angel HH. Their supporters have spoken strongly against this decision but the party leadership does not want to listen to them. This simply shows that the woman was imposed on the people against their wish. HH, GBM and other top tribalists in this cult are all mute over this choice meaning that it has their blessings. This is the beginning of the demise of this tribal cult. HH A TICKING TIME BOMB TO ZAMBIA’S PEACE & SECURITY>

  9. At this rate, I can almost say: welcome Hon. Maria Langa MP Chilanga Constituency. UPND are simply unbelievable.

  10. Some political lessons can be hard for neophytes. Most political questions provide little room for sentimentalism

  11. UPND voters who don’t like this choice will either stay away or vote for her opponent. Worse still de-campaign her. PF campaign message against her is very simple, easy for people to understand: cigololo where a poor man died. None of these work in favor of UPND. Ask PF what happens when you adopt an unpopular candidate. That’s how one jerabo found himself in parley.

  12. Yaba….. Ba UPND even a mad person can realise and see that you have lost chilanga. I have tried to think on your behalf, just to try and understand what you are trying to accomplish, by picking that woman. You have disappointed your team I just don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. Or whom are you trying to impress by picking that woman? You lost chilanga and probably its high time you go for convention …leadership is in mess

  13. I think I need to seriously reflect over my relationship with my party.

    Please UPND recount your steps on this nomination. We have rejects this move.

  14. WHAT CRIME DID SHE COMMIT FOR HER TO GO TO PRISON?She looks beautiful though. Maybe that is the reason she was adopted to counter Nkandu Luo’s looks. UPND awe sure fisushi

  15. I am beginning to seriously agree with earlier comments on the other post, that some UPND leaders want to bring HH down. To do this is to link him to all this nonsense kikikiki.

  16. Even if she wins what guarantee is there that she won’t be a rebel mp and support PF in parliament seeing that she has ties to Steven kampyongo. Better safe than sorry Ba upnd.

    • Why does this society despise women so much. It is an uncivilized shi…ole according to Trump. This is the evidence.

  17. Upnd & hh bamilopa. They thrive on blood. This woman & the married boyfriend have delivered a scrifice to hh & so he is happy. And this is his was of paying them back. Blood party

  18. If Chilanga residents can vote for this “hule”,then we must even stop talking about morals in Zambia!!
    I can imagine how PF campaign team will focus on Musonda’s bad public image!!!
    Anyway,the end of Kainde’s UPND is very very near!!
    Congrats Mrs Maria Langa for scooping a chilanga seat already!!

  19. @Popolipo. My friend would say UPND are ‘hard-headed’ (Balikosa imitwe!). This is a comedy of errors.

  20. Oh yeah you will be distracted when you give up that seat through your arrogant stubbornness.

  21. In this very moment, I call for a cup of cappuccino because the weather unequivocally beckons for it. What a treat!

  22. UPND must win the seat CHAIRMAN MUSONDA is as Zambian AS anybody and she can sleepwith any man of her choice that should not discriminate her from any other candidate lets VOTE UPND AND CHAIRMAN MUSONDA

  23. As the most accurate predictor of outcomes on Lsk Times for better or worse my prediction is….

    UPND will win the by-election!

    Starting from Chilanga going south that is real Bantu-Botatwe territory- even if their candidate is a Bemba mark my words no ways UPND are losing! They UPND are still useless chaps with no proper strategy but as for winning this by-election they are getting it! Just wait and see!

    • @2020Vision, this time you are wrong. There is more to this story than you know and also Chilanga is at the boundary of UPND and PF stronghold. UPND has made a blander and we are just waiting for confirmation. This hole of a candidate will be turned upside down by PF during campaigns and might even withdraw before voting day.

  24. For the sake of discipline and decency in politics I want my party UPND to lose this seat badly.

    I guess the lesson will have to come through the ballot, since they will not listen to the grassroot.

    • Am proud of you and if we can have people in PF like you standard, am sure we become good for Zambia.


  26. The person who pulled the trigger between Keith Mukata and that lady has not been established. She is only off the hook for the time being courtesy of Keith Mukata who told her to remain silent so that he takes the blame. But whatever the case, she saw the killing, saw the ghastly death of the guard… she gathers enough strength to stand up inpubluc and sedk election shicksme, nay it actually sends shivers down my spine. This must be a party of devil worshippers indeed. Bushe aliba bwino h.h? Now I see the connection to the chief who sleeps at the graveyard, I used to wonder.

    • …Bushe aliba bwino h.h? Now I see the connection to the chief who sleeps at the graveyard, I used to wonder…
      Awee, taliba bwino HH…ni ndoshi pano na chief who sleeps at the graveyard…so HH nga awina kuti Plot 1 kuti yaba pacifikila ndoshi

  27. we are going to lose this seat mark my word, to my side am not OK with this candidate of ours, where is bena Mwalitete kanshi? and tryed the all day to call secretariat office no pick up my phone

  28. Spaka lilo & Jay Jay, your royal highnesses you are invited to make a comment. Your silence is deafening…..

  29. Oh and “professor Hansungule human rights lawyer and activist, isn’t this a proper case to defend the rights of tge deceased guard and his family???

    • @UPND Cadre, good observation. Let’s hear from the so call professor of tribal administration!

  30. need i say you cannot give something that you do not have, yes the UPND has errord by choosing mama waluse, she has probably given a lot of signals to the UPND party leadership thus the reason they have chosen to adopt her but do not think UPND had anything to give by stating that we have just given the seat to PF by selecting mama waluse to stand in chilanga, bushe mupando niwanyoko?even if you choose your preferred candidate, PF is by far mighty and will take that seat, we are not asking for the seat, we are simply taking it because we are far better than breaker and i approve this message

  31. UPND was my only hope, now I don’t have any hope, lost ihterest in zambian politics , very disappointed with my firmer party I have spotted since 2008, good by UPND, you have broken my hearts you have killed yourselves, don’t cry foul , we have talked but you cant listen, goid luck , come 6th June you will remember our cry

  32. The Zambian philosophy that people vote for a party and not a person could work for Upnd maybe.

  33. I thought its only Harry Kalaba we hear facilitated his girlfriends to get employed, alas even Gary nkombo is the one behind the adoption of Charmaine Musonda cos he has taken over where his colleague left. Sad development for my dieing one upnd party just imagine,Pf are saying they will only campaign on the last day of campaign period.

  34. There is a lot wrong with the UPND. If I was a voter in Chilanga, I would give my vote to the NAREP candidate. Stupid decision by UPND. If the Criminal Prosecution Authority was properly led, Charmaine Musonda should have been a state witness because she saw everything that happened and would have had no choice but to testify against her secret lover. But the DPP chose to build a weak case which will be overturned on appeal. Trust me on this one, Mukata will win on appeal.

  35. The UPND leadership said they settled for Charmaine because she beat the other contestants at the grassroots level when the adoption process began.Really??……do the people at that grassroot level know who Charmaine is? If it was Mukata’s wife who was adopted I would not have issues but a girlfriend? A girlfriend just brings destruction. She is a destroyer like Keith

    • @47, What have you given the UPND executive….She has given leg (tanta) power…even Samson could not resist…even the first man Adam…he had to eat the apple…its apple power…Gary is ready for violence over Musonda’s apple power…!

  36. I like this self destruction from UPendelo party. Its great sexually transmitted power. Girlfriend power and girl friend disaster.
    King HH has shares in this girlfriend of others.

  37. Only a tribal person will complain on the adoption of Chairmen Musonda, please people in UPND, learn to understand that UPND is not for Tongas & lozis only its a party for all Zambians. You people who are busy condemning this lady, are telling us that she committed a crime , if yes then why she was not convicted. Just support her if you love your party, why are busy complaining as if you are a saint. Just imagine today you change the adopted candidate and put your own a Malambo. Don’t you think the tribal tag will again hunt you even more, think before you comment, only a tribal person will complain. Thank you so much HH & GBM for the best decision , please HH we thank you for trying very to uproot the tribal in UPND.

    • It’s not about tribe naimwe please. In fact no one has alluded to the woman’s tribe but to her current status. ..involvement with Keith Mukata etc

  38. I detest these skin bleaching self-loathing knee-grow women. And they smell with their creams. You will rarely if EVER find a skin bleacher with a book. Farq them

  39. Let’s leave judgement to God.
    I think there will be a sympathy vote for Chamain. My sister be strong. It’s not your fault that you are beautiful, Chamain so ignore these unforgiving people. We on the ground are happy.
    You are free to chose a partner. You were approached by Keith and not vice versa.
    To me Chamain is as pure as white sugar. Come June, you will be MP for Chilanga. Basiye badandaule. Bazallila Mu June.

    • Remove ifya God apa. Everytime you fail to think you say God bla bla…Shes’ a bad woman to see a man being shot and she hides the evidence totally .
      And UPND is choosing her…Hh i agree kanshi ngani so you are not suitable badaala.

  40. Poor Guard who was allegedly shot dead by Keith. He was simply trying to save Charmaine when he heard loud screams. Little did he know they were in bed. He was greeted by a gunshot when he tried to find out why the woman was crying.

    That said, I think Chilanga should give Charmaine a chance. Judge not. The electorate will decide but Charmaine deserves a chance.

  41. But what happened between them that caused Keith to shoot the guard? We need to hear her side of the story. Indeed sex yachila ulupwa, two families are distressed except Charmaine and the Tongabulls that run the UPND

  42. People have always cried,even during the time of Jesus and Iscariot. Others were for Jesus, others for Iscariot and life went on.

  43. Have not seen Spaka lilo and Jay Jay comments, especially Jay Jay are you now agreeing with my comments on you?

  44. When we condemn corruption its because we think that its immoral. Now committing adultery and without an iota of shame by the adulterer is also immorality like corruption, but its much worse much more deadly than corruption because as you have seen people kill in order to hide it. Corruption you can stand, some people even think its clever to be corrupt.

  45. I am a Chilanga resident and upnd… This time i will not vote 4 a woman who committs aldultery with a married man… She is even shameless to appear in public

  46. Comment:I’m so surprised that the Upnd could make such an error/blunder at a constuency level, am now more afraid if they were to form gorvmnt,Its really gonna be a Gorvnmt full of mistakes more than the PF who re now running the country thru Chipantepante style.Sooooooooo disappointed with Upnd I thot there were some brilliant brains in the Upnd I was mistaken,I ve lost hope and faith in it.

  47. This woman knows exactly what happened when that security guard was murdered and for upnd to adopt her clearly shows this tribal gathering party is unthinkable and very sure go into oblivion soonest.

  48. This is nonsense. Amafi yekayeka. What is really happening? I will equally be surprised if people of Chilanga are going to vote for this ndoshi. Did these guys smoke. They are so ruled and want to force this reject on the people. If they want to frustrate Keith, then they are in for a rude shock.

  49. Wait a minute? Ins’t this the same lady who has gotten Mr. Mukata’s Honorable self behind bars for life? Never saw this coming!! Mr. Mukata (Hon) i dont know how you feel on this one? As for me. It total feels like a thorn in the flesh….

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