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Charmaine Musonda tells the Mast that Keith Mukata was not married when they met


IT’S unfair that society wants to judge women differently from men, complains UPND Chilanga by-election candidate Charmaine Musonda.

And Musonda says she met Keith Mukata, her boyfriend who is in prison for murder, when he was single and that she has wrecked no one’s home. The UPND has adopted Musonda as its candidate in the June 5 parliamentary by-election following the jailing of Mukata, who held the seat.

She was jointly charged with Mukata for the murder of the latter’s security guard at his law firm but the court found her not guilty and acquitted her accordingly.

Mukata was, however, sentenced to death but he has appealed both the conviction and sentencing. Following her adoption, several people, including UPND followers, have cast aspersions on her persona and criticised the opposition party for the decision, calling her “a home wrecker”.

Chilanga parliamentary candidate Charmaine Musonda
Chilanga parliamentary candidate Charmaine Musonda

Others have said the murder case in which she was embroiled was too fresh and suggested that she takes leave from the limelight. But Musonda has told The Mast that the “Mukata’s concubine” tag had not affected her because society would always talk even about things they did not understand. She said when she met Mukata, she knew he was not married and wondered why society was judging her now that she was vying for public office of member of parliament.

Musonda said it was not the first time she was vying for public office, having stood as council chairperson for Chilanga in 2016.

“The concubine issue really doesn’t affect me; society will always talk about things they don’t even know. I have grown up knowing that no matter what you do in life, good or bad, people will always talk. Everybody makes mistakes and we learn from these mistakes. I am a young woman, I am not married and yes -different men will come and approach and ask for a hand in marriage; I am an adult and I don’t think in this situation we should focus on who I have or not haven’t slept with,” Musonda said.

She wondered why society was judging her when people of Chilanga had chosen her as the best person to represent them. Musonda vowed not to be distracted by those throwing scorn at her now that she had chosen to offer herself for leadership of the people of Chilanga.

She urged the people to focus on her positives than mudslinging “just because I’m a woman”.

“It’s unfair that society wants to judge women differently from men; men do these things every day but no one scandalises them even when they are in positions of leadership. I don’t see why this [concubine tag] should take away from me, especially when the people of Chilanga have decided I am the best candidate. The people of Chilanga have known me from the time I was a child and if they feel I am a good candidate for them, why should society come out and judge me without…let them focus on my positives, let them focus on the fact that yes things happened and my relationship came out in the papers. So many people have these relationships and for them, they will look like saints today because theirs is not in public domain,” Musonda said. “Mine is in the public domain and I do not want that to take away from me and my capacity to deliver in Chilanga. I am a child and product of Chilanga, our roots in Chilanga are very strong. With or without the politics, I am a person the people have been coming to in different situations for my hand and that is why even my standing [in the by-election] is not something I personally came out that I am going for the second time to try but it’s the people of Chilanga who came out to say let us try again.”

She said in 2016, she attempted to contest elections as council chairperson for Chilanga and actually came out first in primaries but the party did not adopt her.

Musonda said she was a loyal member of her party.

“This time around, I went through the primaries and came out tops with a vey big margin between me and the rest of the aspiring candidates, whom I respect very much, and I will work with as a united front to deliver the seat of Chilanga. And this time around, my party and party president, whom I love very dearly, have given me this opportunity regardless of what’s in the public domain. I want to thank my party and I am very humbled that they have all rallied behind me,” Musonda said. “They all have confidence in me that I will deliver and will not be shaken. I am the child of the most high and God has allowed me to come this far and He will deliver, He will deliver the same way he delivered me from the situation I had found myself in (murder case); I was acquitted.”

Musonda said with all that was being said about her candidature, Chilanga residents had not been affected because they knew her from childhood.

She complained about today’s smear politics that drove people from real issues affecting the country.

“Unfortunately, the politics of today is more about character assassination. I would like to see that we refrain from character assassination and tell the people what we are going to do for them. Let’s not focus on calling each other names as it’s not going to develop our nation,” Musonda advised.

She further said she had not betrayed Mukata by contesting the Chilanga seat where he was member of parliament because it was declared vacant.

“Prison is not a good place to be; you are closed up and the only information you have about what is going on in the outside world is what the few people who come to visit you tell you. It is, I must say, a very difficult time for him and people are going to feed him with all sorts of stories, including the fact that I have betrayed him. I honestly do not think that it’s a betrayal, I stayed in prison for ten months. Because I am principled and I am loyal, the Chilanga seat was declared vacant, it has nothing to do with the fact that I once had an affair with him, this seat was not personal-to-holder and was open to anyone who wanted to vie for office regardless of whether it’s Keith’s brother, it’s his sister or former girlfriend. This has nothing to do with betrayal of the relationship I had with him, this [politics] is something he met me doing. I worked with him very well in 2016 and we delivered the seat of Chilanga, so there should be no bitterness because this is not something I am taking from anyone,” said Musonda.

“When I met Keith, it was in the political arena. He found me in the UPND. He found me as a member of the party and that’s the time I was vying for office of MP but when we had heard he had defected, we knew he had the capacity, bigger than mine, had a better portfolio and he deserved the adoption. My wrecking of his home is neither here nor there. I met Keith when he was not married. I knew he had been divorced. I was not at that time having an affair with a married man, it’s now that I was acquitted and he remained that suddenly I am the one that wrecked his home. When I met Keith, I knew he was not married and I was not breaking any home.

Source : The Mast


  1. Be strong mwandi. It is tough being a woman in this world. You will be judged for things that a man will get away with. it is best to believe in yourself and focus on your own goals.

    • Not only are the people of Chilanga going to allow a prostitute in parliament, they are allowing a murderer too. HH and UPND never ceases to amaze me. And when they lose they will say it is because of PF violence. UPND are losing because of luck of wisdom.

    • Home wrecker sit down. You made Keith murder that poor man. You are vile and nasty like the rest of UPND.

    • She was aquited unlike your fraud convict lungu who was charged ……and I can smell jealously from the ugly PF women rats on LT…….

    • This lady behaves and looks like Mushota! I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she is the real deal (Mushota that is)- problem is there is no substance, just pure talk! She is not using her PhD skills to espouse why we should vote for her! All she is telling us is why we should not vote for her! I suppose and wont be surprise if her nemesis from the PF is of similar low calibre!

    • Nubian Princess has as dark heart as its bootlicking profession of presstitude.

      Nubian Princess is a press-titude, living on crumbs thrown by PF kaponyas.

      Whatever be the topic this prestitude changes its color to paint opposition in every way possible in bad darker color than its dead dark skin.

      The lady has spoken. More men are prostitutes than the likes of Nubian Princess (gay wife of her gay husband) and kci, the concubine of Chitotela.

    • I wonder if upnd has any advisor (good or bad) to HH. This is giving away your seat and pf will not labour for it. What weed do these people smoke?

    • She might be telling the truth and she might be lying. we don’t know! but what we know is Keith was married at one point divorced and Musonda was Keith’s girlfriend at one point. we will put that in consideration as we vote! but wait we need to know the best devil among all those who are contesting we will make a decision.

    • 1.5 spaka like lilo. The fact that she was acquitted does not remove the tag of a murderer and also a home breaker. Her defense that she is being attacked because she is a woman does not hold water. She is embroiled in moral issues and UPND was suppose to be cautious of her tinted life. The timing is very wrong to adopt her now when the case is still very fresh. It is also sending a wrong message to the youth that moral issues are of less importance in life. You should look at the bigger picture.

    • The only reason the up and down has accepted to adopt you this time after leaving you twice is that ‘YOU NOW HAVE BLOOD IN YOUR HANDS’ you are now equal to the task. the devil’s son is now proud of you.

    • This woman is both heartless and shameless. She should have refrained from public appearance of her own accord, instead of exposing herself and defending the indefensible.

  2. @MyZambia, I totally agree that it is tough being a woman in this world more so in Zambia. Maybe she will survive this. As it stands, however, the odds are against her in every way. She probably means what she says but politically speaking it was imprudent for UPND to adopt her. Let’s wait and see.

    • Thanks brother, we shall prove Presitudes of the types of Senior Citizen, Nubian Princess, paid drunken thugs of PF on LT.

      Let us make our mind up, like 1991, come what may, whosoever stands against PF and especially against Lungu the robber, Lungu the disqualified lawyer, anybody who stands, a rat, hyena, a cat, shall be voted, but NO PF, NO Lungu.

    • In upnd strongholds these people would vote for Chamaine and leave out Jesus Christ as long as the small god hh has said so. Kashimba Chimbwili was right on this one. a quarter of Chilanga residents come from the Southern Province. Just read between the lines

    • She won the primaries!
      Why hot-wire the system?
      Let her run and let the people vote!
      Chaba shani kanshi?

  3. “My wrecking of his home is neither here nor there. I met Keith when he was not married. I knew he had been divorced. I was not at that time having an affair with a married man, it’s now that I was acquitted and he remained that suddenly I am the one that wrecked his home. When I met Keith, I knew he was not married and I was not breaking any home….”
    Ukose, Mosonda…

  4. Charmaine, Ubuchende bwa mwaume tabutoba n’ganda. Also what kind of a political party will field someone with fresh blood in their hands to represent them in parliament? You lucky president Michael Sata is late otherwise he would have had a field day teaching you that women that a not morally upright have no place in society. In Bible times they used to stone to death such women. Muslims still do that. You are not only a murderer but a prostitute and HH in his right mind thinks you are the right candidate.

    • That coming from Sata who had a senior Kubulonga wife and second junior wife ….concubines all over the area.

    • This is where you get your fact wrong. If the prostitution of a man doesnt break a home does a man sleep with himself, a fellow man or with a women. This theory of yours will catch you in your own home. As men sleep with other women another man who believe in your primitive saying will sleep with your wife with that saying in his pants. Stop it or else that saying will meet you in your own home and the man will say what you are saying.

  5. Sounds a bit opportunistic! It is like she did not consult Keith in prison. He will only hear it from others that is what she is saying


    • Ask her about the father of her other three children…m arried man and she even sent his wife into depression. son to a former BOZ boss is Kaunda days…alibelela uyu mwanakashi ku toba mayanda yabanankwe.

    • @Spaka like Tonga , just keep quite if you have nothing to say , you are beginning to sound tonglish. why are you running away from the topic. The issue we are discussing is about morals, house wrecking and murder, and you are tying to drag us back as usual like your small god. Iwe it looks like when you are asked to choose between Jesus and hh, you would not hesitate to please the devil. shame on you. the difference between you and dr.proud the serial radio caller is almost zero.

  7. Kekekekekekekekeke….so why did Keith Mukata shoot the poor guard if there was nothing to hide? Can we hear from Mrs Mukata please?

    I am beginning to wonder whether Keith was not set up. Remember that the first walk out of parliament by UPND MPs only Keith remained and greeted the President at the end? It was reported then that they would sort him out for what they called “betraying the party”. The rest I leave to your rich imagination.
    Please Spaka lilo and Jay Jay help me out on this one…..kekekekekekekekekeke!!!

    • @’UPND Cadre”…walasa nondo mu linso. Keith betrayed the party and went to bed with PF. Meanwhile during this time he was intimate with Charmaine who claims has been a loyal UPND member which has been proved by her adoption for Chilanga. So, just imagine ka….what is she being rewarded for…… wonder the insistence on her….I have said nothing

  8. Iwe gelo even mrs mukata met the dude when he was single aweee sure kkkkkkk

    The moment he got married you lost shares automatically

    How many do we meet before we marry . Would they stakes kkkkk upendi kind of thinking

    Just tell us what you deliver

  9. 17th March 2017

    “UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says he will not give up on his presidential petition no matter how many times the courts adjourn the matter…….
    Meanwhile the UPND President has praised his Members of Parliament for boycotting the State of the Nation address by President Edgar Lungu last week…….
    And on the Chilanga UPND MP Keith Mukata, the UPND President said Mr Mukata’s actions did not represent the interest of the people who voted for him in Chilanga who are being detained by the PF.

    He says Mr Mukata’s action clearly shows that he is only interested in himself and not the people, and the party adding that in due course the nation will be informed of what actions will be taken against him.”

  10. Uuhhmmmm…many reasonable looking individuals in upnd behave strangely unusual, they seem unable to dare their party, as if some invisible force scares them to their bones……uuuhhhmmmmm…kikikikikiki…..
    Watch this space!

  11. The thing I like about h.h is his “rich endowment” to be quoted for all the wrong reasons, and you can quote him a million times…..easy meat for 2021 just as he was in 2016, now the quotes are even more juicy!
    Like the one the other day “I do not know why people choose to ignore what I say, I tell these SADC and other world leaders that Zambia is in a crisis and is using chemical weaponsand they do not listen…”
    Bwana h.h, if the world leaders ignore you, it’s because they see nothing tangible in you.

    • Just tell lungu the people are still eaiting for those 500,000 jobs and the people of kabwe are still at the gates of the mulungushi textiles he promised them badala…..

  12. Diasporans don’t vote eh! Those who are saying she won’t win, when was the last time you were in Chilanga? Makeni, Konga Makeni, Linda and Chilanga these have been UPND strongholds even as far back as 2001 when AKM was alive! How do you expect PF to win here????????

    This lady may be crooked like the Kambwilis, the GBMs etc but she is sharp and she is winning!

    I’ve told you chaps …the majority are always 1diots!

    The lady is winning because of the backing of UPND which owns Chilanga!

    • Lately, the PF just has the winning streak, no matter the odds, even in UPND strongholds. Good luck UPND.

  13. Too much hate too, as he showed in Mongu. Very uncharacteristic of a leader, potential, real or imagined!!!

    • Why do you involve me in your silly drivel…I mean why can you not play with yourself behind closed door alone.

  14. Looks to like the ugly PF women on LT are melting with jealousy …….and men pf rats only see nkando luo , mumbi phiri and that mulenga woman…….no wounder they are already having wet dreams….

  15. These PF people are very funny…..preaching morality on a woman who was aquited while their leader is a convicted fraudster….!!….and their ministers are refusing to payback tax payers money paid to them illigally to campain for lungu……

  16. @Spaka like lilo. This is one of the few issues that is receiving condemnation from various corners with diverse interests. Some (actually many!) UPND members and sympathizers have been taken aback by her adoption. I am not disputing her innocence. the timing is wrong given whatever transpired culminating in the loss of life and potentially another loss of life (Keith’s!). Issues of death and alleged marriage interference don’t sit well in our still conservative Zambia. She will be the easiest candidate to decampaign. she will spend all her campaign defending herself. If she wins UPND opponents will keep using her case as an example of how UPND is insensitive to loss of lives especially. Either way, this is a minus for UPND.

  17. Keith Mukata is running updn from the prison cell. He can even afford to appoint his concubine as MP candidate. Some pipo are powerful..

    And since Mukata is in prison, HH is also taking advantage to spend some quality time with Musonda…

    UPND what a party!!!!

  18. And given the previous by-elections performance, a loss will not sit down especially given concerns that have been voiced. Mind you, we all know which way the ward by-elections are likely to go. Let’s wait and see.

  19. Charm, it’s not about the affair you have or had with Keith that is really an issue here. No man or woman can claim they have never sinned. It’s about your consciousness as a human being. It’s hardly two months when Keith who you had an affair with was convicted to death in circumstance you were involved were an innocent security guard lost his life. Charm two lives wasted and you move on without giving yourself time to reflect on the whole saga.

    • She was aquited, maybe throwing herself into campains and politics is a way of coping ……why should she be wallowing in sorrow ?

    • Hope if Keith’s appeal comes up and your harlot is called by the court you won’t cry that it’s a PF ploy to frustrate your chances.

    • @25.1, Well, it’s a question of conscience. Some people do not have it, especially those who murder in cold blood.

  20. Musonda has a right to stand. The question is, are the people going to vote for her ?

    Are people of Chilanga looking for a moral leader or political leader?

    Someone once said ” there is no morality in politics”.

    Can a prostitute, murderer put food on your table? If the answer is yes, then Musonda is a right candidate.

    • Brother Spaka, it’s not Lungu on trial here. Your insults against him won’t change anything. By the way suppose it was PF who had adopted Charmaine what were you going to say. …be honest on this one.

  21. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists

    She actually sounds very articulate but I agree that the odds are stacked against her. The PF will go to town and throw a kitchen sink at her. She really has to have a strong standing with the electorates as she claims in her interview. This is a country that does not campaign on issues but dirty and hypocritical morality so she has work cut out for sure. If she was in other progressive countries, they would laud her for her strength and resilience to overcome hardship. In Zambia they will judge on moral grounds as a home wrecker who left her lover to rot in jail. Not sure they would forgive her with the scandal still raw and fresh.

    This is massive gamble by UPND that could either pay off massively or fail spectacularly. Only time will tell. Personally I would have advised her to wait…

  22. Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists

    …Personally I would have advised her to wait until public perception cooled down over time. We shall see.

    By the way what does she mean ‘I’m still young and single’? Is she the same lady in the picture? How old she again? Not judging by she doesn’t look young to me. Again none of my business, but just saying.

  23. She said, ” when she met Mukata, she KNEW he was not married” then WHY DO YOU THINK HE NEVER, AT ANY TIME, TOOK YOU TO HIS HOUSE?

  24. Does this Charmaine even has a conscience really? Okay, why didn’t she end things with Keith after he got married? The UPND in the first place should not even have entertained her application. It is true that it takes two to tango

    • But if it is a man he will be entertained. We are no longer in the stone age. Vote for her strengths not sexual preference or status ie single or married. Has broken a marriage or not.

  25. Ka confusion here. …she says when she met Keith, Keith was not married, but Keith goes to marry another woman instead of her….not my business anyway but just curious.

  26. @Alternative Facts Fake News…I agree with your observations, for the first time I must say. This is what has made her case curious: unanimous agreement (99.9%) among bloggers that something is off. Free advice to PF: all you need is to show sympathy to Mrs. Mukata and family. And you win public support. Let Langa and a few mature PF women visit Mrs. Mukata, express sympathy that you would rather circumstances were different. Talk to her woman to woman. Make sure cameras are there. Show it on tv! And Charm Musonda will buried in Nomination room. It is called inverse strategy in Mathematics. Whatever works for Mrs. Mukata, brings Charm down. Finish her!

  27. “let them focus on my positives, let them focus on the fact that yes things happened and my relationship came out in the papers”

    So after all this murder happened. Is there any need for keith to appeal against it then.

  28. “Do not judge and you will not be judged. Do not condemn and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven”. Luke 6: 37.

  29. Ladies learn to support each other.. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your fellow ladies.
    Fwebaume tuli fipuba, we just complicate your lives. Hence stand for yourselves support one another that’s were the equal rights is gonna come from. The more you empower each other and hold higher positions the more you make an impact on future generations.

  30. I can see that a lot of people here are Angels from heaven because they have never sinned, but if we were born of flesh and blood you have sinned and fallen short of glory of God …..definitely we can’t afford to say all these bad things .

    Remember what God said about the woman who committed adultery and was taken to Jesus. I only wonder what kind of families you come from and what kind of education you have ???????

  31. Mpundu mwaume or whatever name is,

    Don’t worst our time reading about your poor advise ….Keith has no wife please get yourself educated about this fact..

    Your advise is so childish that one wonders how far you have gone with your education …the facts are there before the courts of law that he is a single man .

    Which Mrs Mukata are you talking about ebupuba mwakwata ba PF

  32. What KCI has said really makes me sick. If we are going to judge women as prostitutes just tell me how many men in parliament are sleeping around. They are so many so lets not say women are prostitutes just because they are having sex when men have sex what are they. Please stop it we are no longer in the stone age. If men can have sex so can women because after all they are the ones who sleep with women. Men do not sleep with fellow men. Get over it and present factual information on women. She slept with Kieth did you call him a prostitute. Stop it

  33. Eish!!, Zambians good at condemning without facts. Just wake up with your frustrations and start throwing stones at others. How many are so clean kansi and claim hv never sinned. Some of you men don’t even know wat your so called wives are doing behind your backs. Same with some of you women. Shut up if you have nothing to say. Go work and make ends meet in this hard days of PF. Pleasssss!

  34. Am yet to hear from Mr Keith’s family members as well as a wife on this saga.Surprisingly, if Keith was alone in that night when a guard was killed,he wouldn’t have pulled a trigger on him.Today, Keith is rotting in jail and the emotional-enhancer (Musonda) is out even capitalizing on Keith’s fate. bottom power bane.. no wonder Adam sinned in the garden of Eden.

  35. @Chakolwa 2018 or whatever your name is:
    Mukata is married to a certain Mario, coloured lady. He married her sometime after divorcing a lady called Musyani in 2011. But before marrying Mario, he met Charm Musonda. That is why Charm is defending herself by saying he was not married when she met him. Otherwise, Charm, your beloved ‘house wrecker’ would have categorically said he was not only single when she met him but that he is still single!

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