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Zamtel launches free browsing and free night calling offer


State Owned Enterprise Zamtel has launched an exciting new campaign dubbed Chimutunta which offers free browsing and free night calling between 22:00 Hrs and 6:00Hhrs in the moring.

The campaign came into effect from midnight on Wednesday and allows customers with valid subscription to Chabeba and All-Network Offers to enjoy FREE browsing and FREE night calling during the stipulated time bands.

Announcing the campaign launch in Lusaka, Zamtel Senior Marketing Manager Chibeza Ngoma said the campaign is another platform through which the company is rewarding its loyal customers.

“As Zamtel, we fully understand that the customer is key and we will continue to provide exciting packages that reward their loyalty. The Chimutunta campaign is about creating the right energy and the heartbeat to keep the people and businesses moving,” Mr Ngoma said.

Simply put, Chimutunta is about the Customer heart beat racing for 22:00Hrs and the free heartwarming offers it brings.

The offer is Zamtel’s direct response to customers’ desire for FREE internet access at night, especially those studying between 22:00Hrs and 06:00 AM. Only Zamtel prepaid customers are eligible to subscribe to the offer at any time of the day by dialing *422#.

Under the Chimutunta Promotion, a customer must have subscribed to any of the qualifying offers between 6:00AM and 22:00 Hrs to benefit from the unlimited On-net night calling and browsing.

“Free browsing will take effect between 22:00Hrs and 06:00AM and apply to numbers that are active on the packages defined in the offer. All calling and browsing outside the said window will be billed from available bundles/wallets, including main account,” he stressed.


  1. I don’t understand this chimututa word. Is Zambia just for Bemba’s and Nanja’s? Why not use an English word which can be understood by everyone?

    • LOL, please dude do grow up. We are concerned whether the Internet will actually be working and you are already entangled up in your own world of tribalism. Should you see tribalism everywhere? Again, grow up.

    • Its one Zambia one nation not One England one Zambia. Be proud of our nation, it being Bemba or Nyanja used in a context just be proud. We are an independent nation and our languages should always be a priority in local advertisement. I don’t understand why some of us always criticize on issues even if they are for our own good. Viva Zamtel!!!!

  2. With these incompetent Zamtel Directors…its more about subscribers than the profit margins; they simply have to go the dull minister Brian and say will have registered X thousand subscribers and they are okay. Shareholders in a private entity will not buy that they want profit ……

    • Actually ZAMTEL is trying to bring sanity to cellphone business. The cost of the cellphone business in Zambia is out of this world. Let’s have more service providers and you will see the true value of the services.n

  3. Off peak promotions are common. In fact, in usa, before flat rates came into being, the segregation was peak hours and off peak hours. Off peak hours were heavily subsidized. On the right track zamtel.

  4. Let’s hope it will work. But with the intermittent disruption of your network coverage I wonder.

  5. Zamtel network is very poor You will find that around that time 22:00 hrs you can’t even make a call all the calls will be call ended, call ended and when it came’s to browsing i don’t

  6. Well done zamtel!!! But you should just have incorporated this into one of your existing packages instead of introducing yet another package. All the same I hope it works.

  7. Zamtel has done the right thing. Mobile tariffs are so high in Zambia. In the UK internet is almost free. Let’s support our own products. Well done Zamtel team.

  8. Improve your network first otherwise the launch is useless. If you don’t know, from tonight that you are the poorest mobile network service provider in Zambia and maybe in the whole world.

  9. Sometimes I wonder whether the people commenting here have zamtel sim cards.
    The network is fine and even beats airtel and where browsing is concerned I tried it they have a reasonably fast service on 3G for mobile phones and 4.5G for other gadgets

  10. Zamtel has technically banned it’s customers to have access to it’s call center, very frustrating move indeed! The only response I get over the past three years is “all agents are busy otherwise to your call is very important.” PLEASE Zamtel let’s interact. On

  11. Kabusha Njobe, you can call it Himutunta or Hitunta it won’t make any difference we are interested in what Zamtel is offering than, your tribal interests which are retrogressive in this era.

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