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Government working towards enhancing press freedom-Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda
Justice Minister Given Lubinda

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda says his ministry remains committed to working towards government’s’ objective of enhancing press freedom and the rule of law as a way of enhancing the press freedom environment.

Mr. Lubinda says government is aware that an informed citizenry contributes to national development and failure to create such an environment can be deemed as injustice to the people and to development.

The minister said this in a press statement issued to media in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr. Lubinda explained that for press freedom to excel, the rule of law and access to information are the guiding principles within which press freedom can be achieved.

Mr. Lubinda added that a free, independent and pluralistic media environment is where journalists are able to work safely and independently without the fear of being threatened.

He added that Zambia’s press freedom environment has continued to improve over the years thereby contributing to the national development of the country because people are able to make informed decisions.

The minister commended the warm relationship with the media Associations and their continued focus to have an enhanced environment within which journalists can work while observing the rule of law.

He said this is the only way that checks and balances can be provided to the government in power.

The Press Freedom Day was commemorated under the theme ‘Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and the Rule of Law”

And Government has assured journalists in the country that the cyber laws that will soon be introduced are meant to protect the journalism profession and not to clampdown on journalists.

Speaking during the World Press Freedom Day Commemoration in Lusaka, under the theme: “keeping power in check: media justice and rule of law” , Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services acting permanent secretary Isaac Chipampe said the cyber laws are meant to deal with and arrest the increasing numbers of criminals on the cyber space.

He says the ministry is concerned with the increased online fraud, stating that people are being duped of their monies through online job adverts which are requesting people to pay in exchange for jobs.

Mr Chipampe has noted the need for citizens to distinguish between journalism and communication, stating that most of the things posted on facebook, twitter and whatsApp is communication and not journalism.

Mr. Chipampe has since urged media personnel to regulate themselves to bring standards to the journalism profession by staying away from online write-ups which are sometimes abusive.

And Speaking at the same event, World Press Freedom Day organizing committee representative Felistus Chipako reminded journalists to remain professional and ethical in executing their duties if the profession is to be respected.

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  1. But PF is pathetic. You actually feel sorry for the f00ls when they say or do something rational because it is alien to them.This message from Lubinda is so hollow am sure he did not even understand it when making it.We are used to useless threats,political violence, corruption, tribalism etc,what a loss.

    • I don’t think even Lubinda believes what he is talking about.

      It’s one thing to say what he wants – another to create an atmosphere he is preaching

      I’m a PhD holder



    • Pf has always been eager to pass this law but opposition parties always blocks it. This bill is also part of the bill of rights which was heavily decampaigning by the under5s. We know pf has no capacity to force this bill on the media if they themselves are not willing to accept it. This bill once enacted will see an end to propaganda reporting on all media houses. It will naturally kill all the bogus on line media zwd being the first to disappear.

    • Why is Radio Phoenix reciption bad when there is Let the people talk, while musical shows are aloud and clear?

  2. They just make those speeches just for the sake of it.PF government enhancing press freedom my foot!!

  3. Hehehehe

    All international indexes to do with freedoms and democracy have down graded Zambias once illisuturus grades because of lungu….

    Lungu has over seen the worst political violence and tribal divisions and corruption our country has ever seen…..

    • Spaka international community will never vote in Zambia. The voters are in Zambia who detests the influence on the sovereignty of nation. 18 years of upnd in politics still you can’t understand what it takes to win an election.

    • “….Spaka international community will never vote in Zambia…”

      Yes then unfortunately it is the future generations of Zambians who will pay the price of PF corruption and misrule…not me or you badala….

    • Really laughable…this chap has a diploma in Agriculture Sciences, these are guys who just sit in offices and read newspapers

  4. Zambia has not yet reached a level where the media should be free because most Zambians are tribal pathetic id**ts.

    • Shu Shu, Bonehead Cadres like you are the reason Zambia has decended to where we are now as a Flawed Cholera Democracy. YOU WILL SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOPS, that we don’t need rights & freedoms giving silly unjustifiable reasons, because your Corrupt leaders are offering you crumbs from the national cake.
      As soon as you fall out with these Tinpot Dictators, you begin to scream blue murder like Kambwili, Kabimba, & Mmembe, & rush in your pants to the same media outlets you tried so hard to ban WHILE YOU WERE EATING.
      P.F Cadres muli ba Changa imwe!!

  5. Ha Ha Ha, and this is a minister who says he was waiting for submissions from stakeholders so that he could work on the much abused Public Order Act by Police. Surely, do you require submissions to sort out the public order act. This is a very simple issue, you don’t require submissions bwana, all you need is to tell Police to stop assuming powers they don’t have. Simply do the needful, for how long are you going to pretend to be clever. The Police don’t have any powers under the law whatsoever to permit or not to permit, what is difficult pamene apa

    • Hon. (LOL) Minister, There is ruling of the Supreme Court of Zambia regarding illegality of the application/interpretation of POA. Comply instead of ignoring it.
      Ops, I forgot, when you and your fellow Honorable (LOL) Ministers are going to return illegally obtained salaries and benefits?

  6. Given Lubinda speaks anything that comes into his head to keep the job. He has to sound relevant because when he was fired he had good poverty experience now wants to show the boss that he is the good minister of injustice. Shockingly,he makes so many pronouncements and literally does nothing. He has been put in a ministry he cannot understand a single thing. He can do better in manure mixing not not running the justice system.

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